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Places to visit in Paris in 48 hours/2 Days

Posted on By Blog Admin

There is a certain charm that is associated with Paris. Fashion, food, high couture, and the list is unending. There is so much to see and do in this evergreen city.

Given that you are short on time, we give you here a list of places to visit in two days when you are in Paris. It will give you the opportunity to make the most of your time and also enjoy the best that the city has to offer you.

Day 1

Begin your tour of the city visiting a hugely revered place and move on to more fun activities as the day rolls on. It is best to buy both the Paris Pass and Paris Museum Pass to gain entry into a number of places saving you both time and money.

Saint Chappelle

Saint Chappelle

It is among the most beautiful churches in the world. This 13th century gothic church floor with its floor to ceiling glass windows is just mind-blowing and has visitors agape in wonder. An absolute visit when in Paris, make sure to take some pictures of those tainted Gothic style windows.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris

Close to Saint Chappelle, is another revered religious place the Notre-Dame Cathedral. It is among the iconic attractions of Paris with its huge flying buttresses and two big towers. There is much history and religion associated with this church that took 200 years to be built. Walk around it to admire its exteriors and when you move inside, you will adore the crypt and the towers. Of course, you will have to book your visit to these two.


Louvre Museum

A bare 20 minutes’ walk from Notre Dame through the streets of Paris will take you to the most famous museum of Paris – Louvre. Home to Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and a host of Greek antiques and Muslim art, you can spend the whole day here. But to be able to see other places, take a quick look at the major attractions in a couple of hours and move on. Book an advance ticket to save time buying one standing in the line! The passes will give you free access to the museum.

Champs Elysees

Avenue des Champs Élysées

The most famous avenue of Paris, it is lined with exquisite and expensive shops. It is worth walking down this famous street and take a look of what high couture life is like. The tree-lined avenue is the perfect place to walk through and get the feel of the expensive side of Paris. In fact it is good to stop at one of the restaurants here and grab some food to enjoy your stay on the most beautiful avenue of the world!

Arc de Triomphe


Head to the Arc de Triomphethat is one the western part of the Champs Elysees. The monument is fifty metres high and dedicated to those that dies for France in the Napoleon Wars and the French Revolution. Take a lift to reach the top and enjoy the magnificent view of the city around you especially the Eiffel Tower and the La Defense business district. Entry is included in the pass.

Wine Tasting

Places to visit in Paris in 48 hours/2 Days

As a wine connoisseur you cannot give wine tasting a miss when in Paris! Close to Louvre is the Caves du Louvre that offers an 18th century cellar wine tasting that was formerly home to King of France’s collection of wine! You will also get to taste three different types of French wines and a lot about the process and the material used to make them.

Eiffel Tower

You have seen it in the pictures, watched it in movies and now it is time to behold it before your eyes – the Eiffel Tower! To have a good view of it, you can stand on the opposite bank of the Seine at Trocadero or from the Champ de Mars, the beautifully landscaped garden at the southwest of the tower.

eiffel tower

It is worth exploring the tower by climbing it. The restaurants in the tower are hot romantic spots to enjoy an evening meal overlooking the whole of Paris. You should book the restaurant in advance to ensure that you are able to enjoy it all – a perfect way to end your Day 1 in Paris!!!

Day 2

Sacre Coeur & Montmartre

Sacré-Cœur, Paris

Begin the second day in Paris by visiting the Sacre Coeur or Sacred Heart in Montmartre. Situated at the summit of the Montmartre Hill, the highest point in the city, it is a beautiful Basilica and a must visit. You will instantly recognize the white domes of this relatively new church completed in 1941. Though entry is free, to go up the tower, you will need to show your pass.

Apart from the church, you can also take a look around the area as it is associated with the famous artists of the Belle Époque or the Beautiful Era. The tradition continues with painters offering to paint portraits, caricatures and landscapes for visitors at the Place du Tertre. Enjoy a walk around the place to get a feel that is more rustic and different from that of downtown Paris!


Places to visit in Paris in 48 hours/2 Days

The Marais comprises of the third and the fourth districts of the city and is known for its lively ambience with different stores and bars. The Bastille and the Rue de Lappe, Musee Picasso and the art galleries will fulfil your quest for fun and artistic hunt. The place is also known for its Jewish quarters and their delicious food.

You can go down to the peaceful Place des Vosges, the oldest square of Paris to enjoy the quaint feel across the Seine. Its numerous art galleries and restaurants make it the perfect place to spend maximum time in Paris. Enjoy lunch at one of the restaurants here and make the most of its vibrant ambience.

Boat trip on the Seine

Seine River tour

You can choose to end your visit of Paris with this enchanting cruise on the river and see Paris in different light. Just sit back and relax after the hectic day’s tour and enjoy it all. There are several operators that offer services, choose one and opt for the option that you like best!

Evening in Opera House

Opera House Paris

If you are spending the second night in Paris, what better way to make the most of it than being at the Opera House! In case you are not game for it, you can always walk through the area around Opera Garnier that has small hidden streets behind the main boulevard. You can also enjoy a quiet dinner at one of the restaurants here to give your visit to Paris the perfect ending!!!

Plan it all out and enjoy the 48 hours in Paris to the fullest – every minute of it!!!

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