Imagine white powder sand beaches, clear blue luminous water, and turquoise lagoons, out- of-the world diving and snorkelling experiences, dazzling coral walls and caves, and a fascinating underwater life! No, it’s not a slice of paradise that we’re offering here but something quite close to that. Our most popular beach destination, Maldives is perfect location for honeymoons, and for those who are interested in marine life. This is the place to discover pristine tropical islands with swaying palm trees and pure white beaches surrounded by crystalline lagoons in various shades of blue.

There is a lot to do in this archipelago of 1,190 low-lying coral islands. A speedboat or a seaplane will takeyou in style to the resort of your choice. If you’re not PADI certified, don’t worry, our chosen resorts offer PADI courses that will give you enough confidence to plunge underwater and discover an amazing range of bright tropical fish, turtles, friendly sharks, and even the world’s largest fish, the whale shark! There are also a whole lot of cruises and safaris you can go on and if you are looking for a bit of adventure, try para sailing.

Maldives has world-class spa and wellness services, so if you have relaxation and wellness in mind, this holiday can be further customised for you. The wellness and rejuvenation packages at our chosen resorts can free you from all stress. Coupled with this is a fresh selection of Maldivian cuisine based on coconuts, fish and starches and you have something to write home about. Try the diced fresh tuna (Mas Riha), chicken curry (Kukulhu Riha), and eggplant (Bashi).

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