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Tailor-made Netherlands Tour Packages from India 2021

Situated in Western Europe, Netherlands offers more than just clean air and energy efficiency benchmarks. Lined with charming villages, visually-stunning tulip fields, and aesthetically pleasing windmills, the Netherlands is a dream destination for travelers around the world.

Once here, you can explore the four-hundred-year-old streets of the capital city of Amsterdam and its canals, or visit one of the museums that immortalized the courage and valor of Anne Frank or the art by Vincent Van Gogh for the art lovers.

Plan your next vacation to the Netherlands with Flying Squirrel Holidays‘ tailor-made Netherland tour packages from India in 2021!



It’s not every day that you would get the opportunity to explore a country on a bike and not be worried about the traffic. The Netherlands is kind to its bikers and encourages this environment-friendly transport option. One can explore the Netherlands in its entirety on a bike or train as the cities are positioned close to one another as well as the dense nature of architecture. From vast tulip fields, museums, gardens, cafeterias, cheese shops to beaches, there is so much to enjoy here.

Besides biking around, much of the beauty of the Netherlands can be experienced by walking. You can hike through the Netherlands National park and birdwatch or visit the Garden of Europe for the elegant display of flowers. Considered to be a Unesco world heritage site, the Kinderdijk windmills would be a sight to behold as well, consisting of 19 windmills grouped.

You can visit cheese factories as well and sample out various kinds of cheese. And for those of you who are lactose intolerant, there’s “patat” which is the Dutch mouth-watering equivalent of French fries.

If you are traveling with children, then make sure to visit the amusement parks and miniature cities. One of the prime attractions of this country is the De Efteling, an amusement park based on fantasies of travel and adventure or even fairies. This is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.

When it comes to miniature cities, there’s Madurodam, which is an interactive park that’s fun for all ages. The city is not just any city but contains landmark history of the country and well-known buildings.

These are but some of the tempting attractions in the Netherlands, most of which can be included in a tailor-made Netherlands holiday package customised by the Flying Squirrel Holidays.




Dubbed often as the Venice of North, Amsterdam is dotted with canals crisscrossing the city. They say that the best way to explore the city is via a boat or a cycle, both of which have the option of a tour with a guide. Three main canals run through the city, Herengracht or the Gentleman's canal, Keizersgracht or the Emperor’s canal, and the Prinsengracht or the Prince’s canal. It takes around 75 minutes at most to explore the city via the canal route.

Aside from the beautiful canal rides, Amsterdam is home to two renowned museums, valor immortalized in time, the house of Anne Frank with the annex, converted into the Anne Frank Museum in the 1960s, and the Van Gogh Museum, housing perhaps one of the largest collections of Van Gogh’s paintings.


Rotterdam is the second biggest city and the “Architecture Capital” of the Netherlands. During WWII the city center had been turned into rubble, being the prime target for the German bombs, but it has risen from the ashes to now celebrate the best in art and architecture. Here you will find world-famous Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas’ De Rotterdam (The Rotterdam), the three-linked towers on the Rotterdam waterfront, the famous Rotterdam Cube Houses, a quirky architectural gem, the Kunsthal or the Art Hall, designed by the famous Koolhas that hosts temporary exhibitions displaying artworks and installations. Besides architecture, Rotterdam has a thriving nightlife and shopping centers, and great food culture. The perfect place to visit for some mouth-watering food and architecture would be the Market hall. With a horseshoe-like appearance of the roof and the various colors sewn across the tiles, one can easily spend hours altogether in this spot.


This is an interactive city in the Scheveningen district of The Hague in the Netherlands. This is the perfect place to discover all that makes Holland so unique – this includes the canal houses, flower-bulb fields, windmills, and cheese markets. The best thing about the city is that it is so interactive that you can try your hand here at loading containers on a cargo ship at the Port of Rotterdam, let an airplane take off from Schipol Airport, or buy a bunch of flowers from the flower markets. Visitors get a smartphone specifically for exploring the miniature city along with maps/guides. All the revenue that the city gets is donated to children in need. The park is open throughout the year usually at 09:00 am inwards.

Things to Do

Take a boat ride in the Venice of North and take in beautiful sights of Amsterdam

Bike to the museums of Van Gogh and Anne Frank

Visit the market hall to get a taste of exquisite local food as well as glimpses of the beautiful architecture

Visit the market hall to get a taste of exquisite local food as well as glimpses of the beautiful architecture

Visit the 15th-century church in Rotterdam to get a view at some of the old Gothic monolith like structures.

Explore the Netherlands National Park and bike through the scenic routes for some excellent photoshoot opportunities and epiphanies.

Visit the Efteling amusement park with your family

Visit the local cheese or chocolate making factory and take a few goodies back home with you.

Visit the Lindt factory


Netherlands National park

Covering over 55 square kilometers, this is among the largest national parks in the country. An enclosed and privately owned park, it is safe for people to ride a bike or hike through predetermined routes. Animals ranging from a rare type of sheep called mouflon to deer can be seen grazing the park alongside different kinds of birds.

For a park that spans over 55 square kilometers, it has quite a bit of range to it, from a rich dense forest area to dunes and lakes even. The park is tourist-friendly to the point that there are viewing stations available at multiple points along with a guide-map provided at the entrance.

For those that are not fond of biking or long walks, there is a cafe in the park to take a breather and have a good cup of tea. Bikes are given free-of-cost at the time of admission into the park, with special seater bikes for families with kids.

Apart from the wildlife that it boasts, the park is also home to Kroller-Muller Museum, an art gallery that contains 4,275 art pieces comprising drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Several were created by the likes of masters such as Van Gogh, Picasso, and Manet.

