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France Wine Tour 2021

Being one of the forerunners for wine production, wine tours in France is quite the experience. Get immersed in the luxurious collections of wines via a private France Wine Tour. Discover a range of new flavours of wine while enjoying delicious gourmet dishes in chateaux.

With six main wine routes of Rhone Valley, Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Champagne, Alsace and Provence, there is enough to traverse. Explore all this in the comfort of a hot air balloon ride with a bottle of champagne or explore the underground wine cellars and watch winemakers live in the process of making beautiful wine.

‘La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin’ or ‘Life is too short to have bad wine’. Discover exquisite wines through private tours with our France Wine Tour curated to your taste with Flying Squirrel Holidays.



From Rhone Valley to the fairy tale land of Loire Valley, France produces some of the finest wines you can immerse yourself into. Ever since the Roman ages, France has been cultivating fine wine. Under the concept of what is referred to as, “terroir”, which means environmental conditions such as soil, climate and the methods used contributed to the unique taste in each of the local wines being produced.

Considering the wide range of wine routes or wine regions in France, one can imagine the terroir for each of them. Local guides appointed by us in the wine tour packages will do their best to reproduce the sense of this concept to you along with some exquisite French wine on the side.

The wine routes that usually go from north to the south of the wine country takes you through some of the most scenic routes. From what looks like something straight out of history books the cottages along these routes are set against the backdrop of lush greeneries and stunning valleys. So not only is this a journey for your taste buds, but it is one for the eyes as well.

From regions like Rhone Valley, Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Champagne, Alsace and Provence, there’s a lot to explore. Rhone Valley otherwise referred to as the gourmet capital of France is known for the likes of Châteauneuf du Pape which is highly acclaimed. Nestled between the eponymous river, several famous wines around the world are produced here among the scenic spots. There is a total of 14 wine routes that run through Rhone. Loire Valley is what fairy tales seemed to base themselves on, with luxurious castles and chateaux along with vineyards, it is a must-visit in any wine tours itinerary.

Bordeaux is tagged as a UNESCO world heritage site, with elegant beauty and is considered globally to be a fine producer of Bordeaux wine. There’s more to this than just excellent wine, the landscape and the ancient Roman churches are to be looked out for as well. Provence is a dream destination with scenic architecture, Rhone valley wine, cheese markets and cuisines like Ratatouille as well. Alsace is home not only to fine pinot noir but also to Michelin star restaurants.

At Flying Squirrel Holidays, we aim to provide you with the best wine tours in France, it is quite the experience for passionate wine enthusiasts. Brace for an exciting wine and dine sessions along with magnificent French cuisines with this package.



Cite Du Vin

Visit Cite Du Vin or the Museum of Wine at Bordeaux to get a literal taste of the history of wine and how it was produced since 6000 BC! You can experience a fully panoramic view of Bordeaux as well from the Belvedere, and taste some Bordeaux wine.

Hot air balloon

Take a hot air balloon ride over some of the wine routes for some exceptional views of the wine country.

Reims Cathedral

Visit the Reims cathedral for its Gothic architecture going back to the 13th century. It is a landmark recognised by UNESCO. With an overpowering sense of magnitude, the cathedral is a sight to behold.

Private Tour

Get a private tour of the wine cellar and see how local wines are made by the winemakers along the wine routes.

Gourmet Cheese

Try gourmet cheese with some red wine or during wine tastings with the help of your guide to embrace the authenticity of France.


Rhone Valley: Situated towards the South East, this place has a warm and dry climate, contributing to a unique blend and taste of Châteauneuf du Pape. Visit it for the culinary haven and for what is considered to be the gastronomical capital of France. What is a trip to France without some wine and food, brace your taste buds for cuisines such as Tuna tartare or truffles risotto even?
Boasting of a rich two-thousand-year-old history, there is much to see, from culture to architecture. Not a lot usually choose to visit Rhone valley, making it even more private and personal for the avid tourists.

Loire Valley: Close to the North West, Loire valley produces some of the best white wines. Names like Muscadet or Vouvray are produced from the finest grapes here. Visit it for the wide range of Loire Valley types of wine, such as white to sparkling or even sweet kind.
Not just home to fruity wine, Loire is also dotted with chateaux and castles, making it perfect for sightseeing.

Bordeaux: For the history buffs and wine lovers alike, Bordeaux is home to not good wine alone, but also the Cite Du Vin, a museum for wine. It takes you through an educational experience using technology for the history of wine, going so far back as to 6000 years! Truly an architectural wonder, it is hard to miss.
End the visit at Bordeaux by visiting the Belvedere, which offers you a panoramic view of the Bordeaux and lets you have some good Bordeaux wine on the side.

