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Tailormade Holiday Packages to Jordan

A safe retreat in the Middle East, Jordan is an unexplored treasure! The little country has delighted its guests for many years with its World Heritage Sites, warm people and breath-taking desert landscapes.

With one of the largest Roman ruins in Jerash, to the ancient Nabatean city of Petra and its stunning rock-cut architecture, Jordan has been the cradle of human life since time immemorial. Mythical cities and gorgeous landscapes are scattered throughout the country.

The best thing about the place, a widely held opinion, is the warmth of the Jordanian people. Come and experience Jordan for yourself! Flying Squirrel Holidays provides customised Jordan tour packages from India to help you plan your next vacation.



Bordered by Israel, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has a history which goes back more than 8,000 years. It was for a long time an important trade centre for every major empire from the ancient world to the present age.

There are numerous sites in the country that have been mentioned in the Bible. The country was named after the River Jordan which flows between modern-day Jordan and Israel. The ancient wonders that Jordan houses have many stories to tell the visitors. Petra, the ancient Nabataean city locked in the heart of Jordan’s sandstone escarpments, is the most popular tourist destination of the country.

A ride through Wadi Rum at sunset cannot be described but can only be experienced. This land of weathered sand dunes and vibrant red rocky cliffs has also served as the backdrop for many films- ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, ‘Krrish 3’, ‘The Martian’, ‘Prometheus’ and more. Another of Jordan’s attractions, Dead Sea, is an extremely saline lake and also the lowest point on earth.

Jordan also boasts of rich natural wildlife and has two major natural reserves. The Dana Biosphere Reserve is Jordan’s largest nature reserve and home to plants and animals from across the African, Asian and European continents.

It is one of the best places in the world to stargaze at night. The Mujib Biosphere Reserve, which is the lowest reserve in the world and also boasts of vibrant wildlife. It is home to Wadi Mujib, another natural wonder of Jordan.

These along with canyons flowing with seasonal water, oases of palm trees and explosions of springtime flowers scattered across arid hills make for an adventure of a lifetime in Jordan.



Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo has a very significant role in Judaism and the Old Testament. The Bible says that it was here Moses lived out his final days and saw the Promised Land. It is also said that Moses’ body might be buried here. Mount Nebo is a very scenic peak and offers an amazing view over areas of the Dead Sea, the West Bank, the Jordan River, and even Jerusalem.


Al-Maghtas, also known as Bethany Beyond the Jordan, lies on the eastern bank of the Jordan River. The place is believed to be the site where Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist and is a very sacred pilgrimage site for Christians.

Dana Biosphere Reserve

A place of heritage, history and biodiversity, the Dana Biosphere Reserve is Jordan’s largest nature reserve. It is an excellent place to go hiking and walking on a breezy day.


Zarqa is an idyllic base for exploring the Eastern Desert. Over a mile away from Zarqa is Qasr Amr the most famous desert castle in Jordan. Constructed in the 8th century, Qasr Amra is a captivating example of Islamic art and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Irbid has several ancient sites around itself. Umm Qais, which is almost 20 minutes from Irbid, is a Roman-era settlement. In Ajloun, there is an early Islamic castle on the top of a hill. Pella is among the smaller sites here.


Try authentic Jordanian cuisine. Falafel and hummus are the standard meal and a popular breakfast item. Enjoy the falafel mezze style with flatbread and vegetables for breakfast. For lunch try them as a sandwich: stuffed in the flatbread along with a variety of fried vegetables and salad.

Take a jeep tour in Wadi Rum. The jeep will provide a stunning panoramic view of rugged sand cliffs, and the ride in itself is exhilarating.

Go hiking in Petra. Follow the paths of the Bedouin shepherds and take in the stunning views over the desert.

Go floating in the Dead Sea, a must on your bucket list. Spend a day of relaxation by the Dead Sea or float over its waters for a fun experience. The Dead Sea is also famous for the health benefits and rejuvenation bathing in its waters provides. The mud by the beach provides a revitalising clay mask for the skin.

Go snorkelling or scuba diving, two of the most popular aquatic adventure activities, in Aqaba.

