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Tailormade Europe Tour Packages from India

Europe’s magical cities and rainbow-hued places make us fall in love with the continent time and again. It’s the perfect destination to plan a city break, or a vacation in the countryside. Whether you want a beach holiday or a ski break, a shopping spree with friends or a romantic getaway, a culture trip or a gastronomic delight, European cities have enough of food, culture, architecture to satisfy your cravings.  There are more than 400 Unesco World Heritage Sites in Europe, wonderful National Parks and monasteries and neighbourhoods like the famous Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera that capture your imagination. Our Europe tour packages will take you on a journey across the vibrant cities of Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and France, where you can spend precious moments admiring colourful homes, or walking along cobbled alleyways into the world’s largest antiques market, sitting inside cathedrals or a public park. You will find warmth, hospitality, talent and creativity in our Europe packages.

Ease of Flight Connectivity

Europe is connected very well to India with many direct and stop-over flights. There are many options to choose from like Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Air India, KLM flights, Aeroflot flights, Brussels airlines, Finnair flights British Airways and many more. On average, flights take around 8 hours to reach Europe.

Visa Information

Indian Passport holders are required to obtain a Schengen Visa to enter any European country. Complete the application form online and submit the required documents. After the scheduled visa interview, the processing takes a period of around two weeks.

For further queries on information of visa you can get in touch with us.

Best Time to Visit

Europe is a year round travel destination and is worth visiting any time of the year.

Summer from June to August is the most popular time of the year as the weather is ideal to explore most places in Europe and indulge in some exciting outdoor activities.

Autumn from September to November brightens with numerous festivals and the weather is cool and pleasant to travel around Europe.

Winters from December to February is a wonderful time to witness the Christmas and New Year festivities, famous Venice carnival of Italy, Amsterdam Light Festival and Snow and Ice Sculpture festival of Belgium.

Spring from March to May offers weather neither too cold nor hot. It is perfect for sightseeing and exploring Europe which is at peak of its beauty.

Cuisine in Europe

Feast your eyes and mouth with the best mouth-watering cuisines that Europe has in offer. The European cuisine is so diverse and consists of numerous cuisines of different countries and some of the must try dishes are Spanish cuisine like gazpacho, paella etc , German cuisine like sauerbraten, spatzle, Italian like pizza, lasagne, Greek like dolmades, moussaka, Portuguese like bacalhau, sardines and Austrian cuisine like apfelstrudel, knodel . Most of the countries in Europe offer multiple cuisines including Indian cuisine with some amazing collection of Indian restaurants. But in order to explore a place completely we recommend trying the local cuisines as you will get to try a new cuisine with exotic dishes made from fresh ingredients and picturesque enough for your social media posts.

Countries to visit in Europe

For those of you who are short on time, or on your first visit, we’ve put together a few popular countries in two packages- Central Europe and East Europe.

1. Central Europe- Central Europe has oodles of scenic beauty and loads of adventure.Its vibrant cities, natural beauty and rich history make it a popular destination for first time visitors as well as seasoned travellers. To plan a trip to the beautiful countries of Central Europeplease click here.

2. East Europe- East Europe comprises of many beautiful countries and is home to many World Heritage Sites. Travel to East Europe to know about its tradition and culture and attractions. To know about the tailor-made packages and plan a trip to East Europe, please visit our page.

For those of you who would like to experience a destination in greater detail and spend more time, our featured countries has a whole lot of details of its attractions, best accommodation facilities, cuisines and ideal itineraries.

