Wellness Retreat 2019

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Wellness Retreat on “Living in the Cosmic Flow”

Wellness Retreat

Have you ever wondered how some people are perfectly happy in lives and attract all the love, success, and attention, while you feel there might be something missing in yours? To have a happy and holistic life, to become more mindful, it is important to align ourselves with the energy of the universe. When we are aligned with the movements of the universe, we are able to move with better clarity, focus and purpose towards our highest intentions. The cosmic energy of the sun purifies us. The more we store this energy in our body and mind the more it helps in generating positive vibes in our lives and reduces stress and depression.

So how do we do this?

The path to attract this cosmic flow and lead a life filled with joy, prosperity and inner bliss is called ‘sadhana’. ‘Sadhana’, practiced through chants and meditation, introspective reflection and mindfulness, body movements and breathwork, leads to better clarity, focus and attainment of peace and heightened consciousness.

To help you in this journey, Flying Squirrel Holidays presents a specially curated wellness retreat on “Living in the Cosmic Flow” from September 10-15, 2019 at the beautiful Ayurveda resort, Somatheeram in Kerala in association with wellness specialist Tanuka Gupta. The programme will help participants align themselves with the energy of the universe and generate positive vibes in their lives, thereby reducing the effects of stress and disharmony.


Highlights Of The Special Sessions With Our Wellness Consultant, Tanuka Gupta:

We are a microcosm of the planet, the solar system, and the galaxy, that is continuously creating and transforming itself (like we are). It is without beginning or end. By being conscious to the workings of the galaxy we align our souls to see the emergence of a bigger divine pattern. The 5-day sadhana is based on the principles of the galactic consciousness and the ancient Vedic/Tantric wisdom.

The 5 steps of the Sadhana are:

1.Creating: This is the phase where we will be planting the seeds of our intentions (sankalpa or intention made by the heart and mind) after working on purifying the body and mind.

2.Energizing: We will go through the process of shaping, empowering and balancing our intentions.

3. Releasing: We will work on the 5 layers of our identity and ways to surrender them.

4.Manifesting: We embrace the Divine truth of ourselves and manifest the highest version of who we are.

5. Celebrating: The last step is performed on the full moon day which is auspicious for harvesting our blessings. A full moon represents completion, the height of power, the realization of our desires and the peak of clarity. It is a time to celebrate our growth, take note of what progress we have made and to reflect on how far we have come.

 We complete our sadhana with gratitude towards the blessings of the ancestors, cosmos and the Supreme One. 


The 90-minute daily sadhana will involve practice of:

- Mantra: A mantra is the sound form of a particular energy. By mindful and devoted repetition of mantras we invoke the beneficial energies associated with it, thereby promoting healing and creativity. It purifies the heart, opening it to compassion.

- Meditation: We would open the session with meditations that will align you to the theme of the sadhana. 

- Satsang: known as “gathering for truth”. Here you will be guided through self-reflection on the theme of the day. 

- Devotional chorus singing -- Nothing works more beautifully than music to reach the Divine. These sessions will be heart opening for all the participants leaving them feeling blissful and elevated in their consciousness. 


Highlights Of The Ayurveda Experience:

The Science of Life “Ayurveda” and the Art of healthy living “Yoga” were originated in India 5000 years back. In the modern world, Ayurveda is considered an alternative medical system and increasingly made use of in all parts of the world. The focus is on the importance of Ayurvedic therapies for both curative and preventive treatments of body, mind and soul. Yoga works on the level of one's body, mind, emotion and energy; it provides a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Ayurveda treatments comprise therapies/massages, healthy Ayurveda diet and herbal medicines, all put together in a disciplined manner under the supervision of experienced and qualified doctors and therapists.


About the Venue:

Somatheeram is a breathtakingly exquisite, Ayurveda resort located in Chowara, Kovalam near Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. It is just 21 Kms from Trivandrum International Airport.


About Tanuka Gupta:

The wellness retreat will be conducted by the renowned Dubai-based psychologist, Tanuka Gupta, certified in Tarot card reading, Reiki (Level 2) Vortex Divine healing and Angel energy healing. She is also studying Tantra Yoga (NonDual Shaiva Tantra and Shri Vidya) under renowned teachers. With more than two decades of experience, Tanuka calls herself a muse who inspires and energizes others to find their divine soul.

Price: From INR 55,000/- per person in a twin sharing room. 5% GST extra.

Includes: Accommodation for 5 nights, full-board vegetarian Ayurveda meals, daily yoga and meditation sessions, daily Ayurveda therapy, daily Sadhana, doctor’s consultation, local village visit, airport transfers.

Excludes: Airfare, any meals and activities not mentioned in the itinerary.

We have limited availability for this retreat. Call us on +91-33-4052-5777 to book your spot.


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