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South Africa Wine Tour

Home to not just the best safaris, cuisines and national parks, South Africa is arguably one of the top contenders for its wine estates as well. Synonymous with the word paradise, South Africa is home to stunning landscapes, culture, rich history and beautiful architecture. Nowhere is it more apparent than Cape Point. Nestled between the famous wine routes of Stellenbosch set in the middle of mountain ranges and the sea to the elegant Franschhoek valley and the beautiful Dutch architecture in Paarl, there is nothing short to explore.

With the best South Africa Wine Tour in store for you, here at Flying Squirrel Holidays, we pride ourselves on being able to go above and beyond for you.


In addition to the stunning scenery of the African landscape, coastal lines and mountain ranges, South Africa is known for producing some of the best wines the world has seen. Ever since the 1960’s different generations of winemakers have been producing and experimenting with various kinds of wine giving rise to an exquisite collection of them.

When it comes to wine estates, there are three enchanting sites — Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl. With various resorts and hotels lining the pathways from Cape Town to these wine hubs, you can stay for a day or two to enjoy the Wine tour rather than exploring it all in one day. With ample time, you can explore some of the modern wine cellars and see new-generation winemakers in action.

Take a drive through the coastlines of the Atlantic Seaboard towards Chapman’s peak drive for some brilliant views of the mountains. En route to Cape Point, you can also stop by the Boulders beach to witness penguins in their natural habitat on the beach. The Cape of Good Hope nature reserve has the Cape Point situated nearby as well.

So, when you take the South Africa Wine Tour, you’re not just signing up for a gastronomic journey, you’re also getting your own private tour of the sites along the wine route. This tour is perfect for couples to individuals who are avid wine enthusiasts.

When it comes to visiting the wine estates, you can visit at any time of the year.



Cape peninsula

Cape peninsula for the westernmost peak of Africa and sightseeing.


Penguin attraction at Boulder Beach is one to look out for.

Wine Pairing

Try the a-la-carte food options for wine pairing at the restaurants.

Cape town

Cape town city tour for various sights of beautiful Dutch architecture and the local cuisines.

Old lighthouse

A visit to the old lighthouse present nearby Cape of Good Hope.


Stellenbosch: Visit the must-see Wine route, Stellenbosch is famous for having the largest number of wine farms in the Wine country, so much so that it has its own university which is dedicated to studying wine and contributes to the growth of winemakers.
The world-famous pinot noir has an equally tasty clone produced here that can be enjoyed with some fine wine pairings. It is also home to Merlot as well as Cabernet sauvignon.
Traveller tip: Order the Stellenbosch Beeslaar Pinotage which is a mix of berries, cherries and packs a punch of a flavour.

Franschhoek: Known for its infamous beauty, it is considered to be the oldest town and a culinary capital. Visit the Roberstvlei valley for its Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay on the 30-hectare winery or drop by the Franschhoek Kitchen for the award-winning delicious wines and one of a kind dining experience. With vegan and vegetarian-friendly options, this restaurant caters to all tastes, using their own farm-grown vegetables and fruits. From mouth-watering barbecues to crispy salads with a side of white wine, there’s a lot to look forward to in the Franschhoek restaurant.

Paarl: Known for producing quality red wines and Shiraz across the world, Paarl is a must-visit for any wine tour. With perfect Mediterranean weather, Paarl was immediately considered to be perfect to farm in. Not just famous for the wine production, this town is filled with a lot of aesthetic Cape Dutch architecture, which one can stroll around and be a part of.

Cape of Good Hope: Go for sightseeing at the Cape of Good Hope and the mountain range nearby. Fun fact for the history and paranormal lovers, this is claimed to be the spot where the sinking of the Flying Dutchman took place, an East India trading ship that is claimed to still sail around the water after sinking here sometime during the 16th century. With sights of fauna here, such as the baboons, zebras or the biggest antelopes of the area, the Eland and ever ostriches, you can experience not just delicious wines in this package but also South Africa in all its glory, from mountains to the climate and the animals.

Boulders Beach: Site of the famous locally found adorable penguins, this makes a fun sightseeing activity for the family. There are viewing stations put up along the beaches to not disturb the nests or the adorable local habitants. You can also swim in the nearby crystal-clear False Bay beach.

Table mountain range: Offering activities like hiking to camping, Table mountain is a massive tourist attraction. You can choose to ride a cable car towards the top or get a guided walking tour. You can also visit the Waterworks museum here. There’s also a Table mountain cafe which gives you the options of having a beer to wine to even coffee overlooking the majestic sights the mountain has to offer.