  • France- France offers the best of city travel as well as countryside escapades. You can go glam in Paris, see a light show in Versailles, or maybe choose to spend your days on the riviera akin to the rich or famous. Stepping into France is like stepping into a Monet Painting, you discover something at every corner. You can also go hiking along alpine trails, and enjoysome authentic French cuisine. Get to know about the best of France and its various attractions in our page.
  • Germany- Germany is Europe’s largest economy and offers soul-stirring landscapes, romantic palaces amidst alpine peaks, timbered towns and a vibrant culture. You can visit Germany for its fairytale castles, rejuvenating spas, irresistible shops or some of the world’s best beers. Visit our page to know more about the different cities, attractions, cuisines and ideal itinerary.
  • Italy- Italy boasts of its rich culture, heritage, architecture and history. Known all over the world for its spectacular duomos or churches, and one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Roman Colosseum, Italy is also famous for its fashion, opera music and food. She is, indeed, the soul of Europe. Click here to know more about Italy and to include in your Europe packages.
  • Switzerland-There is more to Switzerland than chocolates and cheese and cuckoo clocks. It’s mountains and valleys, rich pastures, gentle people and colourful festivals make it a traveller’s delight.If you have always dreamt of a holiday in the Alps or a getaway in St. Motitz or a escapade to Lake Geneva, then this is your destination. Click here to know more about Switzerland.
  • Netherlands- Netherlands is known for its charming villages and towns set in a beautiful landscape. It’s a holiday where you can bike along the tulip fields, or even bike through the Rijksmuseum, stop for some Stroopwafels, and maybe if you are lucky spot a beaver dam in the countryside. The best way to explore Netherlands is by cycling. Travel to Netherlands for some enriching travel experience.
  • Greece- Greece is well-known for its islands, beaches and quaintmarketplaces. Greece’s beautiful islands and stunning landscapeslets you capture a gorgeous sunset and make it a part of your life. To know more about Greece, the islands and tour packages, please visit our Greece page.
  • Scandinavia- To experience the wilderness of the glaciers, forests and lakes, Scandinavia is a must visit destination. Know more about Scandinavia through our website and plan your visit soon.
  • Russia-You can marvel at the spires of Red Squares in Russia, but better still you can also jump into the icy waters off the coast of Russia to swim with the joyful Beluga Whales – there are enough reasons to visit Russia. Discover the Soviet era history, art and architecture that dates to the Tsars, live the life of an Oligarch for an evening and more. Our page will surely entice you to visit Russia.
  • Spain-Spain is a burst of flamenco, it’s Gaudi in a park, and it’s when you see Messi dance around defenders and score goals for FC Barcelona. Spain is romance, action and culture. Its museums, art and architecture will overwhelm you. Visit our page to know more about this attractive country.
  • Portugal- Portugal offers historic cities, natural landscapes, spectacular beaches and exotic cuisine. Visit our Portugal page to learn more about its vibrant cities which will help you plan your travel better.

    Tips When Travelling to Europe
  • Currency- The currency of Europe is Euro. Debit and credit cards are accepted at some places but it is preferable to carry currency with you.
  • Transport- The main ways to get around in Europe is by air or train. There are buses, trains and cars available to commute within cities.
  • Safety- Europe is safe and possesses no serious problems.
  • Etiquettes- It is recommended to dress decently at some places. Be comfortable in what you wear. It is recommended to try out their local customs.
  • Mobile Network and Sim Card- A local SIM will make it convenient for your local calling needs and most comes with large data allowance that you will need to post your holiday pictures on your social handles on the go. Airports are the best place to get your hands on a SIM card.
  • Power Plugs- You need power plugs and sockets of AC and C type.

Central Europe

Central Europe is caught between the two diverse worlds of Eastern and Western Europe. There are beautiful countries with vibrant cities in Central Europe, old town castles, market squares and rich history. The Central Europe tour is packed with natural beauty of mountains, lakes, rivers and forests...


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Germany is a diverse country with many attractions. The combination of old world charm and modern urban feel make it an ideal destination for travellers. In your Germany tour, you will find beautiful architecture here in the city, a well-planned countryside, fun-filled festivals and mouth-watering c...


Greece is a country in Southeastern Europe and is known for its fascinating history and natural beauty. It is one of Europe’sprime tourist destinations because of the countless islands, sandy beaches, ancient historical sites and the climate. Surrounded by crystal blue waters all around, Greec...


Italy is known for its glorious history, culture and traditions. Italy is the birthplace of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. Italy is rich in masterpieces of art and architecture and it has several famous Heritage Cultural sites. Apart from art and architecture, Italy is blessed with vibrant ci...


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Netherlands is known as the land of windmills, canals and tulips which makes it picturesque place to visit. Netherlands trip offers an impressive and enriching travel experience, with most tourists attracted by the blooming flowers, the canals that meander along the city, and awe-inspiring landscape...


Portugal is all about art, wine, cuisine and culture. This Southern European country is steeped in history and tradition and offers a fair bit of everything to suit different tastes. The Flying Squirrel Holidays Portugal tours takes you to the beautiful cities of Lisbon, Porto and Algarve, wher...


If you are a history and a nature lover, then your trip to Russia promises to be a treatwith an abundance of natural beauty, various monuments and historical sites. The country also flourishes in ancient art and architecture. Nature lovers will fall in love with the beautiful mountains and trees. Th...


Located in Northern Europe and famously known as the “The Land of Rich Culture and Raw Natural Beauty” is a group of five wonderful countries including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland which has a unique history and culture. It is known for its stylish cities, untouched fores...


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Tailormade East Europe Trip

Eastern Europe is a fairly untouched region. It is an ideal place to visit if you’re looking for the off beaten path experience. Eastern Europe is packed with natural wonders. Its beaches, mountains, forests, national parks, natural reserves and lakes make it every nature lover’s paradis...

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