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London City Tour Packages

London is one of the world’s greatest cities. From Karl Marx to William Shakespeare to Rabindranath Tagore, and millions like us who at some point, have passed or will pass through it – we all have our own special reasons to visit London.

Cosmopolitan, young, buzzing and ever colourful – London has it all, from world-class museums and art galleries, from fashion hotspots to the greats of stage and theatre, from food, shopping and the meandering Thames.

Make London your next holiday destination with Flying Squirrel Holidays’ London city tour packages from India.

There is a saying that when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. One cannot have enough of the culture, history, leisure and entertainment that this remarkable city has to offer. London’s diversity is infused in her vibrant streets and neighbourhoods, in her people, the pulsating nightlife, fashion and culinary scene.



London attracts people from around the world and is open to visitors all around the year. So whatever the weather – wet, dry or snow-white – you are guaranteed a memorable stay. However, transport services can be a little disruptive during major holidays like Christmas, Easter and New Year’s.

Several operators including British Airways, Air India, Emirates, KLM, Air France and Jet Airways have direct flights from New Delhi, Kolkata or Mumbai to Heathrow, London’s main point of entry.

The first thing you notice about London is its streets. They are beautiful with medieval buildings dated back from the past, depicting its rich historical significance. Londoners take pride in their traditions and one of the top tourist attractions is the Buckingham Palace.

This majestic city has four UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Tower of London, St. Margaret’s’ Church, Royal Botanic Gardens, Westminster Abbey and Palace of Westminster. One must visit these distinct places when planning a trip to London.

Culturally, London is rich as it is home to people from around the world. Almost 300 languages are spoken in the city, indicating the presence of different nationalities.

London’s culture is also depicted through its well-known art galleries and museums that captivates the art lovers from all over the world. The museums houses famous art structures and paintings, as well as significant artefacts aged over two thousand years.

London is also the fashion hub of the world — many high-end fashion designers such as Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen have started their journey from this city.

The British love their Shepherd’s Pie (popular in London pubs and restaurants), and Yorkshire pudding (usually accompanied with roast or the like), but the city offers a wide range of food and culinary delights to enjoy. So be ready to find the lip-smacking kebab shop from North India or a café with Turkish sweets or even some great Middle Eastern fare in the city.

London is filled with wonders and places of leisure you just cannot miss. It is a very popular honeymoon location and is often a part of Europe tour packages. Any UK tour place always includes London as its prime location.




Piccadilly Square

One of the most popular streets of London is Piccadilly Square. It is often compared to America’s Times Square. Packed with traffic and crowds from the entire world, this place is a spectacle for many. This place is any photographer’s dream as it offers incredible picturesque sights of the city.


Greenwich is a few minutes away from Central London and has breath-taking views of London. It is home to the UNESCO World Heritage site – National Maritime Museum, which has a total of 14 galleries to explore. Another spot to visit is the world-famous Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory. One can also visit another top London attraction at the O2.

The View from Shard

Absorb in the tremendous view from this 1016 ft tall, the Shard in London Bridge. The Shard building allows a 360 view for around 25km across London. The Shard is one of the tallest building in entire Europe. The view from the Shard involves a view from the levels 68 and 69. The view from Skydeck, on the 72nd floor, offers a more magnificent view of the city.

Abbey Road

This is where the Beatles shot the most iconic album cover. This is a popular spot in Central London and attracts music lovers and people who recreate the classic shot in their own unique ways.


Walk Beatles style in the most popular zebra crossing in the world at the Abbey road.

Be at two places at one time! Stand one leg in the Western hemisphere and another in the Eastern only at the Greenwich Observatory.

Get mesmerized with the flower treasure and experience the floral bargains at Columbia Road Flower Market

Taking a walking tour of London and explore the city on foot, intimate and up close!

Go shopping at Oxford Street where you find the best British brands.

Relish on the English delicacies such as shellfish, freshly baked bread, English cheese, sausages, etc. at the popular Borough Market.

Ride on the Thames Clippers, a public river bus that is a great way to see London’s best sights.

