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Romance In East Europe – Prague, Budapest And Vienna

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A blend of the old-world charm with magnificent structures and stuccos, scenic views of rolling green juxtaposed with throbbing modernity makes East Europe a dreamy holiday destination. With places perfect to romance, unwind and explore, we present you with the choicest cities in the continent for the most exotic holiday-time. The Prague, Budapest and Vienna trio is the unbeatable selection!

A Dreamy Break in Prague

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Milunić’s and Gehry’s Dancing House

The stylish Czech Republic capital is a beautiful city with its Bohemian Baroque and Gothic architectural splendour. A City of Hundred Spires, it is just perfect for the romantic sojourn you could have dreamt of. The sights and sounds of Prague will fill your senses as you walk down the cobbled ancient pathways or amble by the riverside. A visit to the magnificent Prague Castle and the historical Charles Bridge and a cruise down the Vlatava River help you to discover the city’s past.

Prague is also the city that never sleeps. You can spend the evenings at the Old Town hot spots dancing away the nights with your beloved. You can also enjoy like a local by walking into one of the neighbourhood bars to enjoy a bottle of beer and enjoy some time with the residents. The city has enough and more beautiful neighbourhoods where you can sit in a cafe and enjoy the scenic landscape. Prague is also famous for its garnet and bohemian glass, so take your loved one and go shopping, gifting her a royal gem or him a wine glass that your partner will treasure for a lifetime.

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Romance in Budapest

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      Buda Castle at night viewed from Danube Promenade

A city that is sliced into two by the winding, smooth flowing Danube, Budapest is the perfect setting for you to lose yourself in its rich historical past. A city where many famous artists and philosophers spent their lives, it is a place for a beautiful relaxing holiday.

A visit to Castle Hill will unfold before you a colourful past. Get dazed by the beauty of the Mátyás Church or the ornate décor of St. Stephen’s Bascilia and admire the splendour of the Buda Royal Palace.

You can also set off for the Fisherman’s Bastion and enjoy the best panorama of this dream-city making it a pure romantic break. Cruise down the Danube to soak in the panorama of the splendid city as you pass by. Rejuvenate and sooth your body as you relax in one of the thermal baths of the Spa Capital of the world.

Budapest ticks all the boxes for a romantic holiday where you explore the past while unwinding in the luxurious present.

Musical Stopover in Vienna

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Musikverein Vienna

An exquisite city replete with charming cultural delights and architectural magnificence, Vienna is a stunning panorama of unending beauty. The city is famous for its palaces, namely the Schonbrunn Palace and the Hofburg Imperial Palace, as well as the Tiergarten in Schoenbrunn. The splendid churches, palaces and museums reveal the tapestry of its rich past. Vienna is also a city rich in music. There are several famous orchestras in Vienna, including the Vienna State Opera, prized for its exceptional acoustics. There are performances almost 300 nights a year. There is also the Vienna Chamber Opera and the Viennese Concert Cafés. The live music in numerous Viennese concert cafés makes a visit to the coffee houses a delight for the ears. You can enjoy your coffee and apple strudel as you hear the music of Johann Strauss ring out. There are cafes on the Ringstraße that have some great recitals as well as the Café-Restaurant Residenz at the Schonbrunn Palace where people can feast on delicious pastries on Saturdays, accompanied by live music.

Images Courtesy: Wikimedia.org

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