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Glenburn Tea Estate Darjeeling and Glenburn Penthouse Kolkata – Exclusive OFFER

Bengal’s culture and old-world charm sets it apart from the rest of India. Sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective to appreciate what you already know.

How about you look at the city from the vantage point of a penthouse propped on the seventh floor of an old Kolkata mansion?

Or soak in the beauty of the majestic mountains up north in Darjeeling from your room planted on a tea estate?

Flying Squirrel Holidays brings to you a one-of-a kind exclusive offer with the two Glenburn Properties – The Glenburn Tea Estate Darjeeling and Glenburn Penthouse Kolkata, helping you explore the beauty of Bengal in absolute luxury.


Kolkata’s culture and history can be soaked best by exploring its neighbourhoods. In Kolkata, the peak morning work-traffic stands starkly against the leisurely drawl of the city’s colonial trams, and generation-old bakeries thrive next to vibrant pubs dotting the busy streets. What if a unique property set in the heart of the bustling city teaches you a thing or two about how beautiful this historic city actually is.

Two iconic properties from the Glenburn Group in Kolkata and Darjeeling provide splendid luxurious stays in two completely different environments. Members of the Secret Retreats, what sets the Glenburn properties apart from other luxury stays in Bengal is the balance they hit between sophisticated intimacy and local flavour.

The properties are opulent and lavishly furnished. The service is warm and welcoming, ensuring visitors can unwind in an intimate setting.

While the Glenburn Penthouse in Kolkata is situated conveniently around the main colonial era attractions, Glenburn Darjeeling is within the Glenburn Tea Estate.

Flying Squirrel Holidays is offering two Glenburn properties to help you explore the beauty of Bengal in ultimate luxury.


Glenburn Tea Estate & Boutique Hotel, Darjeeling

A stay at the Glenburn Tea Estate & Boutique Hotel, Darjeeling offers guests utter intimacy and solitude. The setting is straight out of a post card with two rivers running through the 1000 acres property and the Eastern Himalayas standing tall in the background. The bungalows have an old-world elegance and sophistication that is both soothing and endearing.

While the Glenburn Penthouse in Kolkata overlooks the Victoria Memorial and the lush Maidan fields, the Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling offers unmatched views of the mighty Kanchenjunga. Based on the vineyard model of hospitality, the Tea Estate offers luxurious stays on the group’s iconic tea plantation. Guests here are encouraged to explore and learn about the process of tea making.

The signature Glenburn Tea can also be purchased here, fresh off the manufacturing process. The warmth of the tea estate is reflected in the food offered. Using family recipes handed down through generations, the tea leaf pakoras, chocolate brownies, Burmese Khao Suey, and Tibetan Momos are well loved by the guests.

Emphasis is put on using local, fresh produce for the food, and the spices used are procured from their garden. The recipes and the method of preparation makes the food unique. Needless to say, the selection of fine teas offered here is unrivalled. Make sure to try the home-made cakes served along with tea!

Glenburn Tea Estate & Boutique Hotel, Darjeeling provides a sustainable and ecologically conscious way of living. Here you will not find air conditioners or televisions. You enjoy nature in all her gloriousness and unwind from your hectic lives without any interruption. The property provides a lot of fun activities to guests.

Nature walks are held regularly, along private woods, along the Rungeet River or along the orchards. These are great for bird watching- Green Magpies, Spangled Drongo, Chestnut-headed Bee Eater and multiple species of owls are common sightings. Enjoy a picnic arranged by the hotel concierge while on the walk!

A unique experience in the property is to stay overnight at the Camp Glenburn Lodge,situated on the river bank. A stay here also include day trips to Darjeeling or Kalimpong, so make sure to explore a city in the mountains!

There are many guided hiking trails to choose from during the stay- including the one through the Shikari Dura Village, the one between Suspension Bridge and Manjitar Sikkim, and the River Rung Dung Hike.

Our Exclusive Offer

INR 86,000 per person for 4 Nights

Includes: Stay in a suite, All meals and refreshments, Airport transfers to and from Bagdogra airport and vehicle for activities/sightseeing.

5% GST Extra. Prices based on stay in a twin sharing room.

Glenburn The Penthouse, Kolkata

You thought you knew Kolkata, the city with a soul?

Always charismatic, somewhat chaotic, but never commercial. Now here’s a chance to rediscover your city once again. A night or two in a discrete, elegant penthouse in the heart of historic Kolkata, will transport you to a haven of quiet luxury where colonial chic marries Bengal’s rich heritage.

The spectacle that welcomes you at the Glenburn Penthouse perched atop a rather non-descript central-Kolkata mansion on Russel Street is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before.

Think Versailles-inspired parquetry, Venetian mirrorwork on wardrobes, Hindoostan wallpaper designed in Paris, Burmese teak beds carved with dancing girls and lions, block-printed bedspreads and hand-embroidered linen, a chequerboard tea terrace with cushioned garden chairs and an infinity pool with views of the Maidan parklands and Victoria Memorial.

This property lets you fall in love with Kolkata, the old-fashioned way. The scenery outside is almost as captivating as the rooms inside. Views from the nine elegantly designed naturally-lit private suites are nothing short of water-colour paintings. Some overlook the stunning Victoria Memorial while others have views of the Eden Gardens or the Maidan.

Glenburn, The Penthouse is the second hospitality offering from the Glenburn Group, the first being the luxurious boutique hotel in Darjeeling. Both properties have been conceptualised and executed with utmost care, with a focus on luxury and intimacy.

Private moments in the penthouse can be enjoyed on the marble balconies or the tea verandah overlooking the Victoria Memorial, snuggling in the king-sizes teak beds wrapped in hand-embroidered luxury cotton sheets or better still enjoying a soak in the good old-fashioned bathtub or the infinity pool offering a bird’s eye view of the city.

The property even boasts of a wonderful selection of books, that you will love with your cup of tea. Mornings are precious in the Glenburn Penthouse when you wake up to the stunning view of the majestic Victoria Memorial while sipping on a cup of tea directly from the Glenburn Estate.

Culinary delights here are a blend of Colonial, Bengali, Anglo-Indian and Kolkata street-food inspired dishes with a contemporary twist using fresh local ingredients. The unique reinterpretation of the local cuisine with a contemporary twist is an extension of the group’s efforts to provide the best of luxury and exclusivity mixed with the draw of local culture.

The Penthouse is a great way to experience the old-world charms of historic Kolkata. A stay in this fascinating property will fill your senses with awe and wonder.

Our Exclusive Offer

INR 10,500 per person per night including stay in a Calcutta Suite, Breakfast, High-tea, 3-course chef curated dinner.

5% GST Extra. Prices based on stay in a twin sharing room.