Reach the top of London at the Shard and have a joyous meal with a view.

Experience the wonder of a classic play or a musical at London’s West End.

Go ice-skating in the grounds of Tower of London or the rink in the Natural History Museum.

Get on the classic red Double Decker bus and get the personal views of the city.

Have a blissful evening at an English pub. Wine and dine classic British style!

Whisper anything and be amazed at the magic of sound travel in the Whispering Alley at St, Paul’s Cathedral.

Wander in the streets of East London and come across the incredible urban art and graffiti’s on the Brick Lane.

Go kayaking on the Thames River.

Go quirky shopping at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies and find your spooky desires get fulfilled.

Explore the city on foot along the banks of Thames River


London Eye

The London Eye is the perfect spot to get the most spectacular view of the city. One can take a 360-degree view from the capsule and this observation wheel is the world’s third-largest and is a must-visit site! The other name for this giant wheel is Millennium Wheel and stands 135 meters high on the banks of Thames river.

It can carry 800 passengers at a time on a 30 minutes ride and promises a city view of 25 miles. It allows 25 passengers per capsule. The wheels move so slowly that it does not require to be stopped for boarding of passengers, taking two revolutions every hour.

Tower of London

For those who appreciate history and architecture, this place is an important place to visit. Tower of London is a 900-year-old structure next to the river Thames. This place has been a versatile structure by being everything from a palace to a prison, a place of execution and even a treasury house, and even a zoo.

This fortress has a rich historic past and has several not-to-be-missed sites, such as the stunning crown jewels and the magnificent Koh-I-Noor. This iconic tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Buckingham Palace

One’s wishes of watching Royal life can be fulfilled by a visit to this historic structure. This is the place of stay of the Queen and the royal family. Changing of the Guard ceremony is a splendid sight to witness. The palace consists of State Rooms, which is a spectacular visual treat, and the display of art and beautiful clock collections inside will leave you in wonder.

The Royal Palace is open to the public only for a few months around the year, from July to October. The Changing of Guards happens every day except Tuesdays and Saturdays and at 11 am.

Big Ben

This is the most recognisable clock in the world and has even survived the bombings during World War II. The clock has a height of 96 meters and has 4 clocks that are 7 meters in diameter. This most famous clock in the world is the nickname of the Great Bell of Westminster and is officially called the Elizabeth Tower.

Every sightseeing tour of London consists of a photo stop at this popular clock. One is allowed to visit inside the clock and get a closer look at the wondrous mechanism inside. A surprising fact is that the clock has barely ever stopped and has continued to be an important part of the city of London.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is a fascinating landmark that depicts the historic architecture of the English and is a symbolic religious building. Londoners take pride in this beautiful structure, which has stood resilient for over 300 years.

One can do many things around St. Paul’s Cathedral; for instance, walk along the Whispering Gallery or around the Golden Gallery. The Whispering Gallery will surprise you, any whisper close to the wall carries to the opposite side 32 metres away. The Golden Gallery allows one to have a spectacular view of London by walking 528 steps up the gallery.

Houses of Parliament

One of the most iconic buildings of this city is the Houses of Parliament which is a witness of historic events in British politics and also depicting the unique architecture of the English.

There is an option to have audio or guided tours around this area. Tours begin from the route taken by the Monarch at the State Opening of Parliament, then from there, one moves to the Robing Room through the Royal Gallery and then the beautiful Lords Chamber. Then one moves towards the Central Lobby, Members Lobby, and then the popular the Commons Chamber. Finally, St. Stephen’s Hall.

Westminster Abbey

This historic structure is a treasure from the British past. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a London church, which holds social, political as well as cultural significance. This place has seen 16 royal weddings.

The highlights of this site are the Poet’s Corner, which is the burial, and memorial sites of various popular figures. One cannot miss the Royal tombs corner and the marvellous architecture at the Lady Chapel. Coronation Chair is also an interesting sight where two British monarchs were crown.

