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Tailormade Wine Tour and Vineyard Tourism Packages

Soothing unwinds. Sophisticated company. Nature’s embrace.

Whether you are a go-getter looking for a holiday to hang loose after a hard grind, a nature enthusiast looking for yet another outing after a hard trail, or you are looking to set out with your spouse to savour some finer things in life, wine tours are just what the doctors prescribe.

Glide through the serene natural locale of lush green vineyards, aromatic wineries and exotic wine tasting with customisable Wine and Vineyard tours of Flying Squirrel Holidays.



Wine tourism is an exhilarating exercise in travels through the balmy vineyards, enticing wineries and classy wine tasting.

What vinitourism entails

It could mean a quick vault into a group for a day shuttle-tour in the Napa Valley of California Wine Country or a stay in a French Chateau in the vicinity of the Medoc wine country in France. Or, it could purport to an extended stay in the rented villas around the vineyards in Tuscany, Italy.

And then there are the beckons from the greenhorns taking brisk baby-strides in places like Nashik, Maharashtra, India. A wine tour could entail a fascinating tour of the vineyards and wineries of this ‘wine capital of India’ too.

Lest you think vineyard tour is some kind of one-dimensional tour infatuation, you have a big surprise waiting for you.

Exquisite world

There are wines. And then there are wines. And it’s an exquisite world to explore.
Classified on the basis of appellation or place of origin, vintage or the period when the grapes were harvested, varietal or grape variety, vinification or method of preparing; there is a lot to wines than just learning how to sip, or pour or hold the glass.

Red and white and rose. Sparkle and desert. Dry and bold and sweet. Words, that in the context of wine tasting carry almost a philosophical weight for the discerning connoisseur. It is a charming manoeuvre through the lexicons to reach the high tables.

Classy journey

The journey itself takes you through the amazing lands of individual ‘terroir’, lovely communities priding themselves of centuries of endeavour in the same land, and having amazing stories and perspectives to share.

Beautiful landscapes, fascinating climatic conditions, a wealth of diverse cultures and authentic perspectives of people you stay around, make wine tourism a uniquely rich way of vacationing.

Truly for the classy.

Vineyards and more

The best part is that most wine estates are located in regions that cater to a multiple of lively activities that tourists can undertake while they continue with their stroll in the vineyards, delving into the process in the wineries, pampering themselves with wine-tasting in the tasting room or purchasing their picks for the souvenir.

This swanky pursuit travels through the wine regions of France, Italy, Spain and the US, the top wine regions of the world. Nearer home, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are making their presence felt as the vinitourism destinations of India.

Champagne, the historical province in north-eastern France best known for the production of sparkling white wine, is a splendidly beautiful place for an elegant vacation. You can just put your feet up and laze or hike in the pretty Ardennes Regional Nature Park, stand in awe at the medieval architecture of the Cathedral of Reims, or just be tranced by the meandering river Meuse from atop Mont Malgre-Tout.

Tuscany, in the undulating hills of central Italy renowned for its unique Chianti wines, is among the country’s most beautiful regions with fortified cities and castles from the medieval period amidst bewitching sights of unending vineyards. Apartment farmhouses in the hillsides wrapped in olive groves, medieval monastery providing vacation rentals and the luxury villa estates with unmatched privacy and exclusiveness make vineyard stay in the Tuscany region a truly narrate-worthy experience. And before retiring into the wine-sipping evenings, you would have walked the cobblestone streets of the mesmerizing city-centre of Florence with its beautiful architecture, renaissance art and Michael Angelo to boast of.

La Rioja, a Spanish province in the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula famous for its Rioja DOCa red wines, is a scenic beauty with clear blue skies, light amber earth and a host of architecture like the Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada to visit.

Napa Valley, in California, renowned for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot wines among others, is popular for its train journey through the beautiful landscapes of the vine valley. Resorts and spas and salons. Pulsating art scene at the Napa Valley Opera House. Beautiful promenades along the river Napa. Gourmet restaurants. And a lot more.



  • The scenic UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Douro Valley in Portugal of stone-terraced vineyards overlooking the Douro river is a place to die for. A stay in the historic wine town of Saint Emilion in the Bordeaux region of France or the classic wine region of Piedmont in Italy is another killer.
  • Vying for the same attention are the Napa Valley in the state of California in the US, and the picturesque rolling hills over a placid river in the Moselle Valley in Germany.
  • Heaven on earth for the wine lovers is the La Rioja region of Spain with its castles, cathedrals and curiously unique towns that is home to the full-bodied red divines.
  • Franschhoek, South Africa, with its charming village in the centre of Cape Winelands is another allure. Also calling out are the vineyards in the Deccan plateau of Maharashtra, India.
South Africa

Home to not just the best safaris, cuisines and national parks, South Africa is arguably one of the top contenders for its wine estates as well. Synonymous with the word paradise, South Africa is home to stunning landscapes, culture, rich history and beautiful architecture. Nowhere is it more apparent than Cape Point. Nestled between the famous wine routes of Stellenb...

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Napa Valley, USA

Napa Valley is California’s most celebrated wine region. It became California’s first American Viticultural Area in 1981 and is acknowledged for its world-class wines. Napa Valley is all about- hillside chateau wineries, vast expanses of grapevines, luxurious boutique hotels, grassy slopes, and top-class restaurants. Beyond wine tasting, Napa Valley Vineyard Tours...

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Being one of the forerunners for wine production, wine tours in France is quite the experience. Get immersed in the luxurious collections of wines via a private France Wine Tour. Discover a range of new flavours of wine while enjoying delicious gourmet dishes in chateaux. With six main wine routes of Rhone Valley, Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Champagne, Alsace and Provenc...

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Wine is an essential part of Italy’s culture. A wine tour in Italy helps you discover the true essence of Italy- the castles and the heavenly wine roads of Tuscany and Piedmont, the villas of Veneto, the lovely fishing villages on the Amalfi Coasts, and the beautiful villas of Lombardy. Italian wine is the world’s most consumed and popular wine. Around 350 types ...

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