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Beach Holiday Packages

The magnetic appeal of beaches is inescapable, and even the word “beach” transports one onto a hammock under shady palm trees, overlooking rhythmic tides. This universal and unending love for beaches reflected in the countless beach holiday packages in India and abroad. We, at Flying Squirrel Holidays, have helped customise many beach holiday packages which have a great demand because of the freedom the beaches offer — there is no one thing to do on a beach; people can do whatever they please. Whether it be engaging in vigorous activities like scuba diving, or volleyball, or relaxing on the shore with a nice book, or perfecting yoga postures on the sand — beaches offer truly limitless experiences.

One of the most fascinating ways to spend time on the beach is by going underwater. Underwater is a captivating place, a mesmerising riot of colours and life, and scuba diving and snorkelling are the best ways to explore it. Snorkelling, which allows glimpses of the marine world from close to the surface of the sea, does not require any prior experience or certifications. However, a degree of confidence in the water does help make the activity risk free. On the contrary, scuba diving, which allows the diver to traverse the depths of the ocean, requires training and certifications from scuba diving institutes, and this process is not very time-consuming. Both the activities leave a lasting effect on the ones who undertake them.

No beach vacation is complete without trying a few water sports, and options come in varying degrees of difficulty. Banana boat rides and water zorbing are easy activities that are also high in the fun quotient. Banana rides are best enjoyed with a sizable group of people, while zorbing must be done solo. More difficult options like water skiing, paddle boarding, kite-surfing and wind-surfing require a higher degree of nerves and are extremely thrilling. Be sure to include a few activities depending on your range of comfort while building your beach vacation packages.

A favourite getaway for couples, many of our clients have chosen exotic beaches for their honeymoons. There are numerous romantic things to do on beaches, and they afford a lot of intimacy. Private yacht or cruise trips to the sea allow couples to spend time soaking in the sun and the wind and are a must-do on honeymoons. Beach picnics, trekking the trails leading to the sea, and relaxing in a luxurious seaside resort are other couple favourites too!

Port cities almost always have a rich historical past, and exploring this aspect can be a treat. Be sure to spend time at any local museum while on a vacation, especially if you are interested in history and culture.

Good food, shopping, music are all characteristics of the best beaches, and beach festivals are a great place to immerse oneself in a culmination of all three. It is no surprise that sea-food is popular across most beaches, and tasting the local cuisine is a must for every traveller. Flea markets are a delightful way to indulge in some local shopping, and these charming, vibrant stalls run throughout the year on most shores. Vacations around music festivals are growing in popularity, and people flock together with their circles in large numbers to enjoy live concerts and shows. Be sure to attend one if you can!


Things to Do

  • Relaxation- Beach holidays are the best to relax and soak in the sun. You can simply laze on the beaches, try some exciting watersports, or enjoy gorgeous views of the sunrise and sunsets.
  • Water Sports- From jet skiing to snorkelling, or even sea kayaking, you will find a lot of activities to choose from to keep you entertained at the beach.
  • Scuba Diving- If you love exploring underwater, then scuba diving is a must. You can explore a wide variety of marine life, corals, and reefs.
  • Seafood- Seafood is a must while you are on the beaches! There is a wide variety of seafood available on the beaches like crabs, fish, lobster, shrimp, and more. You must try them out.
  • Day trips- The obscure lands near the beaches which boast the beauty of the place can be explored through road trips.
  • City tour- Apart from the beaches, the destinations offer some iconic attractions that are worth a visit. You can take a break from the beaches and explore the happening places that the cities have in offer.

Some of the most requested beach tour packages to us are for Mauritius, Seychelles, Zanzibar and Hawaii. Closer home, Kovalam is increasingly becoming sought after, in addition to the always classic Goa.


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