British Museum

The British Museum is a prominent museum of the country and is absolutely free to visit. The museum was founded in 1753 and has a unique collection of treasures and world-famous objects aged over two million years. It is a true wonder for anyone who wants to learn about world history and cultures.

The museum consists of the precious Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies and various ancient sculptures. Every year around six million people visit this museum. The museum has events and exhibitions happening all year round.

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    Flying Squirrel Holidays custom makes your London Tour Itineraries as per your personal preferences as we believe your travel should be planned specifically keeping you in mind.
    You can explore our London Honeymoon package, or customise your own London Tour Package by contacting Flying Squirrel Holidays! A sample itinerary is provided for your reference.

    DAY 1 | Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben

    The first attraction that you wake up to on your first full day is the London Underground, or simply called the Tube. For this snaking and meandering underground railway system that runs on 250 miles of track and between 270 stations, is not just the quickest way to get around the city- it is an attraction just on its own. Take the Tube and come to Charing Cross. You are now at Trafalgar Square, famous for its resident pigeons, Nelsons Column, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and more recently the Fourth Plinth. First, visit the National Gallery. There are few places on this planet where you will find a Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Turner, Renoir, Cezanne and Van Gogh, all under one roof and all for free. Next door is the National Portrait Gallery, again worth a visit. Before you leave the square there is one more thing you ought to do. Sit on the steps of the National Gallery for a little rest and feed the pigeons. Next visit the Buckingham Palace, the Queens official London residence, and enjoy the Changing of the Guards- a 45-minute ceremonial show. A short walk from the palace is Hyde Park. Here in the 350 acres and surrounded by over 4,000 trees, a large lake, a meadow and ornamental flower gardens, stop for your very own picnic lunch. After a snooze and some rest, its time to turn back and take a short cut through St James Park to Whitehall. Whitehall is a fascinating road. Lined with almost every important administrative department from Downing Street to Scotland Yard, it is the backbone of the British Government. It joins the Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square. Once at Parliament Square, you are suddenly in very familiar territory. For the Palace of Westminster or the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben jostle for attention with the very imposing facade of the Westminster Abbey. The Abbey which is the final resting place of a long list of British kings, queens, statesmen, soldiers, poets, priests, heroes and even villains, is a must for tourists and locals alike. You may have to save a visit to the Houses of Parliament for another day, but it is worth returning to.

    DAY 2 | Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, British Museum

    This morning we head for the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London.The royal collection of crowns, tiaras, necklaces and staffs, has one very special item- the Kohinoor diamond sparkling among them. But The Towers history is anything but dazzling. A royal palace, an armoury and a fortress, it has a dark reputation as a place of torture and death. So join the Beefeaters as they take you on a guided tour where many famous heads have rolled. The St Pauls Cathedral designed by the court architect, Sir Christopher Wren in 1666 miraculously survived the Blitz in World War Two.This is where Princess Diana famously got married to Prince Charles. The British Museum is by far the worlds most remarkable collection spanning over two million years of human history under one roof. From the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures to Egyptian mummies- the collection is endless and takes months to explore. Founded in 1753, it is one of Britains most popular destinations, recording over six million footfalls per year.

    DAY 3 | Madame Tussaud's, Sherlock Holmes, Covent Garden, West End

    Day three starts with breakfast with celebrities. At Madame Tussauds in London, you can rub shoulders with everyone from Kylie to the Queen and from Amitabh Bachchan to Brad Pitt. There are also a number of interactive attractions: you can score a winning goal for England under the watchful eye of David Beckham, give a speech at the UN flanked by world leaders, or sing and dance on stage with Beyonce and Britney. If thats not terrifying enough there's always the incredibly popular and gory Chamber of Horrors, not to mention some gruesome relics of the French Revolution. Some of the sculptures done by Tussaud herself still exist. Our next stop is rather special. For only a few minutes away from the red carpet at Madame Tussauds is 221B Baker Street- home of the greatest British double act in crime detection, Holmes and Watson. The Sherlock Holmes Museum is situated at the northern end of Baker Street, at the exact address of Holmes fictional apartment- a pilgrimage for all Sherlock Holmes fans. If a morning of celebrity spotting has left you hungry, head to Covent Garden. From frozen yoghurts to womens fashion, Covent Garden is a veritable treat for the senses, an all-year carnival. Mime artists jostle for space and attention with many high street and speciality brands in an area once made famous in the flower market scene in My Fair Lady. In the evening, catch a West End musical, or a play in one of the many theatres in the Covent Garden or Leicester Square area.