Champagne: Considered to be expensive usually outside France, one can get themselves bottles that are wallet-friendly at smaller wineries. What is usually associated with a celebration, celebrate the trip by getting yourself a bottle of something sparkly special.
Cycling or strolling options are available for tourists to take scenic routes through vast lakes or the wine regions.

Alsace: Boasting rich landscape, history and abundantly beautiful architecture, Alsace is a must-visit for both history and wine enthusiasts. What better way to embrace history than with a classic history-rich drink itself?
Alsace is also home to rich Pinot Noir. Its wine route is almost 170 kilometres long and goes back as far as 1953. The best time to visit Alsace would be during the Grape Harvest festival which occurs between April to October. The wine route lets you traverse through multiple wholesome villages, which gives you the option of different wineries.

Provence: Situated near the Mediterranean Sea and filled with sunlight the entirety of the year, you can relax at the beach or go for a swim or even hike the countryside. Provence provides you with an opportunity to relax from the hustle and bustle of the town and lets you relax with gourmet food and scenic landscapes. Famous wines such as Chateau Pradeaux are available here.


Château Les Merles

A 4-star resort situated near the waters of Dordogne, which used to be a 17th-century chateau got converted into a beautiful hotel near the vineyards of Bergerac. A mix of classic with modernity, it is a stay to look forward to.

Village Castigno

What used to be a traditional stay in France, has been modified and renovated to something more aesthetic. The aesthetics of the place has been left immortalised through the architecture. This is situated near vineyards near Beziers airport.

Villa La Coste

Set in the town of Provence, this has over 28 villa suites and contains all the best aspects of Provence nestled into it. Sitting among lush gardens and vineyards, this is not to be missed. This is disability-friendly as well.

Hotel Crillon Le Brave

Situated in Provence, it is a 34-room relaxing stay situated on a hill village between vineyards, guaranteeing a view. With beautiful gardens and terraces, this is essentially a tourist and a photographer’s paradise.

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    Depending on the selection of Wine route

    Day 1: Welcome to Provence, France!

    Parlez vous français? Its okay if you dont, our guide will be there to assist you from the beginning of the trip till the end. You will be picked up from the airport and taken to the assigned hotel to relax and unwind. Sleepaway the jetlag.
    Towards the afternoon you will be taken to one of the nearby vineyards of the Domaine du deffends. Where you can get a taste tour of the place as well as the red wines they offer.

    Day 2: Picnic and wine

    The vineyard of your choice with assistance from our side might have picnic options as well. After grabbing something to eat and heading to the local vineyard, you will be given a guided tour of the cellars and the wine making process. After which you will be provided with a pre determined lunch with a glass of wine or two.
    You will be taken back to the resort for a good nap and taken to the city at night for a stroll if you are still up for it.

    Day 3: Unwind

    Visit the world-famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape and visit the Senanque Abbey for its beautiful display of tulip flowers which blooms around April sometime. Visit the abbey surrounded by trees and tulips for an eye-catching view and take blissful photos.

    Day 4: Bid farewell

    Visit the Gorges du Verdon. Go on a hike if need be or stop for the sights and rent a boat at the turquoise coloured waters below. It is an enchanting sight. Once you take in the glamour of the sight, you will be taken back to the airport post check out of the resort. To bid you adieu, you will be gifted a bottle of wine in remembrance of France. We hope you enjoyed your stay with us!

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    The cost of your France Vineyard tour depends on various factors like the type of package you choose like the Normal Package or the VIP tasting or customised premium tasting package, type of accommodation you choose, transportation costs, and the number of days you want to spend during your trip. Get in touch with us and we will customize the best package for you!


    Which is the most visited place in Paris?

    Notre Dame is the most visited place in Paris followed by the Louvre Museum and Eiffel Tower.

    Why is France such a popular destination?

    France is a popular destination because of its art, culture, history, and French cuisine.

    What is France’s most famous food?

    Onion soups and Souffle are the most famous foods in France.

    Feel the need to quench your wanderlust and thirst for good wine? France is the answer to it. With enchanting wine routes and wine tours, there’s always excitement around the corner and in a glass. From champagne Alsace to pinot noir with gourmet sides, brace both your taste buds and yourself for the trip of a lifetime. With the France wine tour, you can explore this and so much more.

    Here at Flying Squirrel Holidays, you get wine tour packages curated to your taste buds. If you’re in search of exciting offers and deals, then you’ve come to the right place. Click here to download the sample France Wine Tour itinerary or France Wine tour packages.

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