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Tailormade Tea Tours

The taste of the exotic brew. The fascination with the artistic plucking. The curiosity about its making. And, the stunningly serene landscape of the region coupled with enticing hospitality at the tea estates.
It’s a heady concoction of soul-soothing assuage.
Set out for nirvana with our customisable package of Tea Tour India.


We produce. We consume. And we make the most of how we do it.

With over 1.2 million tons a year, India is among the largest producer of tea in the world; two-thirds of which is consumed in India itself.

And while we are at it, the tea-producing regions of India have become enticing tourist destinations where visitors stay in exotic cottages in scenic locations, are mesmerized by the rhythmical plucking of the leaves, visit the tea factories to see the process of tea making and are mighty pleased tea tasting.

Tea producing is no longer just about tea. It is a whole experience of tea making and the fascinating locales of the region that has given a fillip to tea tourism in India.

Tea regions in India, holidaying destinations.

Darjeeling, cuddled in the embrace of the majestic Himalayas, Dooars in the foothills of the Himalayas and Assam, the valley sustained by the mighty Brahmaputra river, are the major tea growing regions in the eastern and north-eastern parts of India with charming landscapes and fascinating holidaying attractions in and nearby.

In the southern part of the country, Munnar in Kerala, the ‘God’s Own Country’, Kollukamalai in the Annamalai regions and Nilgiri, in the Blue Mountain of blue kutinji flowers with popular hill stations are the favourite tea tour destinations.

In the northern parts, Kangra, in the ‘valley of gods’ is making its small presence felt.
Though Indian teas are largely associated with black tea, different tea estates have ventured into different types of teas including green tea.

Black tea or green tea, yellow tea or white tea, or simply a creative flourish in preparing masala chai; the tea regions of India apart from producing tea are increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination.



Darjeeling. Unique Tea, Enchanting place.

In the state of West Bengal, Darjeeling, with its sloped terraces and cool cloud-covered winters, has a rich heritage of over 200 years of tea plantation. At the height of 830 to 1830 meters, tea in Darjeeling is produced in four flushes a year. The tea from the place has a distinct flavour that has given the term ‘Darjeeling Tea’ a registered geographical indication that refers to tea grown in certain estates in Darjeeling and Kalimpong nearby. It is a black tea typical of the terroir and is lovingly referred to as ‘Champagne of Teas’. Oolong Tea and Green Tea are also produced in small quantities.

But it is not just the uniqueness of the tea.It is also the stunning landscape of the region that is its big draw as a tourist destination.

Varied hues of Colour and Culture.

Darjeeling, with the hills covered in splendorous tea bushes, is an enticing spread of green. Scattered amidst the green valley are the fiery red rhododendrons and azalea flowers blooming in the woody shrubs.

White gleaming magnolia flowers and silvery-white fir trees are sprinkled all across the hills. Encompassed by the deep blue skies, the valley makes for an amazing shade of vibrant colours.

Diverse ethnic groups celebrating festivals of Losar and Chotru Duchenamong others that are unique to the region add to the fascinating kaleidoscope of colour and buoyancy of the region.

Spelling its charm over the visitors is a carnival held annually that brings forth a splendid display of varying cultures like the Nepalese and the Tibetan influences on Darjeeling.

Different dances including the Tibetan Cham is acted out with an elaborate ensemble of dresses and masks by the youth holding electrifying parades in the streets in joyous splendour of revelry and colour.

Picturesque locales.

Beautifully scenic spots scattered all over Darjeeling with the ubiquitous presence of the majestic Kanchenjunga make it an enticing vacation destination.

The UNESCO declared World Heritage Site of the narrow-gauge Toy Train adds to the cute quotient of the region. Passing through the breath-taking lush forests and tea plantations, it justifies the Guinness Railway Book’s description of it as one of the most spectacular journeys of the world.

Also living up to its international fame of providing the most magnificent view of the sunrise is the Tiger Hill at the height of 2590 meters; from where one can also sight the Mount Everest.

Pretty structures like the Loretto Convent, the Roy Villa, the Shanti Stupa and the Bhutia Busty spread across the hill station in their cosy corners summate the exotic magic of the place.

People from varied ethnic and national background lounging in The Chawrasta, idling and soaking the sun while they sit along the periphery enchanted by the beautiful views of the mountain gives a touristy feel to the place too.

Inviting Tea Estates

Intrinsic to the beauty of the place is the unique flavour of the tea produced in the region and the mesmerizing charm of the various tea estates producing them. Exceptionally well-kept and exceedingly hospitable to the tourists, visit and stay on the estates make for a memorable holiday.

