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How to choose best yoga retreats in India

The secret to happiness is a healthy body and a relaxed mind. But sometimes in life, we are faced with storms and challenges that can derail us, and make us feel stressed and overwhelmed. Though holidays, in general, create a happy space in our lives, how about a more definite approach to refine your lifestyle […]

5 Things To Look For In A Wellness Retreat

Wellness holidays are setting the trends for new age travel experiences across the globe. Offering solutions to the qualms of modern lifestyle, wellness vacations are increasingly gaining popularity. Modern, fast-paced lifestyle comes with setbacks such as anxiety and depression. A wellness holiday promises a holistic life by helping you attract the elements of positive, peace, […]

In Pursuit Of Happiness? Try a Wellness Retreat!

Happiness is a state of mind. Philosophers, medics and modern-day life coaches have stressed on this through the ages. The more we harness the power of the mind to help achieve a balance in our life, the happier we will be. But how can we guarantee the wellness of the mind? Yoga, spirituality, the right […]

Wellness Holidays – Experience A Journey To Find Inner Joy

Leading a healthy, stress-free life is not an option today but a necessity. But most often we end up thinking of wellness in just terms of physical health. The word invokes thoughts of good food, exercise, and weight management. However, wellness, is much more than physical health. It is the pursuit of continued growth in […]

7 Reasons Why You Should You Go For A Wellness Retreat

Wellness is a state of mind, body and soul. It is about manifesting abundance and finding inner joy, peace and prosperity in our lives. There are various practices of yoga and meditation that cater to our well-being and help us lead more positive lives. Familiarizing ourselves with age-old wellness practices from all over the world […]

All You Need To Know About Wellness Retreat

With picturesque surroundings, warm friendly people and enriching Ayurveda therapies, the south of India remains a favorite escape for travelers in search rest and recuperation. Stepping out of everyday life to relax and feel restored is no longer an indulgence. Rather, it is a necessity to maintain that essential balance in our lives. This September, […]