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Egypt Tour Package from Kolkata

The best word to describe Egypt would be ‘ENIGMA’. As children, we have often wondered about the Land of the Pyramids and the adventure that awaits us in cities such as Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria.

Known for its vast deserts and ancient ruins, Egypt is a dream come true for every history buff and architecture lover.

Be it for a family trip or a vacation with your loved one, Egypt welcomes everyone. With majestic ancient ruins, it is the perfect destination for an international holiday. Are you looking for an affordable Egypt tour package from Kolkata? Then look no further as we present an all-in-one Egypt tour that will fulfill all your Egyptian travel dreams.

Whether you want to take a boat ride down the glistening Nile or witness the spectacular Great Pyramids, we have you covered. From the Valley of the Kings to the great ruins of Abu Simbel, we cover all the famous spots of this desert country. Want to know more about our Egypt tour package from Kolkata? Here it is!

Egypt Tour Package from Kolkata

Back in time in Egypt Tour Package

Aswan- Cairo- Luxor
Back in time in Egypt Tour Package
7 Nights


Ancient Egypt

Aswan- Cairo- Luxor
Ancient Egypt
7 Nights



HIGHLIGHTS OF Egypt Tour Package from Kolkata

Top 10 places to see in your Egypt tour package from Kolkata

Here are some locations that you must see on your travel to Egypt:


The capital city of Egypt is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant cultural spots in the whole country. Right in the centre of the city is the historical Tahrir Square with the magnificent Egyptian museum. Cairo is like any other bustling metropolis and tourists come here from all over the world to see the famous Giza Pyramids Complex that holds one of the Seven Wonders of the World - the Great Pyramid of King Khufu and the world's oldest and biggest statue, the Sphinx, among its many other attractions.

Giza pyramids

Standing the test of time, these majestic Pyramids are a marvel of human invention. These structures were built as tombs for the ancient Pharaohs who once ruled over Egypt. And now, it is safe to say, that the Pyramids of Giza single-handedly bring millions of tourists annually to Egypt. Hence, it is an attraction in our Egypt tour package from Kolkata that you absolutely cannot miss!

The Sphinx

Another architectural marvel that you’ll find at Giza is the Great Sphinx. A giant limestone structure is carved out of limestone, facing west to east. The massive structure represents a mythical creature of the same name, which has the head of a man and the body of a lion. Archaeologists claim that the head may be a carving of the Pharaoh Kafre. When looking for Egypt tour package from Kolkata make sure to include this architectural wonder in your itinerary.

Egyptian Museum 

With over a million items on display, the Egyptian Museum is one of the most extensive ones in the world. With artefacts ranging from various eras and kingdoms inside Egypt, the museum gives you a thorough understanding of Egypt. Hence, it is beneficial for those who want to make the most of their visit to this ancient land.

The Old Souk of Khan El Khalili

This colourful bazaar is situated in the heart of Cairo and is one of the main attractions of the city. Established as a trade centre in the Mamluk Era, this bazaar is a treasure trove of antiques, spices, textiles, and much more.


Built during the Hellenistic Era, Alexandria is a Greco-Roman city with various architectural marvels for you to experience. From the mystified Alexandrian library to the catacombs, multiple tourist attractions will transport you to the time of Roman rule in Egypt. You can also visit the Qaitbay Citadel, which is now a world-famous Egyptian museum.

Papyrus Institute

An initiative by the Government of Egypt, this institute has been a favourite among tourists for years. A museum and a shop, this institute lets tourists witness the ancient craft of making papyrus. They can also buy various handmade papyrus as unique souvenirs to take back home. This is a very unique spot covered in our Egypt tour package from Kolkata which you'll not find in most itineraries.


Indulge in the glory of the Old Kingdom of Egypt as you visit its old capital, Memphis. The city has beautiful ancient ruins and Greco-Roman structures that will dazzle you. More than 5000 years old, Memphis back in the day was one of the most important cities in Egypt, and also in the world.

Saqqara Step

This ancient structure is one of the first pyramids that were ever built! Made in a step-like structure, the pyramid houses multiple buildings, adding complexity to its architecture. This site will give you a notion of the Old Kingdom of Egypt and how it all began…


Situated near the world-famous Aswan Dam, this city has been the strategic capital for all commerce in Egypt. It contains the renowned Philae ruins, which also date back to the 4th century B.C. A culturally significant stop on your tour to experience Egypt.

