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Seychelles Tour Packages from India 2021

The island of Seychelles is a “melting pot” of cultures. Tourists visit Seychelles to witness its incredible harmony and enjoy the stunning vistas of bright blue waters surrounded by gorgeous white sand beaches. Memorable beach holidays in Seychelles are spent island hopping and absorbing the island’s unique flavour.

Flying Squirrel Holidays offers customised Seychelles tour packages from India. This stunning destination is a favourite of couples so contact us to build your dream Seychelles honeymoon package!

Despite serving a wide range of interests, Seychelles is not a mass tourism spot and it may not be for everyone. It is wilder, much more diverse than most popular tourist beaches around the world, and there’s a lot waiting to be discovered.

In one word, Seychelles is UNSPOILT. Some of the islands are uninhabited, almost all of them are home to a motley range of endemic flora and fauna. The smaller, more remote beaches offer intimacy and romance. Perhaps this is why a Google search for “Seychelle holidays” almost always shows a host of Seychelle Honeymoon Packages.

Read on to know where the charm of this small island nation lies!




While in Seychelles, be prepared for “island-hopping”. With 155 islands making up the nation, the diversity between any two adjacent islands is astounding. Every beach in this nation is better than the next.

The Curieuse Islands, for instance, is incredibly unique — home to the rare (and giant) Aldabra Tortoise, and the iconic Coco De Mer Palm, one of the most exclusive palm trees in the world. The Anse Source D’Argent beach, one of the most photographed beaches in the world, seems to be straight out of a fantasy. Here you find imposing granite boulders standing in stunning contrast to the soft white sand and the bright turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. A luxurious beach holiday in Seychelles can be enjoyed on Anse Louis, a beach on Mahe Island, which has been claimed as a holiday resort.

Seychelles as a honeymoon destination is getting increasingly popular and the country has a lot of activities catering to couples. Yacht rides around the Inner Islands are particularly loved. They are intimate, romantic and elegant, and afford stunning views of the ocean, the islands and the sunset. Thrill-seeking couples like zip-lining through jungles in Mahe, or rock climbing in La Digue. There are endless options for beach lovers too! Our custom made Seychelles honeymoon packages ensure that the time you spend is unforgettable!

With so much variety, Seychelles trips satisfy every sort of beach ‘craving’.


The bio-diversity of Seychelles is part of the “Madagascan and West Indian Ocean Biodiversity Hotspot” and is considered to be of international importance. The Scops Owl, or the Syer, is an extremely rare breed of owls. They were thought to be extinct- that is, until they were re-discovered in 1959. They can only be found in Morne Seychellois National Park on Mahe Island. The Seychelles Warblers too were dangerously close to extinction, but owing to active measures taken by organisations, their population has greatly increased. Currently, they are found on the Cousine, Aride, Denis and Fregate Islands. The Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher is a specie endemic to the La Digue Island.

The Vallee De Mai Nature Reserve (which many believe to be the original Garden of Eden), is a nature reserve filled with hectares of palm forests that have remained unchanged since prehistoric times. The largest population of Coco De Mare can be found here. Coco De Mare, with its 15-kilogram heavy seed (quite easily the heaviest in the world), is an icon of Seychelles. Vallee de Mai is also one of the only two places in the world to spot the extremely rare Black Parrot, the National Bird of the country.

A beach holiday in Seychelles also gets you close to the aquatic species, even the corals, that are best left untouched.


Seychelles is located just a few degrees south of the equator, making the waters of the Indian Ocean tepid at all times of the year. Outstanding underwater visibility of the magnificent reefs and submerged pinnacles make the archipelago ideal for scuba diving. The northern parts of the Mahe island have the most popular diving beaches. La Digue, Silhouette and Praslin Islands are other popular places for the activity.

Beach holidays in Seychelles also offer opportunities to snorkel — the rich marine life in this part of the Indian Ocean makes underwater observation extremely rewarding!