Resting on cane chairs in the company of your beloved in the cool sun with acres of tea plants spread before you, are a balmy feeling you would want to experience time and again. And when you are more rigour inclined, you can go trekking, rafting, or even bird-watching.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday or more rigorous outings of trekking, trailing, rafting; whether you like the fun of colourful festivals, or you are interested in exploring the exotic journey of tea tasting; an ornithologist or a culture buff; visit the tea estates of Darjeeling for a soul delighting holiday experience.

Dooar-Terai. Tea and the wilds.

The alluvial floodplains of Dooar of the Dooar-Terai ecosystem in the foothills of Darjeeling spreading all the way up to Arunachal Pradesh is another tea producing region of West Bengal.

With a number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries dotting the region along with the well-connected cities of Siliguri and Jalpaiguri, Dooars is a favourite of tourists from abroad flocking to the tea gardens of North Bengal with tea experiences, exploration and adventure in mind.

Kalimpong - Tea and a breath of fresh air

The district of Kalimpong in West Bengal too has a small number of tea estates that add to the number of tourists coming to the town of Kalimpong, a hill station of ineffable natural beauty.

Snow-topped towering mountains and the hills nearby covered with pine trees make for awe-inspiring sights from Kalimpong.Agricultural fields of gentle terraces, fresh clean air of the region combine with the lush green plantation fields of tea estates to draw visitors gasping for a breath of pristine nature.

Assam - Tea and the Raj

The lowlands of clay soil in the flood plains of the Brahmaputra river in Assam is the largest tea growing region in the world. Assam tea are mostly black tea.

Tea growing is indigenous to the region in Assam but it was left for a Scottish adventurer in the early 1800s to get it classified as tea that has found favour with many international markets. The Irish breakfast tea is made of tea from Assam.

The surreal beauty of the region is accentuated by the immaculate resorts in over 850 tea estates dotting the hills with some of them going to great lengths to provide for the Raj-era lifestyle in the constructs that are beautiful blends of the colonial and the indigenous.

Holiday packages are a big sold-outs in the region that provides accommodation in the heritage cottages surrounded by the aromatic greens of tea plantations and trance-inducing views of the labourers plucking leaves in deft synchrony.

Excursions are arranged in the nearby villages where visitors can interact with the local people, appreciate and relish local culture and cuisine, go fishing, go rafting or go on elephant treks. And if you wish, there are some 20 golf courses too to put.
Tea tasting remains the favourite tickle with the tourists.

Nilgiri - Tea and the pleasant summers

Located in the southern end of the western ghats, Nilgiris is a round-the-year-tea-producing region of the country. Though mostly black tea, some estates have also started producing Oolong, Green and White Tea. Home to some of the hill stations like Ooty that are among the best in the country, the region with the sprawling tea estates at the height of 2000 meters is an invite few can resist.

Botanical gardens, wildlife sanctuary, expansive lake and view-points like the Doddbetta Peak along with pleasant summers add to its compulsive charm.

Wayanad - Tea and the mist-clad hills

Wayanad, the Green Heaven of Malabar, in Kerala with mist wrapped hills and wooden buildings has an easy charm about it. The Tea Museum here lets you into the history and traditions of the tea industry. For a more intimate look, there are several home-stay facilities in the region.

Palampur - Tea and paragliding

Palampur, the Tea Capital of the North, is located in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. Rolling slopes of bewitching tea plantations with the all-round aroma of a blend of tea and pine have numerous tourist attractions.

Most prominently, it is one of the world’s best aero sports sites and the venue for the world para-gliding tournament.

And some more.

Kollukamalai in Tamil Nadu in southern India, at an elevation that is the highest in the world for a tea plantation, has some stunningly picturesque locations that you can Instagram.

Munnar and Travancore in Kerala with a rich historical and cultural heritage and spell-binding beautiful tea estates are the others in the southern part of India.


In Darjeeling

  • Visit to the Tiger Hill for a sensational view of the sunrise over Kanchenjunga and a view of the Mount Everest.
  • Stunning aerial view of the lush green valley below on the Darjeeling-Rangit Valley passenger cable car.
  • Escorted tour to all the attraction points like the Tiger Hill, Batasia Loop, Shanti Stupa, Ghoom Railway Station, Bhutia Busty, Loreto Convent, the Kali Temple at Siliguri, the Iskcon Temple, the Rock Garden, the Roy Villa and many others.
  • Adequate time available at Darjeeling to idle or shop at the Mall or Chawrasta.
  • Optional visit to the zoo.
  • Short ride on the most scenic part of the Toy Train journey on the Darjeeling-Ghoom route.
  • Visit to one of the tea estates for an edutainment of the process of making tea from the plantation to the tea table. Visit to a tea factory. Introduction to the wondrous world of varied tea flavours and aromas by taking part in tea tasting.
  • In Darjeeling, trekking along the Singalila range, beginning from Darjeeling and ending at Phalut through swamps and leeches. You may spot the red panda.
  • Rock climbing at Darjeeling on the Tenzing Rock and the Gombu Rock suitable for amateur and experienced.