Stargaze in Wadi Rum. Famous for its bright starry skies, Wadi Rum offers some of the best stargazing in the Middle East. The lack of pollution allows incredible clarity of the night sky and makes it a surreal experience.



The ancient Jordanian city of Petra was hidden from the world for hundreds of years before being discovered in 1812. The jewel of Jordan, Petra was established as early as 312BC as a major centre for trade and business. It was the capital city of the Arab Nabataeans or nomadic Arabs.

These people were particularly skilled at rock-cut architecture, which is evident from the exquisite rock-cut temples and treasures built here. It has been described as “a rose city half as old as time” and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.


One of the oldest human settlements known in history, Jerash was home to Neolithic humans, going back as early as 7000 BC. It is also one of the largest and best-preserved sites of Roman and Byzantine architecture.

It is also one of the few places outside of Italy which houses such fine Roman monuments. Tourists love the rolling hills and beautiful Jordan valleys that surround Jerash with plum, olive, and pine trees.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is surely one of the most interesting places to travel in Jordan. What makes it unique is that it has one of the highest salt concentrations for a water body. This causes people to stay afloat on the surface of the water without any other aid or equipment.
This spectacular phenomenon is a very popular activity among tourists who lazily float on the surface of the water, just relaxing.

The Dead Sea, bordered by Jordan and Israel, is also Earth’s lowest point on land at 377m below sea level. It gets its name from the fact that due to the extremely high saline levels, no marine life can survive in its waters, and hence ‘Dead Sea’.

Wadi Rum

The striking red colour of Wadi Rum’s sand dunes and humongous rock cliffs will make you feel that you are stepping onto Mars. The fairy-tale-like setting of Wadi Rum is built by a spectacular series of natural arches, towering cliffs, massive landslides, and dramatic landforms. Wadi is an Arabic term which refers to the bed or valley of a river that is usually dry except in the rainy season.

Apart from the stunning desert landscape, the region also traces the evolution of human thought and the early development of the alphabet. Approximately 25,000 petroglyphs or rock carvings, 20,000 inscriptions, and 154 archaeological sites have been discovered here.

The petroglyphs represent human figures holding bows and arrows, and other animals like camel, ibex, and horse. The inscriptions are mainly in four different scripts namely- Thamudic, Nabataean, Islamic and Arabic.


Visit Amman to feel the pulse of Jordan. It is Jordan’s capital city and largest too. Very different from the rest of the ancient sites, Amman is a modern bustling city. While you are in Amman, you can visit the colossal Roman Amphitheatre, Jordan Museum and Jabal Amman for art galleries.

Located high on a hillside, Amman Citadel, locally known as Jabal al-Qa’ida, rises 850 metres above sea level. The view from here is outstanding and you can enjoy the beautiful sunset as it paints the city in golden.


The Gulf of Aqaba is the place where all the Jordanians come to chill and swim. It’s one of the most photogenic places here with its scenic mountains and deep blue waters. There are plenty of fun and exciting things to try in this city. Go explore the coral reefs of the Red Sea, take a deep-sea dive, or try snorkelling.


Right in the heart of historic Jordan, by the King’s highway, lies the old city of Madaba. Known for the magnificent, gold-gilded mosque and the tall spiky minarets, the town houses ancient mosaics that date back to the Umayyad era.

Stunning Byzantine artwork in the alcoves, chapels filled with the essence of spirituality and the fragments of the old Roman town add to the historic beauty of the city.

Mujib Nature Reserve

With rocky gorges, steep valleys, and tons of hidden pathways in between the rocks, the enormous Mujib Nature Reserve forms one of the most incredible places in Jordan. It is the lowest nature reserve on earth and home to a variety of more than 400 species of plants, 186 species of birds and 250 animal species, including Syrian wolves, striped hyenas, caracals, and Blandford’s fox.

The reserve is also a popular destination for day hikes as the rugged rocks and sharp cliffs make for the perfect spot for rock climbing, hiking and ziplining.

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    (Please note that this is a sample itinerary. Our Jordan tour packages from India are customisable to suit your preferences.)