Hiking is a much-loved activity for travellers visiting Seychelles. The undisturbed rocky terrain and the multitude of flora and fauna tickle the adventurous spirit. There are many well-marked trails with varying difficulty levels, ensuring that there is something for every hiker.

Two trails deserving particular mentions are the Glacis Noire Trail and the Anse Major Trail. The Glacis Noire is on Praslin Island, in the Vallee De Mai, and is the best trail in the country for nature lovers — it affords chances to spot the Seychelles Black Parrot, the Seychelles Black Snail, the Seychelles Bulbul and the Indian Mynah. Passing through Coco De Mer trees, the viewpoint at the top affords incredible views of the Indian Ocean. A hike through the Anse Major Trail involves breathtaking views of the ocean and endemic plants. The trail ends in the highlight — the Anse Major Beach itself, which is one of the most serene and intimate beaches in the archipelago.


Seychelles tours are not only about getting — the plethora of volunteering opportunities makes it possible to give back to the nation too. To have a more meaningful, wholesome Seychelles trip, Flying Squirrel Holidays can guide you to some of the best volunteering units. The most sought after is the conservation boot camp on Cousin Island Special Reserve, which gives an on-field conservation experience. The unique program requires volunteers to live with the wildlife, and directly and meaningfully contribute to conservation activities.


Seychelles cuisine, known as the Creole Cuisine, is incredibly complex and rich. Influences of French, Chinese and Indian cuisines are evident, and mixed with the country’s distinctive blend of spices and flavours, the food is absolutely delectable. Made with fresh catch from the sea, seafood in Seychelles should not be missed. Octopus curry, grilled fish and shark chutney are favourites. There are a lot of vegetarian options too — Satini is a spicy salad made out of unripe fruits and onions, while lightly spiced breadfruit chips are a well-loved snack.

Flying Squirrel Holidays tailor makes Seychelles tour package itineraries in accordance with their clients’ individual requirements. If required, cruise to Seychelles from India packages can also be arranged.



Petite Anse

With sand that is so white that it is almost silver, Petite Anse is on the Mahe Island, the largest of the Inner Islands. It is one of the most secluded and quiet places in the archipelago and its pristine beauty is breathtaking. The clear waters of the Indian Ocean make it an ideal place to dive or snorkel.

Anse Intendance

Also located on the Mahe Island, Anse Intendance is a postcard beach -- bright azure waters and soft, white sand. The absence of coral reefs in this area provides opportunities for surfing. An ideal addition to any Seychelles honeymoon package, this secluded beach has luxurious resorts.

Anse Major

Anse Major redefines isolation -- this stunning beach can be reached only on foot or by a boat, as there are no roads leading to this magnificent clifftop paradise. Perched atop this granite cliff, seekers of solitude are awarded with stunning views of the Indian Ocean, and the country’s majestic coastline. The USP of this beach is the confluence of bright blue waters, sparkling white sand, and lush green forest cover. The water here is extremely calm and this beach is considered to be one of the safest on Mahe Island to swim.

Vallee De Mai National Park

On Praslin Island, Vallee De Mai is a UNESCO Heritage site, preserving prehistoric biodiversity. Home to the largest number of Coco de Mer trees, the reserve also has an abundance of vanilla orchids and travellers’ palm. Spotting the Seychelles Bulbul is also possible here, but it is more famous for the Seychelles Black Parrot.

Mission Lodge Lockout

One of the most popular viewpoints on the archipelago, Mission Lodge Lockout affords stunning views of the Indian Ocean, the coastline of the island and the dark green, mysterious mountains. The hiking trail up to the viewpoint is delightful -- vibrant vegetation and endemic wildlife can be seen with stunning vistas in the background.


Apart from engaging in water sports, marine exploration and other beachy activities, a Seychelles tour is incomplete without:

A visit to the Cathedral of Our Lady Immaculate Conception

A fun night in the casinos and pubs on Mahe Island

Watching movies in Deepam Cinema -- the only cinema hall in the country

Wining and dining on beach restaurants in Praslin Island

Taking a tour of the Takamaka Bay Distillery


Seychelles Natural History Museum

A hugely popular tourist attraction, this museum showcases the history of the island, its flora, its fauna and its people. Seychelles’ efforts to conserve their natural wealth can be understood from this museum, as awareness about major environmental challenges is also imparted here. This is a must-not-miss inclusion in any Seychelles Tour Package.