To fully grasp what you’re in for with the park, be sure to drop by the visitor center. It provides information on how to explore the area. In case you’re coming with kids, there’s a little something for them as well, ranging from special films to playgrounds.

Side note: There’s a zoo nearby called the Royal Burger’s zoo which houses more than 2,000 animals.

Kinderdijk Windmills

Being an hour away from Amsterdam one can choose to travel by car quite easily. But you can choose to cycle in if you’re coming in from Rotterdam, this way ensures you can take in the sights on the way which is renowned to be picturesque. If a cycle or car isn’t what you’re looking for, you can always access Kinderdijk by water, using a waterbus. Looking like something straight out of a windows wallpaper, the windmills against the backdrop of the scenic landscape is something to look out for.

Part of the UNESCO world heritage site, Kinderdijk consists of a total of 19 windmills which were built during the 18th century to fend off the chances of a flood and for better water management. You can observe how the Dutch have mastered the way of utilizing water and managing it here as well. You can learn more about this at the three museums present in the area, Museummolens which explains the operations behind the windmills on multi-screens.

Garden of Europe

Subject to many Bollywood films over the years, Garden of Europe has the largest collection of flowers in the world, boasting a count of over seven million flower bulbs over 79 acres of land. Considered to be a photographer’s paradise, this is an essential part of a Netherlands tour package, representing the city of Amsterdam.

The garden as we know it today was officially opened during the 1940s. It is usually open for a few weeks a year, from March till May. Restaurants serving a multitude of Dutch cuisines are available in the area, serving waffles to smoked sausage. WIFI is freely available in the garden, and so are ample spots to relax at.

De Efteling

A theme park based on four themes of fantasy, this is a must-visit. Fun for an individual or even for the whole family, the park has a lot to offer. One of the oldest and biggest theme parks, it has an assortment of roller coasters plus rides that would be enough to keep you entertained for a few days.

You can explore the park in multiple ways and it's not just restricted to walking. You can explore it on a boat or even a train. Explore the adventure realms that contain haunted houses to roller coasters or take a walk through the fairy forest. If you feel like you've run out of energy to explore, rest in one of the many restaurants in the park. You can also stay at one of the hotels nearby that are very much in tune with the theme of the park.

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    Day 1:

    Welcome to Amsterdam! Our assigned guide will be there at the Amsterdam airport to welcome you. You will be taken to your hotel to check-in and relax for the afternoon. Taste the local fare and get ready for a private sightseeing tour of the canals Amsterdam for the afternoon and evening. You will be taken to one of the local cafes to have a nice warm cup of hot chocolate or tea to freshen up a little after which you will be dropped back off at the resort.

    Day two:

    Bike tour to the museums Grab a non-disposable bottle of water and a tiny towel. You will be given a rental bike to use along with the guide, you can opt for the non-bike option as well. The museums of Anne Frank and Van Gogh are quite close to each other and after a great day of exploring art and history, you can stop at a café for a drink.

    Day 3:

    Visit the Kinderdijk windmills You will be taken to Kinderdijk on a train which should take about an hour and 50 minutes to reach. You will love the sights of the Dutch countryside. Once at Kinderdijk, take a tour of the museum there as well as the windmills themselves. Take a break and visit the bakery nearby which specializes in Dutch waffles and smoked sausages. Once the tour is done with, you will be taken back to the resort to unwind and explore the main city out of your own accord or with the guide.

    Day 4:

    Visit the miniature city of Madurodam and have fun at the amusement park Take an hour or two to explore the city of Madurodam. Interact and learn about the local history as well as some of the major landmarks of the Netherlands here.

    Day 5

    Visit Keukenhof, the Garden of Europe in Lisse. This is the worlds largest flower garden. This popular attraction features more than 7 million flower bulbs, which are planted in the garden each year over 32 hectares of land. Take in the beautiful sights of rows of tulip fields and even other flowers depending upon the season you visit. You will be taken to Rotterdam after this where you can explore the gothic churches as well as the market hall. Famous structures such as the cubic houses and the likes can be observed as well.

    Day 6

    Explore Amsterdam You have this day to explore the city of Amsterdam as you wish. Do some shopping and just walk around.

    Day 7

    Say goodbye to the Netherlands Bid adieu to your guide. You will be taken back to Amsterdam airport with a bag of goodies and hopefully a bunch of good memories as well.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    Cost of a trip depends on the places you visit, the duration of your visit and whether you are travelling in groups or individually. It also depends on the class of travel and accommodation and the months of the year you chose to fly. We, at Flying Squirrel Holidays, through years of experience of our professionals, are able to strike best deals for you. We have a number of tour packages that we can customise for you.


    How can I go to the Netherlands from India?

    There are flights available from all the major airports of India. Indians would need a Schengen visa and a valid passport to be permitted entry to the country.

    What is the Netherlands famous for?

    The Netherlands is famous for several things: cheese, chocolates, wooden shoes, and windmills.

    What is Netherlands' famous food?

    The Netherlands is famous for the Dutch Stroopwafel (waffle/pastry), Kroket (deep-fried meat roll), Kaas (Cheese), Patat (Dutch version of French fries), and of course the world-famous Lindt chocolate.

    Do Indians need a visa for the Netherlands?

    As mentioned above, Indians would require a Schengen visa to gain entry into the Netherlands or any European country in the Schengen area.

    With clean energy, windmills, vast tulip fields, and art and architecture, the Netherlands is a traveler’s delight. Make lasting memories with the Netherlands tour packages curated by the Flying Squirrel Holidays group.

    Here at Flying Squirrel Holidays, we provide you with packages that are curated to fit your needs. Check out exciting offers on European tour packages and get the best deals!

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