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Holidays to Australasia from India

Australasia combines Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Australia is all about modern, thriving cities with beautiful beaches and stunning coastal landscape that sit with vast bio-diverse tracts of desolate deserts and rugged mountains. A fascinating place to relish and explore. New Zealand is a series of picturesque locations of blue water lakes, snow-capped mountains and dense forests. Enchanting views to cherish and treasure. Fiji brings to mind Warm tropical islands with swinging hammocks among swaying palms with gentle waves humming at secluded coasts. A seductive get-away to inflame your passion.

Set out for Australasia with our Australasia Travel Package that we can customise to suit your inclinations.


Places to Visit


The entire region around Queenstown is an ode to the magnificence of mother nature; charming, grandiose, intriguing and inviting.

Picturesque places stare you everywhere on the beautiful scenic drive on the Queenstown-Glenorchy road weaving through the forest along the cliff edges. Get down just about anywhere and you have a beautiful picture to take back home.

Cuddled in the embrace of some of the most scenic landscape is the Lake Wakatipu, just a short distance away from the city centre of Queenstown. The sight of the blue water of the deep glacial lake in the background of the Southern Alps is absolutely mesmerizing.

Take a two-hour Queenstown Scenic Tour aboard a ferry around the lake for a ride to remember. Dote on the lake jetboating, paddle-boarding or kayaking.
Have a close look at the marine life without getting in the water through the large windows of the submerged gallery of the Underwater Observatory. Children and grown-ups adore it alike.

And then there is the heart-stopping scenic gondola ride to the peak 450 meters above. From the top, the captivating view of the town below, the lake beyond and the alps behind are just unforgettable.

Fiordland National Park

Located in the south-west corner of the South Island, Fiordland National Park is the largest of the 14 national parks in New Zealand. Part of the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage Site, it is spread over an expansive 12,607 sq. kms and envelops 500 kms of walking tracks within itself. One of the best nature experiences in the world.

Though adventurers, thrill-seekers and nature lovers follow the tracks that take three to five days like the Milford Track, there are many smaller tracks that can be completed in ten minutes to three hours. These are suitable for day-trip family sightseers and can be taken by people of any level of fitness. The best part is that each one of these tracks passes through enthrallingly beautiful sceneries.

The park is famous for its collection of sensational fiords or landscapes carved by ice and inundated by water; Milford Sound being the most visited among them. Also popular is the Glow-worms Cave, an underground river going into the cave surrounded by the glow worms.

Cliffs that soar to the sky and pristine mountains that have remained the way it was thousands of years back. A site to just marvel at.

Make your journey memorable with our well-planned New Zealand Tour Package that we can customise for you.


Bright and sunny with gorgeous beaches and fabulous bay-side views, surrounded by national parks and door-step vineyards, Sydney is an absolute natural beauty. The city-scape, with the impressive presence of the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Bridge and cruises sauntering in the Sydney harbour, makes it visually the most stunning city in the world.

The natural beauty of the city also presents itself through its glorious beaches and its enchanting national parks. The white sand Bondi Beach and the golden sand Manly Beach just across the harbour, the Sydney Harbour National Park and the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountain National Park nearby are an amazing contribution to the city’s bewitching charm.

No less fascinating is the spectacular world of marine life on display in the floating oceanarium in the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. One of the top tourist attractions in Sydney, it displays 700 species of aquatic animals in 14 themed zones, including the Shark Valley Oceanarium. Its underwater tunnels take the visitors through the fascinating world of marine life to observe them from up close. Some of the sharks in the oceanarium weigh over 300 kgs and are over 3 meters long.

Opera House, the landmark architectural wonder that houses theatres, shops and restaurants adds flair to the landscape. Another landmark, the Sydney Bridge, provides a thrilling view of the harbour and lends a gutsy charm to the ambience.

The 30-hectare Royal Botanical Garden, the Torango zoo on the harbour hillside, the go-camping Cockatoo Island in the harbour itself and The Rock neighbourhood with its swanky art galleries, boutiques and restaurants; all add up to make this marvellous city a top tourist attraction.

The Great Ocean Road

Beautiful as the Australian cities are, this continent of a nation cannot be experienced without acquainting with its large hinterland. The best way to do this is to take a long ride on the Australian Heritage listed The Great Ocean Road. The road travels along the south-eastern coast of Australia through national parks, beach towns, volcanic plains, bays and waterfalls and awe-inspiring land formations. The 143 kms of road winding through ever-changing terrain introduces Australia like nothing else does.

Torquay with its Bell Beach, the surfing capital of Australia and Allansford in the city of Warnambool, with the dirt track speedway are the endpoints of this scenic, exploratory and adventuristic road trip.