Sainte Anne Marine National Park

A different way to see corals is to take a glass-bottomed boat excursion in the Sainte Anne Marine National Park. A group of six islands close to the coast of Mahe Island, the waters here are good for diving and snorkelling. The national park is also rich in biodiversity.

Morne Seychellois National Park

Covering approximately 20 per cent of Mahe Island and named after the highest point in it, this park is great for hiking.

Domaine de Val de Pres

Also known as the Craft Village, it is the go-to place to learn about Creole art, culture, food and architecture. It also serves as a shopping destination.

Rita’s Art Studio

A must-see for art lovers, this studio doubles up as a museum to showcase artworks inspired by the stunning landscape of the archipelago. The displays are for sale and make lovely souvenirs.

Sir Selwyn Market

Located in the capital city of Victoria, this market is vibrant and bustling and is a good place to shop for local spices, fruits and vegetables, and clothes and artifacts.

The Little Ben Clock Tower

In the middle of Mahe Island is the Little Ben Clock Tower. Modelled on the tower in London, it was erected in honour of Queen Victoria. It is a favourite of tourists.

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    (Please note that the following are sample itineraries. Flying Squirrel Holidays works with your requirements to tailor-make your dream Seychelles tour for you.)

    Unforgettable Seychelles Honeymoon Package: 6 Days, 5 Nights
    Exhilarating Seychelles Adventure Package: 7 Nights 6 Days
    Seychelles For Families: 5 Nights, 4 Days
    Unforgettable Seychelles Honeymoon (Sample Only)

    Day 1

    Land on Mahe Island's international airport and ferry to Praslin Island directly. After a quick lunch in Praslin organised for you on the beach, ferry away to Anse La Farine Beach and check into the resort. Enjoy the day!

    Day 2

    Start with Vallee De Mai, exploring the endemic biodiversity. Hiking opportunities available.

    The evening is spent on the Anne Georgette beach, which is ranked as one of the most stunning beaches in Seychelles. Spend a lovely evening by the breathtaking views.

    Head back to the hotel for dinner.

    Day 3

    Head back to Mahe Island. You could choose to visit Moyenne Island and see the iconic Giant Turtles with our guide, or you could choose an optional tour. Spend this day in leisure.

    Day 4

    Day four is for exploring the Mahe Island. After breakfast, start the guided tour to cover the main attractions including the Cathedral, the Tower and the Mission Lodge. After a scrumptious lunch, head to Anse Royal and enjoy its serene calm waters. Towards the evening, visit the Crafts Village for a dose of history of the culture. Be sure to pick up some souvenirs!

    Day 5

    Get ready to explore marine life -- diving and snorkelling are on the agenda today. Take a reef safari to Sainte Anne Marie National Park for a glass-bottomed boat ride adventure!

    The evening is for your leisure.

    Day 6

    After breakfast, start for the airport.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    The cost of any trip varies according to a number of elements- when you chose to visit, how much in advance you book your tickets, how long your trip is. For further information, contact Flying Squirrel Holidays.


    How much does a honeymoon to Seychelles cost from India?

    The cost of a honeymoon depends entirely on your choice and requirements. Contact Flying Squirrel Holidays for more details.

    How can I go to Seychelles from India?

    Direct flights operate between India and Seychelles. Major carriers include Air Seychelles, Emirates and Jet Airways.

    Seychelles is rightly deemed to be paradise by travellers who have explored it -- a unique mixture of luxury and wildness, a Seychelles tour package from India will help you explore this untouched land properly. There are a lot of cruises operated to Seychelles from India too, and they are worth considering. For an unforgettable beach holiday in Seychelles, planning is important -- there is so much that you cannot afford to miss out!

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