Abu Simbel

Ramses II built this temple complex intending to be worshipped, alongside his beautiful queen Nefertiti. The vast ruins are made of rock-cut structures that house various temples dedicated to various Egyptian Gods, like Ra the Sun God. It is one of the fascinating structures covered in our Egypt tour package from Kolkata which will leave you speechless for sure.


Located near Luxor, this city houses the Temple of Esna. According to archaeologists, this temple is perhaps the last of its kind to be decorated with hieroglyphics. Along with ancient ruins, don’t forget to visit the barrage bridges built on the River Nile by the British during their reign in Egypt.


Home to the ancient capital Thebes, the city houses two famous temples. The awe-inspiring Luxor temple and the magnificent Karnak Temple. Both of these ancient temples are classic examples of Egyptian architecture and are a glimpse into the height of Pharaoh’s power during his reign in the 16th century BC.

Valley of Kings

The valley of Kings is one of the most fabled excavation sites in the world. It will take you back to the scenes of Hollywood movies that you have seen about Egypt. With over five hundred excavation sites, this location is testimony to the archaeological discoveries that took place, which made Egypt world famous.

Hatshepsut Temple

This temple is one of the finest examples of ancient Egyptian architecture. Located opposite the city of Luxor, it is a mortuary temple built by the Pharaoh of the same name. The structure blends beautifully with the surrounding cliffs, making it seem almost organic in its creation. Even though it is a destination not found on most Egypt tour package from Kolkata, it is something you should definitely not miss on!

Best Time & Places to visit Egypt 

Most tourists look for Egypt tour package from Kolkata from late May to June to catch the arrival of summer. Egypt also sees substantial crowds in late August to early September during the end of summer.

However, if you want to avoid crowds and have pleasant weather, the beginning of winter is best for you. From the end of September to November, Egypt experiences moderate to chilly weather, which is ideal for visiting the various desert areas and for cruising down the majestic Nile. Egypt has a lot to offer and it may seem a bit much, but it is possible to cover all the fantastic tourist attractions in one trip!

The average cost for an Egypt tour package from Kolkata

Various factors decide the cost of your Egypt tour package from Kolkata. Starting from airlines to even the time is taken to plan the trip, everything plays a role in costing your package. However, most travel agencies will give you a standard rate depending on the number of days you are staying in Egypt.

You can choose to stay longer, but the optimum amount of time required to cover most of Egypt is seven days and eight nights. The average cost for such an Egypt tour package from Kolkata will start from INR 175,000 per person. This will include airfare, visa charges, travel insurance, entry tickets, transfers, and all sightseeing costs as mentioned in the itinerary.

For a detailed itinerary please click here

How to reach Egypt from Kolkata? 

The best and easiest way to reach Egypt is via air. You can select various airlines that have flights connecting Kolkata to all the major cities of Egypt. Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada, and Aswan all have connecting flights to them. However, Cairo is the nearest in terms of distance, hence, the cheapest as well. The aeroplane ticket costs can vary depending on how much in advance you book your trip. Booking a good Egypt tour package from Kolkata 4 months in advance is a nice way to get low prices on your plane tickets.

Why should you choose the Egypt tour package from Kolkata? 

Egypt has been the dream destination of every child. We all have marvelled at the pictures of the Great Pyramids in our history books. And I have often wondered what life was like in the ancient kingdom of Egypt. Moreover, Egypt has some of the most ancient ruins in the world, making it a spectacular specimen of the past. It has desert landscapes, the pristine Nile, and a vibrant city life that leaves you in awe. All in all, every heritage lover should visit Egypt at least once in their lifetime. By choosing a Egypt tour package from Kolkata you ensure a lower price range without compromising on the luxury and quality.

Travel to Egypt with Flying Squirrel Holidays

When you choose an Egypt tour package from Kolkata with Flying Squirrel Holidays, we ensure that we live up to our motto. That is, whether it is your travel itinerary, food, or even your insurance, we ensure that ‘it's all taken care of”. We provide an expert service which ensures smooth transfers between all parts of your sightseeing. On top of this, we have partnered with the best hotels to ensure you have the best stay ever. The premium luxury experience is our goal, making each trip memorable.

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