    Day 1

    Your first day starts at the capital city of Amman Jordan. Check out the Jordan museum and then take a stroll along the rainbow street. Have your breakfast and then head north out of the city to the ruins of Jerash. Check out some of the best Greco-Roman ruins around. After you are done exploring the ancient city, continue to Ajloun. Visit the Ajloun Castle and the Nature Reserve. After lunch, take a hike on the nature trail with an abundance of foliage such as the pistachio, carob, olive, and strawberry trees on the hillside. Relish a traditional dinner in a local village before later returning to the city.

    Day 2

    Take a walk through Amman today. Start at the hilltop citadel, then make your way to the Roman Theatre and Odeon, and the Al Husseiny Mosque. After having lunch at the souk, start your journey towards Mount Nebo. On top of Mt Nebo, you will find the Moses memorial church that was built around 4th-century foundations in AD597. In the evening travel towards Madaba.

    Day 3

    After breakfast, enjoy a walking tour of Madaba. Visit the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George which depicts the Holy Land, with Palestine and Lower Egypt, from around AD 550. Explore the city for a while on your own. Next head out to Al-Maghtas, a World Heritage-listed archaeological site on the east bank of the Jordan River. It is considered to be the location where Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist. Your last stop for the day is the salty waters of the Dead Sea. Return to Madaba in the evening.

    Day 4

    Take a ride down the highway to reach Wadi Rum a landscape of sandstone mountains in the desert. On arrival, take a browse around the informative visitors centre and have your lunch. Transport into the rum is operated by the local Bedouin community, where you will be travelling by jeeps. Reach your camp and relax in the afternoon. Go for a sunset hike in the rum. Spend the evening being well entertained in the company of your Bedouin hosts.

    Day 5

    First thing on the day's schedule is a jeep safari through the desert. You'll get to see several of Wadi Rum's distinctive rock formations. Experience the vast desert landscapes and eerie silence of the valley. Continue to Petra in the afternoon and spend the rest of the day there.

    Day 6

    Explore Petra today. The archaeological site of Petra is a series of structures and formations cut out of the desert rock. The Treasury is the most iconic view of Petra. Walk your way through a narrow rock cleft towards the Treasury to marvel at its magnificence. A tour guide will guide through the Treasury, the old Roman road, amphitheatre, and several old tombs. In the evening, you have the option to explore Petra by night on a tour.

    Day 7

    After breakfast, return to Madaba. You might decide to spend another day in Madaba exploring the city. You can also leave for Amman the same day and bid farewell to Jordan.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    There’s a wide range of accommodation options in Jordan. Compared to neighbouring Middle Eastern countries, such as Egypt, Jordan can be a bit more expensive. Just like its accommodation, Jordan has many places for food and drink which cater to all budgets. Meals purchased at street food stalls and markets will be cheaper whereas restaurants can be more expensive. At Flying Squirrel Holidays, we provide a customised Jordan trip/ Jordan honeymoon packages according to your budget and preferences. Enquire Now!


    When is the best time to visit Jordan?

    The spring and autumn months are the best times to visit Jordan. The days are warm but the nights are cool. This climate is pleasantly perfect for exploring as it is not too hot for hiking in the nature reserves and both flora and fauna are plentiful.

    What are the famous dishes of Jordan?

    Cuisine in Jordan is influenced by North Africa, the Middle East,
    Persia, and the Mediterranean cuisines. Some of the most popular dishes of Jordan includes the famous mansaf, falafel, moutabel, hummus, and labneh.

    What clothes are preferred to wear in Jordan?

    Women can wear T-shirts, cardigans, jeans, scarves, and hoodies while men can wear jeans, chinos, Tshirts, jackets and a jumper.

    Jordan is one of the most unrecognized and largely unexplored tourist destinations in the world. Natural wonders, holy places and ancient ruins, the country has it all. The stunning red landforms of Wadi Rum, the ancient temple in Petra, the heavenly view from Mount Nebu are a few sights that’ll stay with you for a long time.
    Travelling to Jordan? Check out Flying Squirrel Holidays tailormade Jordan tour packages from India!

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