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Seven Ways To Survive A Vacation With Kids

Posted on By Blog Admin

Seven Ways To Survive A Vacation With Kids
Looking for some serious family time? Do you smile in merry anticipation or shudder the thought of travelling with your kids? Yes, it’s true that vacations bring excitement and anticipation, but it cannot be denied that extra caution is necessary in planning a holiday with children in tow.
To help enjoy your family time, and avoid being unnecessarily stressed out by unforeseen eventspopping up, here are the top seven tips to help you not only survive your vacation with kids, but also create memorable moments.

Seven Ways To Survive A Vacation With Kids
Tip 1: Avoid long flights and the busy holiday season; know your itinerary
The two most important things to avoid while planning a vacation with kids are: long flights that can make your kids cranky or bored, and busy seasons which would cost more and inconvenience you with heavy road or air traffic.
With kids around, set aside those carefree instant vacation plans where the time and the destination takes their own adventurous course. Make sure you have all the required information under your sleeves –tickets, travel and medical insurance, car and hotel booking details, route maps. Download the travel-friendly apps to help you know your flight status, or tune in your GPS for gas stations and refreshment details en route.

Tip 2: Be a smart traveller

Minimalism beats clutter. Leave out every bit of luggage you’re unsure about. You can always buy what you need later. Include essential medicines and easy-to-wash clothes and shoes. Give more attention to your kids’ clothes as they tend to get soiled at light-year speed. Remember that you do not need to get weighed down by heavy luggage with kids in tow.

Seven Ways To Survive A Vacation With Kids
The key to peaceful travelling is keeping your kids busy. An idle kid can drive you, and your fellow travelers, mad in no time. Pack painting materials, entertainment gadgets, or tablets for the kids with music, game apps, fun activities, and movies downloaded, which will be handy even in areas that do not have WiFi.

Kids would generally not stop at anything if they are genuinely hungry or if they feel like being hungry, so pack their snack. This is particularly vital in hotel rooms, or elseyou’ll end up flushing out money in a jiffy on unnecessarily expensive items offered attractively in the minibar.

Tip 5:Opt for child-friendly destinations
Seven Ways To Survive A Vacation With Kids
Choose your destination wisely so that there are enough activities for the child to enjoy. It always helps if there are theme parks, museums, zoo gardens, toy train rides or malls with tot lots in the city you are travelling to.

I agree this is not an option always, but try to look for a hotel within your budget that will have something to keep your kid engaged, such as kiddie pools, outdoor games, or caregivers for infants. This will not only keep them off your hands for some time but also exhaust their pent-up energy and help them rest peacefully at night.

Tip 7: Enjoy the Me Time
After the kids go to sleep, you can enjoy “Me/Us” times by reading books, watching movies together on Netflix (with the headphones of course), or just hanging out in the balcony sipping some wine and having an adult conversation.
Seven Ways To Survive A Vacation With Kids

Though traveling with young children can be a never-ending family drama, these survival tips are meant to help fight the odds and create cherishing memories with your kids.
Just as there would be instances of things suddenly going wrong, such as tired kids having a meltdown or even one of them choosing to fall sick,holidays with your children provide great opportunities for bonding and the memories will be treasured over a lifetime.