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Zanzibar Tour Packages from India 2021

Africa, in particular its East Coast, brings to mind images of unique wildlife amidst the dense savanna in the famous game reserves.

Tanzania, just south of the Equator, and bordered by the Indian Ocean is known for the vast plains of the Serengeti, as well as the highest point in Africa – Mt. Kilimanjaro. But for many travelers the country houses a lesser-known, but equally magnificent gem, the island of Zanzibar.

Flying Squirrel Holidays’ tailor-made Zanzibar holiday packages from India help explore this archipelago just off the coast of Tanzania. As we believe that every traveler is different, we have customized our Tanzania Holiday Packages to suit our clients’ needs!

Everyone needs to go on a customized holiday to Zanzibar. Read on to know why!



Zanzibar is home to some utterly breathtaking, splendid beaches, along with a rich maritime history, which explains its diverse culture. For a wholesome, inclusive holiday, Zanzibar should be a must on everyone’s list! It has something to interest everyone: A water sports lover? Head to Mnemba Atoll. Fascinated by cultural and historical tours? Stone Town, the capital of the island of Zanzibar is the answer. Do not want to miss out on wildlife while in this part of Africa? Visit the Jozani Forest Reserve, home to the rare Red Colobus Monkeys and the Suni Antelope at the heart of the island.


Zanzibar’s unique history has seen travelers from Portugal, Oman, and Britain come here in search of spices and treasures. This gives the island its distinctive flavor. The mix of Swahili, Arab, Portuguese and British cultures is reflected in the architecture, food, and customs of the country.


No Zanzibar package holiday would be complete without including its pristine white beaches. The archipelago consists of many small islands, and the most famous beaches are Bwejuu beach (a quiet, secluded beach ideal for complete relaxation), Nungwi beach(a happening beach with a colorful nightlife), and Kendwa beach (known for having the most ethereal views of the sunset).


A beach holiday in Tanzania is not necessarily devoid of luxury- Zanzibar offers some splendid boutique resorts. Gazing at the incredible views of the azure Indian Ocean while spending a few, quiet, peaceful hours in the lap of luxury on the sparkling white sand beaches will be a great way to unwind. The archipelago has many opulent resorts, promising a great deal of serenity and intimacy, great food, gorgeous rooms, private plunge pools, spas, making it ideal for couples.


Zanzibar, being an archipelago, and being so incredibly rich in its aquatic life, naturally, is one of the premier sites in the world to explore the depths of the underwater. There are countless opportunities around the archipelago to snorkel, scuba dive, swim, and windsurf. Some places also offer angling, but depending on the species, the catch may be asked to be released back into the waters, which brings us to.


To protect its delicate eco-system, Zanzibar promotes sustainable tourism practices. Traveling without disturbing the local landscape, and culture, being completely in tune with nature, supporting local businesses and homegrown brands is part of being a responsible tourist. In Zanzibar, the Chumbe Island Coral Park has been commended by the UN for its sustainable way of operating, including rainwater harvesting, composting toilets, and using solar panels for energy. As a responsible tourist, a visit to this private nature reserve will teach you about the conservation and sustainable management of this uninhabited island.


This archipelago is also fondly called the ‘Spice Island’. The bazaars of Zanzibar do justice to this name. Until recently, the island was the largest exporter of clove (the title has now been passed over to Indonesia). However, it is still the most famous spice of Zanzibar. Other spices common here are cardamom, nutmeg, pepper, vanilla, turmeric, cinnamon, and lemongrass. Go on a spice tour in Zanzibar and enjoy an afternoon in a spice farm smelling vanilla pods. It is a classic experience of any Tanzania holiday package.


Spice Island’s cuisine is diverse and delectable. Its history with spices has influenced its food, and the dishes found here are very distinctive. Urojo is an incredibly flavourful creation. A coconut broth-based ramen, its toppings range from falafel to kachori, bread, and hot peppers. Pweza wa nazi is a delicious octopus curry and is one of the best-loved dishes. Spicy and blended with coconut cream sauce, this octopus curry is served with rice. Moreover, the country is said to have the sweetest pineapples in the world!

