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Winter Getaways

Posted on By Blog Admin

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt…”― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

For me, winters are a time to say goodbye to work, put my feet upand experience magical journeys around the world. There is always something special about winter, you dream of snow, you want to snuggle under your favourite quilt with your jammies on and think of skiing on the Alps, of sitting by the campfire with Marshmallow  S’mores Kits, enjoying the nip in the air as you watch life go by.

Here are five of our top picks, that will make you relive your dreams for the rest of winter:

Salzburg, Austria

Though the French or the Swiss Alps take away the limelight in being the most sought after destination for winter , The Austrian Alps  are a must do if you are  in the fairytale town of Salzburg. Christmas may well be over but it will  still give you an opportunity to enjoy sleigh rides and skiing on the tranquil slopes all without pinching that pocket very much, Also the picturesque villages with snow-capped roofs basking under a sparkling blue sky and bright sunlight will give you the ultimate winter experience.

Winter Getaways

Oslo, Norway

For experiencing a breathtakingly beautiful white winter, Oslo is the perfect place in Norway to fly to. Take a train to any of the ski resorts nearby for your dose of some fun in the snow.

Winter Getaways

A word of caution – If you’re not the one to brave for frozen nose tips and numb fingertips then  stay under the radar as Scandinavian winters can be extremely rough, especially for people not used to that kind of extremities.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal promises an awesome winter destination for  its guests, with city lights twinkling from behind layers and layers of frosty white snow, colorful winter festive decorations, and a huge array of winter festivities and food. Come winter, and this Canadian city morphs into a magical land by the touch of the fairy godmother’s wand.

Winter Getaways

St Petersburg, Russia

If you’re the travel junkie with a penchant for sub zero temperatures , dare to brave the infamous Russian winter,  and make St Petersburg your destination. The history in the charming Winter Palace, the festivities at St. Petersburg square, the Russian Vodka to keep your spirits warm, the winter  festivities for the whole month of January truly celebrates the essence of a winter holiday like nowhere else.

Winter Getaways

 Lapland, Finland

Christmas my have just passed but anytime is a good time to meet  the jolly old man in red? Yes, you have to go to north of Arctic Circle, in Lapland, where Santa Clause has his office. You will be treated with a huge framed photograph of yourself with Santa, signed by him. How much more real can it get?

Winter Getaways

So just follow your dreams and set out to capture a cherished snow-laden memory of a dreamy winter holiday this year.