Leeu House

Being just 15 miles away from Cape Town, this old fashioned South African design inspired hotel is a must stay. Set in close distance to Cape Town, delightful cafes to souvenir shops and art galleries are just a stroll away. The hotel has 12 classy rooms with a complimentary mini-bar, coffee machines and floor heating as well.

Radisson Blu Hotel

Nestled in Cape Town next to the waterfront and the mountain ranges, Radisson offers you not just a luxurious stay but also rooms overlooking beautiful sights. Set in close proximity to the majority of the other attractive tourist destinations to shops and beaches or wine estates, Radisson is a must stay. Wi-Fi is made available free of cost in the property and you get access to a marina that is private to Radisson guests only!

Glen Boutique Hotel and Spa

A line up of standard, deluxe or suites options available, the hotel with spa included is designed to make your stay a wonderful and relaxing experience. With 24 furnished rooms as well as Jacuzzis and spa, this hotel is not just a hotel, it is an experience. Budget-friendly and accommodates large groups of people as well.

Taj Cape Town

For those that want to experience the foreign with a touch of home, Taj Cape Town is the perfect spot. With a mocktail of history and modernity, Taj offers you a blend of experience in terms of stay and is in close proximity to major attractions as well for a day tour. With an indoor pool to a fitness spot as well as a spa, the resort comes with everything one could dream of.

The Silo Hotel

Similar to the Leeu House, the Silo Hotel is a relatively newer hotel that’s popped up near the waterfront. Perfect for couples or a romantic honeymoon, this hotel offers you a panoramic view of the mountains ranges. Striking a perfect balance between a rustic ambience along with a twist of modern interior designing, you’ll have a lot to look forward to.

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    Day 1: Welcome to Cape Town!

    You will be picked up from the Cape Town airport and welcomed by our local guide. You will then be taken to one of the assigned resorts to freshen up. Treat yourself to some delicious wine at the resort and take in the view of the mountain ranges.

    You will be taken to the first wine estate on the itinerary, Stellenbosch, to enjoy some exquisite wine along with some fine wine pairings, for instance, croissants along with a good glass of champagne or the classic cheese with a good dessert wine. Once the afternoon wine and dine session is over, you will be taken to the Cape Points to take in the majestic sights of the waterfronts as well as some of the mountain ranges.

    Day 2: Wine and Dine

    You will be taken to Franschhoek after a trip to Boulders Beach to take a good look at the endemic penguins from the viewpoints. After a good swim at the nearby clear watered False Bay, you will be taken to Franschhoek for some good Blanc or Chardonnay. You can dine at the restaurant here along with the wine, and if given permission, can even visit the wine cellar with the guides and the winemakers. This would give an insiders perspective into the fascinating process of wine making.

    Towards the evening you will be treated to some of the local snacks and a stroll around the city.

    Day 3: Final visit to the wine estate.

    You will be taken up the Table mountain range via a cable car to gather a panoramic view of the greeneries, wine estates and other landmarks around you. This can be considered to be a photographer's paradise. Relax at the tabletop cafe for brunch. Towards the afternoon you will be taken to the last part of the wine tour, Paarl. Take in the sights of one of the oldest wine farms of South Africa and post wine outings, take a stroll around Cape Dutch.

    Day 4: Bid farewell to the wine country.

    After you spend a night at the resort, prepare to bid farewell to the country of delicious wine and your guide. We hope you enjoyed your stay with us.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    Prices change depending on the seasons, the number of days and other global conditions. Booking in advance before peak season is advised if you’re on a tight budget. With the right steps taken, it can be budget-friendly. This is why here at Flying Squirrel Holidays, the packages are tailor-made to your budget and preferences.


    What is the best time of year to visit South Africa?

    South Africa can be visited anytime round the year. Cape Town is great for holiday from November to February.

    Is South Africa safe for tourists?

    The public places and the places of tourist interest are safe in South Africa.

    What can I buy in South Africa?

    Some of the best things that you can buy from South Africa are African wood carvings, Ostrich Eggs, Kalahari Salt, and Wire Art.

    Thinking of taking a break and sipping on some delicious wine at a beachfront or a mountain range? Look no further, a day tour at the Cape Point in the wine country of South Africa is the place to be. From sparkling wine to vast lush wine estates to beautiful architecture and resorts, the country has a lot to offer.

    In search of exciting offers for a South Africa Wine tour? Here at Flying Squirrel Holidays, you get tour packages designed to your expectations and needs. All you have to do is prepare to have a grand time with us. Click here to download the sample South Africa Wine Tour itinerary.

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