Contact us at Flying Squirrel Holidays for personalized Zanzibar package holidays. We also tailor-make Tanzania tour packages from India!



Prison Islands

Also called Changuu Island, it is a 30 minutes boat ride away from Stone Town. The island was originally built as a quarantine center during the Bubonic Plague to contain the spread of the epidemic, but now it is a hugely popular draw for tourists- swim and snorkel in its crystal clear waters and see the often talked about giant land tortoise!

Bwejuu Beach

Only an hour and a half away from Stone Town, this lovely beach is lined with palm trees and is considered to be one of the quietest places in the archipelago. It offers complete serenity and intimacy and packs a lot of fun activities to do- reef safari, snorkeling, diving, excursion to the surrounding mangrove forests, and some dhow excursions. There are many resorts aimed at couples on their honeymoon.

Nungwi Beach

Nungwi Beach is one of the most dynamic and energetic places in Zanzibar and is a tourist favorite, with countless restaurants and fun and diverse nightlife. It is also considered to be one of the best locations to snorkel and dive, and there are chances to see dolphins, green turtles, and occasionally, whale sharks. While on Nungwi, do not miss out on a sunset dhow boat trip!

Jozani Chwaka Bay Biosphere Reserve

Jozani may be the only national park on Zanzibar, but is a delightfully rich mix of mangroves, tropical forests, salt marshes, and coral rug forests. Considered to be a ‘biodiversity hotspot’ by UNESCO, it is a great spot to see reef fish species, dolphins and over 150 species of birds. The animals found here are endemic to the island- including the Zanzibar Red Colobus and the Zanzibar Leopard.


Go on a spice trail

Snorkel, Dive, Swim, and explore other water sports

Angle in the dead seas

Take a few days off at a private island

Shop for spices and local artifacts

Watch the sunset on a dhow boat


Forodhani Gardens Food Market

Situated on the seafront, this garden comes alive at night with countless food vendors selling local Zanzibari delights- pizza, meat kebabs, coconut bread, grilled cassava, roasted corn. What goes well with the scrumptious food is the atmosphere of the place. It is something that MUST be experienced during a stay here!

Old Slave Market

This is an important part of the history of Zanzibar. There is an Anglican Church that now stands upon the old market place where slaves were brought and sold. Slavery was abolished in Zanzibar in 1873 but the Old Slave Market remains a UNESCO Heritage site.

Cheetah's Rock

Cheetah’s Rock is an accredited conservation non-profit organization that offers a safe space for wild animals. The founders describe the place as “Cheetah’s Rock is a unique place where people and animals interact directly – face to face, eye to eye, fur to skin.”So this is a place that allows one to be close to zebras, hyenas, lions, tigers, and of course, cheetahs. This is a unique experience that would be memorable for every wildlife lover.

The Rock Restaurant

The Rock is a restaurant serving world-class food in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Perched upon a rock in the ocean and offering unmatched views, a restaurant is a great place for romantic dinners and fun outings alike. It serves Mediterranean, African and European cuisines. It can be reached via boats.

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    (Please note that the following are sample itineraries. Flying Squirrel Holidays works with your requirements to tailor-make your dream Zanzibar tour for you.)

    Weeklong Zanzibar Tour Package: 8 Nights and 7 Days
    Exhilarating Zanzibar Adventure Package: 7 Nights and 6 Days
    Zanzibar Highlights Package: 5 Nights and 4 Days

    DAY 1

    Arrive at Zanzibar International Airport and transfer directly to your hotel in Stone Town. Since Stone Town is the cultural and historical hotspot of this archipelago, it will be your home for a few days.

    After lunch, we start by exploring the Old Fort. It has been converted into a cultural center, so you can enjoy the live song and dance performances and shop local artifacts and have some Zanzibari snacks.