    DAY 4 | Windsor Palace, Bath and Stonehenge

    After a few days of pounding the streets of London, why not give those itchy feet a rest today and head off west towards the Wiltshire and the Somerset sunshine. You can either hop on to a tour bus or hire a car and leave early for the Queens favourite weekend residence- the Windsor Castle. The largest and oldest 'occupied' castle in the world, it has been a royal home for over 900 years and overlooks the historic town of Windsor. Your tour will take you through the opulent and ornate State Apartments and you can gaze at masterpieces by Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci- these treasures have been hanging in the castle for generations. Our next stop is a world heritage site- the Stonehenge! These curiously placed towering rocks have stood on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire for over 5,000 years and still baffle people today as to how they got there. Is it a religious temple? An astronomical clock? The clues are there for you to unravel another mystery. The first city in England to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, Bath is special for many reasons. The city boasts the famous Roman Baths that inspired its name- natural hot springs that were once used for public bathing- and beautiful Georgian architecture- from the 15th century Bath Abbey to the romantic Pulteney Bridge. Sitting on the scenic slopes of the River Avon, its easy to see why Bath draws so many visitors each year!

    DAY 5 | Greenwich, Thames Cruise, TATE Modern, London Eye

    This morning we take the boat to Greenwich. The Thames Cruise will bring you to this World Heritage Site village where the hemispheres meet. Internationally recognised as the home of time, the Prime Meridian runs through Greenwich. That apart Greenwich houses the National Maritime Museum, Queens House, the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich Market and Cutty Sark- the famous tea clipper ship. After a full morning at Greenwich, it is time to hit the Tate Modern- Britains national museum of modern and contemporary art from around the world is housed in the former Bankside Power Station on the banks of the Thames. The awe- inspiring Turbine Hall runs the length of the entire building and you can see amazing work by artists such as Cézanne, Bonnard, Matisse, Picasso, Rothko, Dalí, Pollock, Warhol and Bourgeois. As twilight descends, queue up in front of the London Eye. This spectacularly streamlined riverside wheel stands an impressive 135 meters tall and its sleek, modern, totally seethrough glass-pods offer an unrivalled 360-degree view of London and beyond. The Houses of Parliament, Canary Wharf, Big Ben, the glorious Thames and Windsor Castle are just a few of the 55-odd attractions that can be admired from the top of the arc.

    DAY 6 | Natural History Museum, V&A, Science Museum, Harrods

    If yesterday was all about rivers, boats and cityscapes, today is all about inventions, discoveries and dinosaurs. And the giant T-Rex, the horned Triceratops and the fossilised skin of an Edmontosaurus await you at the Natural History Museum. If you have children or a child within you, this world-class free museum is a must-see with millions of specimens from across the natural world, including insects, fossils and rocks. Next door is an equally fascinating gem. The Victoria and Albert Museum (or V&A as it is lovingly called) was originally founded in 1852 to inspire and educate British designers and manufacturers. Today it houses over four million items spanning centuries and hundreds of cultures. The stunning collection covers European, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Islamic artefacts ranging from ceramics, glass, metalwork and sculpture to costume, armour, weaponry and furniture. Of particular fascination is its Indian collection of Murshidabad ivory, Tipu Tiger and Mughal gems and other Empire objects. After lunch at the V&A cafe, walk a few paces to the Science Museum and its comprehensive collections looking at the development of science and industry in a fun and creative way. As evening approaches, you are spoilt for choice. You can either head to the Royal Albert Hall for an evening of classical music, rock, pop and jazz, sporting events, galas, banquets and balls and the world-famous Proms or go on a must-see trip to the opulent store Harrods in Londons fashionable Knightsbridge.

