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In Pursuit Of Happiness? Try a Wellness Retreat!

Happiness is a state of mind. Philosophers, medics and modern-day life coaches have stressed on this through the ages. The more we harness the power of the mind to help achieve a balance in our life, the happier we will be. But how can we guarantee the wellness of the mind? Yoga, spirituality, the right […]

Wellness Holidays – Experience A Journey To Find Inner Joy

Leading a healthy, stress-free life is not an option today but a necessity. But most often we end up thinking of wellness in just terms of physical health. The word invokes thoughts of good food, exercise, and weight management. However, wellness, is much more than physical health. It is the pursuit of continued growth in […]

Key Travel Trends For 2019

The travel and tourism sector is a dynamic one and trends keep changing year on year. While last year solo travelling was the buzz, this year has witnessed some new and interesting shifts in the way people travel. For many travelers, holidays equate with wellness and rejuvenation, so taking a wellness holiday seems to be […]

What Are The Major Travel Trends Of 2019?

Customized tours, offbeat destination or off-peak travel? Flying Squirrel Holidays discusses the top travel trends for the new year! Personalized or customized tours have been a trendsetter for a while and as we look forward to 2019 there are a lot of things that are anticipated in the tourism industry worldwide. According to Skift and […]