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9 Days Of Adriatic Adventures In Croatia

Croatia is slightly off the beaten track but it’s natural beauty with scenic national parks, historic cathedrals, Roman palaces and more makes it a stunning destination. Zagreb is warm and vibrant with plenty of attractions for travelers, including museums, galleries, restaurants, and retail. Croatia’s blissful islands on the Adriatic, are a haven for mariners and those […]

7 Things You Can Explore In Turkey On A Budget Holiday Within INR 60K

The mystical charm of Turkey is alluring. Its iconic mosques and palaces, the pristine Bosporus, awe-inspiring Pamukkale, traditional cuisine and more attract travellers across the globe to this historical country that spans across Europe and Asia. And, the best part is visiting Turkey won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It’s budget-friendly and warm. A […]

6 Days In The Scenic Mountains Of Armenia

Surrounded by the beautiful valleys and gorges of the Caucasus, Armenia’s pristine landscape is a pleasure to behold. The country, once a part of the Soviet Union, is off the beaten track and it’s natural beauty charms those who love to travel to offbeat locations. Even in busy touristy seasons you will not find queues […]

5 Budget Friendly International Holiday Destinations

Travel is both a mood enhancer and a great teacher. It’s one of the most celebrated and enriching experiences in life. However, while traveling, there are many of us who like to stick to a budget as it stops us from overspending and we’re more conscious about currency exchange differences around the world. Budget is […]

Find Out The Latest Travel Trends And How It Reflects On Your Travel Plans!

Travel is changing today, and the world is becoming more open to idea of understanding and experiencing different changes. And with this change comes the constant wanderlust for those who believe in making most of their lives on this beautiful planet. 2019 will be an exciting time for people who love the journey and some […]

Flying Squirrel Holidays Lists the Top 5 Holiday Destinations of 2019

As Hans Christian Andersen says, “To travel is to live”. Fill your life with pleasure, happiness, knowledge, experience and more as you set out to explore the world. Today the way we travel or experience holidays has changed. You can now explore the same destination several times with distinctively different itineraries. Theme vacations, customised itineraries […]