    DAY 7 | Hampton Court Palace and Wimbledon

    Today we travel west to the edges of London for a right royal day out. Take an early morning train from London Victoria Station and within the hour you are in front of Hampton Court Palace. This is Henrys palace and a real gem of Tudor and Baroque architecture. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the bustling Base Court and marvel at the breath-taking grandeur of Henrys State Rooms, tickle your taste buds in the vast Tudor kitchens, walk along the Haunted Gallery and discover another palace, the Baroque Palace, full of intrigue and gossip from the Stuart and Georgian eras. After lunch take the train back to London Victoria, but get off midway at Wimbledon. The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum scarcely needs any introduction. You can explore the grounds before heading back to your hotel.

    DAY 8 | Lord's Cricket Ground, London Zoo, Kew Gardens

    You cannot be in London and not visit Lords Cricket Ground, especially if cricket is your religion. A guided tour will take you through the Pavilion, the legendary Long Room, the Dressing Rooms, the famous honours boards and you will also have the chance to sit on the seats usually occupied by the England team. In the MCC Museum, home to the Ashes Urn and over 400 years of cricket history, you can explore the treasure house of Lord's. Just a 15-minute walk from the Lords is the famous London Zoo. Home to over 12,000 animals in Regents Park, it gives a rare and beautiful insight into the animal kingdom on a tour of the Aquarium, Gorilla Kingdom, the Clore Rainforest Lookout, Penguin Pool, Butterfly Paradise and in the Blackburn Pavilion- home to more than fifty species of birds. Your final destination today is the Kew Gardens, the spiritual home of botany in England. From the cooling glades of the British Woodland Garden to the pulsating humidity of the exotic Palm House, the delicate beauty of the Rose Garden to the soothing tranquillity of the Waterlily House, at Kew you can witness over 40,000 plants embarking on a fascinating journey through their annual cycles- flowering and fruiting, growing and resting. Kew is a World Heritage Site.

    DAY 9 | Cambridge

    From Isaac Newton to Charles Darwin, from William Wordsworth to Lord Byron, they have all come to Cambridge at some point or other. So why not follow in their footsteps for a day and discover the beautiful Kings College and Chapel, the finest building of its type in Europe, the intimate Queens College with its wonderful sun and moondial, Pembroke College and Emmanuel College with their peaceful gardens and chapels designed by Sir Christopher Wren. Cambridge has a wealth of scientific history from the splitting of the atom to the unravelling of the structure of DNA, which can all be discovered during guided walking tours.

    DAY 10

    The penultimate day in the city is all yours- to ramble and gaze at leisure, to shop or dine at your favourite haunt or to cross off a few more places from our list of attractions. Departure- Transfer to London Heathrow airport to catch the return flight home.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    The cost of a trip to London from anywhere depends on some basic factors- how early or closer to the travel date you have booked the tickets and whether it is the peak season to travel. One can cut down on expenses by modifying their preferences of stay and buying London pass, which provides big deals for travel, and visit to various tourist spots.


    How can I go to England from India?

    One can visit England easily from India via flights, which are very regular. London is one of the most well-connected cities in the world and consists of five airports, with airports in Gatwick and Heathrow being the popular ones among travellers. Flights operate from various cities, namely, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

    What is the cheapest month to travel to London?

    September and October are usually considered off-season period and you might get good deals. Discounted flight rates are available for these months as well in November. Flight rates are higher from June through August and two weeks prior to Christmas.

    Hotel prices are cheaper off-season. November through March, one can avail various discounts, while around June prices begin to rise. One can also earn 10 per cent of discount on London Pass during winter months, which can reduce the travel fare greatly. For shopping lovers, post-Christmas discounts can be a huge grab (usually late January)

    Your travel can be customised according to your needs, check out Flying Squirrel Holidays' London tour packages from India or London and Paris tour from India.

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