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City Breaks 2024

We live in a world that is diverse, vast, and astonishing. Its spectacular cities have a wealth of history, culture, traditions, and natural beauty. Every city in the world has something special to offer, a unique dimension and perhaps a beautiful story.

From the ancient structures of Rome and Istanbul to the charming bridges of Amsterdam, to the skyscrapers of Dubai, and the festivals of Barcelona, or the delightful streetfood of Mumbai, each city in this world is fascinating in its own way.

A city tour break is sure to enchant you in more ways than one.



Iconic cities around the world are a great way to understand the culture, history, and heritage of the region. Istanbul’s Taksim Square is a perfect way to understand Turkey’s politics and culture. Barcelona’s La Rambla is a refelction of the Spanish carefree way of life, a place that instills our love for Gaudi or Picasso.

New Delhi’s Raisina Hills is all about the majestic beauty of India’s regal capital city. From luxurious hotels and resorts, museums, world heritage sites, ancient colonial architecture, cuisine, local art, and history and culture – the bustling cities provide it all.

Keeping in mind the culture, sightseeing activities, ease of travel, and cuisines, we have bookmarked the most spectacular cities for a city tour break like Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Barcelona, New York, London, Kolkata, Berlin, Singapore, Venice, Rome, Prague, Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels.

There are cities that you will love for different reasons- some cities for art, some for their rich history and culture, some for the local people, and some for cuisines. Whether you want to travel solo, or with your friends and family, one of these destinations should be on your itinerary!
The countries are diverse and consist of vibrant cities that are unique on their own.

Each of the cities has different times to visit, unique attractions, language, culture and traditions, festivals, adventure activities, beauty, and cuisine. These cities are also the social melting pots and are considered to be the places for trading and innovations.

If you want to go on a European cities tour, you can travel during the summer months from June to September, you can visit the cities in India from November to March, while the other cities like Singapore and Bangkok are best from January to April.

The cities are filled with lots of historical sites and splendid attractions, each offering different activities to see and do.

Some of the main highlights are Floating Market in Bangkok, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Disneyland in Hong Kong, Galata Tower in Istanbul, Montjuic Hill in Barcelona, Times Square in New York, Buckingham Palace in London, Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, Berlin War Memorial in Berlin, Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, and many more.

If you are searching for the best honeymoon destinations in the world to spend some quality time with your partner then places like Singapore, Venice, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, London, and Amsterdam will make you feel special. With sandy beaches, adventures, romantic places, and delicious meals, these exotic locations will provide the best experience of your life.

Food and beverages are an integral part of travel. All different cities have distinctive food cultures and cuisine is also one of the important categories that help to choose your next travel destination.

The cities come with different cuisines like Italian, Singaporean, Indian, Thai, American, and many more. Street food is mandatory to taste on your trip. All the cuisines include different flavors, herbs, and homemade ingredients.




Visiting a local market is the best way to mix in the atmosphere of the city. From fabrics, handicrafts, the aroma of fresh food, and souvenirs, markets are a great way to get an insight into the local people.

Interact with the locals

The locals of a city are aware of some secret destinations around the city. You can learn about several places and their culture and traditions if you interact with them. They are quite warm-hearted and friendly and are keen to help travelers visiting their city.

Attend carnivals and festivals

Participating in carnivals and festivals give you a glimpse of the traditions, history, and culture of the city. Some popular festivals that are worth attending like Chinese New Year in Beijing, Holi or Diwali in India, Day of the Dead in Mexico, Songkran Festival in Thailand, Obon Festival in Japan, and many more.

Take public transportation

There’s no better way to exploring the corners of a city in a local style than taking public transportation. Local transportations can also help in making new friends. Just be sure to follow the map and be aware of your personal belongings.

Local Customs

Before you go on a trip, try and read about some local customs, their traditions, and culture, or their language which are greatly appreciated by the local people.

Local Cuisine

Visiting a new city and not trying their local cuisine would be a disappointment. Different cities comprise different and several types of cuisines that are worth trying. The cuisines consist of traditional dishes made from fresh ingredients with various flavors. Head to some amazing restaurants to taste the local cuisine or you can also opt for street food.

Local Language

It would be fun to learn the local language of the cities from the local people. Learning words like sorry, thank you, welcome, hello, please, goodbye is very essential. This can help in understanding the local culture intensely.

Local Clothing

One of the most local and authentic experiences to do while traveling is trying out their local attire. Some cities do not accept inappropriate clothes and expect visitors to follow all the regulations of the respective city.

So, while visiting any religious landmark, you can simply try out their local costumes. It would be a wonderful experience to dress in their culture and traditions.

From sandy beaches, architectural masterpieces, rich history and culture, bustling markets, wonderful sightseeing places, to different types of cuisines, a city tour break offers it all.

Book a customized city break with Flying Squirrel Holidays and head to one of these cities that offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Get in touch with us at +91 3340525777 to plan a city tour package now!


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