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We are looking for Travel Ninjas!

Flying Squirrel Holidays is NOT just a travel agency. Our organization is NOT based on how travel is seen traditionally – but how it is evolving every day.  

We are:

  • Agile
  • Futuristic
  • Transformative
  • Digital Champions
  • First Movers
  • Change makers

We are creating a shift in the traditional way holidays are planned and executed. 

We don’t like following the norms. We follow trends and are quick to catch changing patterns in consumer travel behaviour. We are constantly evolving ourselves based on these findings.

This means, among other things, a monomaniacal focus on our mission, the desire to leave a positive mark on the way people experience travel, functioning in a borderless world of constant and exponential change.

What drives us?

Passion- We dream, live and breathe travel. We love learning about destinations, how to get to them and how to make the most of any journey. We get excited about planning holidays, whether it’s our own or our clients.

Walk the Talk: We deliver what we promise. And then we walk that extra mile with our clients whether physically or digitally to make them comfortable in any place they may be. At any given time. 

Empathy- We understand each of us are unique. So are our likes and dislikes and the way we travel. As no two individuals are same, the way they travel are also not similar. We plan travel for clients according to what their hearts desire. 

Customer Experience – We engage with our customers at every point of their journey — from meeting them for the first time, planning their holidays, handholding them before they travel, and being with them till they are safely back home. 

Customer happiness delights us, not profits. We get a good night’s sleep when we have a satisfied customer. While profits are important to keep us afloat, we are driven by the putting a smile on our customers’ faces, every time. We place quality over quantity. 

Gratitude – We are grateful for the love and appreciation we receive from our customers and the media from across the world. We are happy to have been acknowledged for the work we are doing.  

Digital first – We are a digital first organization and have taken steps to invest in technologies that help us reach our consumers easily and track their engagement levels with our brand. That’s how we have grown 20 X in the last 2 years. We’d be a dinosaur if we didn’t. 

Creativity- We innovate in whatever we do and creative freedom is encouraged across the organization.

Entrepreneurial Mindset – We offer a platform where every member of our team is encouraged to become leaders in their own field. We applaud an entrepreneurial spirit.

Rewards – We are a performance-driven organization where efforts are appreciated, and results are rewarded. We love challenging and outperforming ourselves and measure growth on a daily basis.

We love celebrations- We love order and discipline, but we also hang our boots and have some fun. We believe that every day should be different, and people must look forward to coming to work each morning. So yes, there are coffee breaks that are welcome and team lunches and birthday celebrations. Because every moment counts. 

Change is our North Star

Our promise is: In 3 months you will experience more innovation, change, and learnings than in a year at a regular company.  You must be comfortable with change, rapid learning and aiming for near-impossible goals. 

If you love the thrill of rapid change and constant innovation, this is the place for you.

We are looking for team members who don’t only define themselves based on their skills and experience. We want to know what really motivates and drives you in life. 

How do Flying Squirrel Holidays fit into that journey?

We want to get to know you!

Write to us at careers@flyingsquirrelholidays.com  telling us what drives you, with your updated CV. 

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    A travel training company qualification or relevant travel agency, retail or sales work experience can also be helpful.

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