    By the evening, we move on to Forodhani Market, which is known for its fun atmosphere and delicious food trucks. It is on the seaside, so you can watch the landscape as the stars come out.

    DAY 2

    We start with a guided tour of the UNESCO Heritage Site of Old Slaves Market. It is important to take a guide along to properly understand the history of this place as we do not have any signs to help us on this tour alone.

    After lunch, we hop onto a boat and travel to Prison Island. You can explore the Island, see the Giant Tortoise or put on your diving gear and jump into the water.

    DAY 3

    After breakfast, we leave for Michamwi Beach for two days. Michamwi is a quiet, serene beach, with clean and gentle waters, making it ideal to swim. We check into a resort and spend the day leisurely on the beach.

    In the evening, we go for dinner at The Rock. The setting is incredibly romantic. Have a fun evening!

    DAY 4

    We have a fun day planned for you!
    After an early breakfast, we head to Kizimkazi to swim with the dolphins. Kizimkazi is ideal for snorkeling too. Activities here take up to five hours, so we directly go for a scrumptious meal after!
    The afternoon will see you exploring Jozani. Keep your cameras ready, the red colobus monkeys here are not camera shy!
    Spend a quiet evening relaxing by the beach.

    DAY 5

    We finally head to Nungwi Beach! Check into your resort and spend some time relaxing after the packed day 4!

    Day 6

    We spend the day in the water! Mnemba and Nungwi are known for their aquatic exploration opportunities so we don our diving gears and see the famed Zanzibari reefs up close.

    Spend the rest of the day relaxing in your resort!

    Day 7

    As we head back to Stone Town, we make one final stop at a Spice Garden. It takes around 2 hours to complete a tour, which ends in eating refreshing fruits.

    We reach Stone Town and spend the last evening drinking coffee by the seaside and shopping.

    Day 8

    We head to the airport to fly back!

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    There are fairly regular flights from many Indian Airports to Zanzibar. The major operators are Emirates and Qatar. The price varies from operator to operator when you book your tickets and the season in which you travel. The cost also depends on the number of days you wish to stay there, the category of hotels, and any extra place if you want to include in your itinerary. Accurate details can be given based on your specifications!


    What is the best time to visit Zanzibar?

    The most popular time to travel to the archipelago is between July and September, which is its dry season. However, except for the peak wet months of April and May, there is no bad time to visit Zanzibar!

    Is it safe to swim in the seas of Zanzibar?

    Zanzibar is known for its safe seas. Its seas are perfect for almost all swimmers because it has high tides almost all the time. It is protected by seaside reefs, which keep the inner waters safe.

    Is Zanzibar safe for tourists?

    Zanzibar is extremely safe for tourists. However, common precaution has to be exercised at all times, especially while sailing as there can be pirates lurking. Zanzibar is also safe for women. This is in part due to how a big portion of the economy depends on tourism, urging the government to take extra steps to ensure traveler safety.

    Do Indians need Visa for Zanzibar?

    Zanzibar offers Visa on arrival for Indian citizens.

    How much expensive is Zanzibar?

    Zanzibar is not very expensive but completely depends on your perspective. The cost of your Zanzibar tour package depends on several factors like the type of flight you choose, accommodation, the total number of days you want to spend there, sightseeing activities, and the type of restaurants you want to dine in. While customizing your package you will get to know about the entire cost of your Zanzibar trip.

    Zanzibar, with its diverse and incredibly rich culture and history, and its sparkling, pristine white beaches, and clean, calm aqua waters, is a must for every person. Whether you are looking for Zanzibar Package Holidays from India, or whether you want to extend your Tanzania tour package, this archipelago should not be missed. Enjoy all that it offers- the serene, quiet beaches, the dynamic nightlife, the sobering history, and the interwoven cultures.
    Visit Zanzibar with Flying Squirrel’s customized Zanzibar Tour Packages from India. Or if you incline, we also offer tailor-made Tanzania tour packages from India!

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