In Dooars

  • Jungle safari at the Gorumara National Park to greet the one-horned rhino and Gaur, the Indian bison.
  • Overnight camping at the Rocky Island Nature Resort on the banks of river Murti and day time exploration of the interior of the Neora Valley National Sanctuary.

In Assam

  • The most bio-diverse Burma Monsoon Forests in the Manas region.
  • The Orang National Park home to a number of rare or near-extinct species of animals and birds.
  • The undoubtable Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to meet the Hollock Gibbon Apes and the one-horned rhino.


Bengal’s Tea Heritage

Nothing represents the colonial heritage of West Bengal better than the bungalows and cottages built in the numerous tea estates patronised by the Britishers to escape the Kolkata heat.
Now that the nation has left its insecurity behind, it can look in the eyes of its colonial past and indulge in some old colonial-style pampering for itself.

The highlight of our packages includes the sophisticated regality of the stays in the best accommodation in the precincts of the tea estates.

Here are some of the stays that can make your tea tour of West Bengal an experience to cherish.

Put yourself in the place of a colonial-era elite.Lounging in the cane chair in the patio of a plush bungalow located in a plantation overlooking a spread of lush green with the majestic mountains as a backdrop. Imagine you being served by the choicest Darjeeling tea and attendants eagerly guiding you to picnics or retreat by the river or a visit to a tea tasting session in the factory in the precincts of the estate.

The Glenburn Tea Estate & Retreat in the Boutique Hotel treats you that special and reminds you of the heritage of the place and the days gone by. About an hour’s drive from Darjeeling, the hotel is located beneath the Kanchenjunga just overlooking the Rungeet River.

Cochrane Place is located just outside the town of Kurseong in Darjeeling. The stately estate indulges you with the best Darjeeling tea, herbal tea and seasonal flowers and fruits blends. You can even get a green tea facial kit you can take home.
Making you feel special in their own different ways are the soft-on-the-wallet Fagu Bungalow about an hour’s drive from New Jalpaiguri, the 100 years old Goomtee tea estate between Siliguri and Darjeeling serving vegetarian food only, the Selim Hill Bungalow 2hours from Jalpaiguri and a host of others.

    Request For a free quote


    We have numerous tours planned for you which we can customise to suit your needs.

    You can pick on a short 3-day tour of Darjeeling visiting the captivating tea estates and tourist attractions in the town. You can do a 3-day adventure trip to the national parks and adventure sites in Dooar as a stand-alone or adding it to the Darjeeling tour. You can even set out for a long 10-day tour adding Assam with its enchanting tea gardens and awe-inspiring national parks along with a short visit to Gangtok.

    Here is a sample itinerary which you may download. The itinerary is customisable.

    Day 1

    Arrival at Bagdogra airport or Siliguri railway station. You will be greeted by our representative who will see you off after arranging for your transfer to your accommodation in one of the tea estates near Darjeeling town.Check-in and take a leisurely walking tour of the exotic British-era tea cottage. Enjoy a bonfire in the evening. Accommodation in the bungalow.

    Day 2

    Visit to the tea factory. Take a guided tour to understand the process of tea making. End the factory visit with a tea tasting session and lots of selfie with the local people.

    Day 3 & 4

    Guided tour of Darjeeling.

    Day 5

    Head for the airport or railway station on your way back home with experiences to cherish.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    Cost of a trip depends on the duration of stay, the destinations you chose, the class and mode of travel you select and the inclusions you opt for. From a short 3-day tour to Darjeeling to a 10-day package taking you to Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Assam, we have customisable tour packages. From the Raj-era indulgence in select tea-estate bungalows to a more wallet-friendly vacation; we have it all. Let us plan your holidays for you. We promise to get you the best deal.


    What are the best places for a tea holiday?

    Some of the best places for a tea holiday are Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Assam, Nilgiri, Wayanad, and Palampur.

    Other than visiting the tea plantations, what else can you do in Assam?

    Apart from the tea plantations, you can visit Burma monsoon forests, the Orang National Park, and the Kaziranga National Park.

    You may be looking for a peaceful, relaxing holidays of seclusion in the harmonious company of mother nature; you may be wanting to soak in the beauty of scenic locales with short bursts into touristy hill station towns; the tea regions of India are just the launch pads you need to be in.

    And Tea Tour India from Flying Squirrel Holidays is the first step to set out on this amazing journey.

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