It’s a ride along the coasts. Expectedly, there will be beaches. Mostly, they are bunched around the beach towns of Anglesea, Apollo Bay and Lorne but there are others more secluded for the more adventurous.

The top attraction is the Twelve Apostle. Limestone stacks standing 45 meters high in proud defiance against the Southern Ocean exerting relentlessly against them. They were all part of the cliffs that gave in to the forces of nature to form caves, then arches and then collapsed to leave those detached structures to stand in majestic isolation. A stroll up close to the grand structures at the sunset is an arresting and humbling sight. There is a helicopter ride too.

Beautiful waterfalls of Great Otway National Park, sparkling bays at Lorne, koala watching at the Kennett river township, whale spotting in Apollo Bay, the Blue Lake at Mount Gambier, kangaroos at Anglesea and small coastal towns like the Airey’s Inlet make up for pretty exhaustive peek into what Australia is.

Let your journey be hassle-free with our well thought out Australia Tour Package that we can customise for you.


There is romance in the air.

Palms sway to a rhythmic sound with gentle sea-waves humming in the background in remote secluded getaways on ravishing tiny islands. Tropical beaches and coastlines ringed with coral reef in over three hundred enticing islands; enough for every budget to find a sublime love-corner for itself.

A popular destination for its torque lagoons brimming with marine life and scenic bungalows over the water, Fiji is an inviting archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean for a quiet amour and a family vacation too.

Mamanuca Islands

Though Suva is the capital of Fiji, most visitors arrive at Nadi on the main island of Viti Levu. Just an hour or two from Nadi are Fiji’s most picturesque island groups of Mamanuca and Yasav. Easily accessible and providing accommodation in a wide range of budgets, the islands are extremely popular for their crystal-clear waters, palm-fringed beaches, coral reefs and quiet corners. An excellent setting for long rounds of whispering sweet nothings.

Wandering and sightseeing on the islands or swimming, diving and snorkelling together in the velvety blue waters of the lagoons are the best way to get your dear ones close.

For the more passionate, there are a variety of amazing adult-only or children-segregated luxury resorts like those on the Mana or Malolo Lailai islands of the Mamanuca cluster. The ride to the islands by speed boat, catamaran or helicopter is an exciting experience in itself.

If you have a desire to experience several islands during your holiday then a Blue Lagoon Cruise that departs from port Denarau is the best option. Cruising through the tiny islands with a beautiful landscape is a delightfully tender experience.

Hold the hands of your dear one and go for a slow walk on the soft sands of the Sunset beach and lose yourself into the fantastic view of the sunset. Wander on the Monuriki island where the movie ‘Castaway’ was filmed. The marine sanctuary that surrounds the Malamala Beach Club island has an intriguing world of fishes and coral life. Due to extensive barrier reef, diving and snorkelling are quite safe in the waters around Tokoriki island.

End your vacation with a visit to the La Galerie for exclusive handmade souvenirs.

Yasawa Islands

A chain of twenty volcanic islands, Yasawa is surrounded by crystal clear lagoons with four of the islands having astounding monoliths rising up to 600 metres. The lagoons, the elevations and the pristine white sand beaches make the island truly beautiful.

Around Nida

Just thirty minutes’ drive from Nadi, the Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a beautifully landscaped garden having a wonderful collection of orchids and a walk passing through a cute lily pond into the forests. Nearby is a curiosity of a mud pool wallowing in which is said have healing powers. The mud bath is followed by cleaning in the Sabeto hot springs.

Port Denarau

Twenty minutes from the Nadi’s International Airport is the Port Denarau, a tourist hub for island transfer and a hot-spot for entertainment, dining, shopping and culture. Cruise leaves from this port for Mamanuca and Yasav islands. The most expensive and largest of the resorts on the main island is also situated here. During their return transfer here from the island back, tourists stock up on souvenirs, have hearty meals of Indian and Fijian cuisine or just binge on American style burgers and pizzas.

Australasia makes for a fantastic family holiday. Beaches and lakes, mountains and forests, glaciers and caves, forest trails and gondola rides, koalas and kangaroos, whales and dolphins; the list is breath-taking. Also thrown in are a thrilling road trip and an underwater tunnel to visit the sharks that the family will simply adore.

And if you are planning for a honeymoon, there is nothing like our Honeymoon Packages that are meticulously planned for you. Savour and capture the memories of the beautiful picturesque locations you will be in New Zealand, the stunning beaches you will stroll and laze in Australia and the romantic luxurious hideouts in Fiji. And that is just a peek into what we have planned for you.

Australasia is a dream destination. You would want your loved ones to carry the memories for life. Don’t let it be marred by inadequate planning. Take professional help from Flying Squirrel Holidays to plan your travel.


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