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Kenya Tour Packages | Kenya Wildlife Safari

Kenya is a land of abundantly rich wildlife, and offers an equally rich culture and adventure experience. So, for your next holiday destination, think no further! Explore Flying Squirrel Holidays’s African Safari packages from India and customise your very own Kenya tour packages from India



Kenya is situated on the equator in East-Central Africa , with the Indian ocean in South east. A number of other African countries such as Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan border the country. Commonly spoken languages in the country are Swahili and English. However, there are numerous other indigenous languages which is proof of the rich cultural heritage of the country. Kenya’s ethnic diversity depicts the true richness of its ancient country.

Kenya is known for its National Parks and Wildlife Reserves and Sanctuaries. The Masai Mara Game Reserve is one of the most famous National Parks where you get to experience the great wildebeest migration happening throughout the dry season from July to October. Besides this, the Amboseli National Park and Tsavo National Park also provide great viewing experiences. For a pink Flamingo site, Lake Nakuru is the best place to be.

If wildlife doesn’t fascinate you, Kenya has a wide coastal region filled with opportunities for marine adventure sports. Malindi Marine Park is a true spectacle for those that want to have a great scuba diving experience. Mombasa, Malindi, Watamu and Lamu are all places to visit to fulfil your perfect sea excursions.

Kenya’s Lamu Island provides a contrast from fast-paced modern life to a truly relaxing laidback feel. Walking in the Lamu Old town or sailing in the traditional Dhow might be the most refreshing experience of one’s visit to Kenya.

For mountain climbers, Mount Kenya is Africa’s second-highest peak, crowned with snow and surrounded by fascinating forests, wildlife and mountain vegetation. Another climbing spot is the Fischer’s Tower in Hell’s Gate National Park.

Kenya’s Masai market located at the heart of Nairobi is the hub for souvenirs, and artefacts. The market is filled with colourful paintings, beautiful Batik wall hangings, textiles, beaded necklaces, fabrics, all representing the Kenyan traditional art and culture.

In Kenya try the Ugali (cornmeal starch eaten with fried veggies or meat stew) teamed with Sukuma Wiki(collard greens fried in oil and other veggies). Maharagwe is another popular Kenyan dish made of kidney beans in coconut curry soup.

Kenya is a perfect holiday enjoyed by families with kids, couples as well as solo travellers.




The bustling capital of Kenya has sky-rise buildings and modern architectural structures. The city houses the Nairobi National Park, a rich wildlife haven and a sanctuary for animals such as the rhino, zebra, lion and herds of antelope.

Around the park are other popular visiting sites such as Giraffe Centre and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where one can enjoy lovable rehabilitated elephants, giraffes and rhinos. For cultural and educational insights, National Museum in Nairobi and Karen Blixen Museum are the best places to be.


Located on the East African coast, Mombasa is the coastal capital of Kenya, and the largest port city and is home to a number of beaches. It is a prime one-stop location for both adventure and relaxation.

Enjoy the coastal area which provides amazing water activities such as kitesurfing, scuba diving and you can shop around in the souvenir shops in Mombasa bazaar in Old Dhow Harbor and exquisite seaside restaurants. Popular attractions involve Fort Jesus Museum and Haller Park.

Lamu Island/ Lamu Old town Road

A visit to Lamu island is an escape from the fast -paced world. Life at Lamu is spent strolling around the waterfront, where life is slow and relaxing. One can visit Lamu island by docking the cruise ship at Lamu, and explore Lamu Old Town Road which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001. Lamu is a historic land of Swahili settlements which makes Lamu’s cultural history richer. Lamu Fort, Lamu Museum, Takwa Ruins are some of the popular places to visit here.


Go Trekking in the majestic Mount Kenya, the second-highest peak in Africa. For a beginner, the third-highest peak Pint Lenana is popular with spectacular views and easy climbing.

Watching the wildebeest on Horseback and Camel Safaris

Dhow trips are comparatively inexpensive and brings you closer to places like Manda Island and the Takwa Ruins.

In Mombasa enjoy white water rafting

Bike around Hell’s Gate National Park and enjoy the challenging rocky trails while you enjoy the stunning landscape like never before.

Go Kitesurfing in Malindi Beach on the north coast or Diani Beach near Mombasa and let strong winds give you the ultimate flying and surfing experience

Immerse in the oceanic wildlife and watch the life underwater by Scuba Diving on the coastal beaches of Mombasa and Malindi. Both experienced divers and beginners can enjoy the fantastic diving and enjoy the colourful fishes, coral reefs, and creatures up close.

Stay in Giraffe Manor and feed the super friendly giraffes that love to make new friends!

Go shopping in the streets of Nairobi and buy local handicrafts, a true retail therapy!


Masai Mara National Reserve

Masai Mara National Reserve is the jewel of safari experiences, with the wildebeest migration happening from July to October, which is also the best time to witness this incredible sight. February and March are ideal months to witness the big cats!

The migration involves over two million animals migrating from Serengeti National park in Tanzania to Masai Mara National Park in Kenya. This migration is a spectacular visual treat where different animals move across Serengeti in Tanzania and the plains of Mara in Kenya for survival.

The weak ones are left behind and become prey to hungry predators like the hyena, lions and even crocodiles. This migration is a true spectacle of the survival of the fittest! One has an excellent chance of seeing Zebras, Gazelles, Cheetah, Bat-eared Foxes, Impala etc. in their true habitat here!

Amboseli National Park

In the ‘Land of Giants’, you get breath-taking intimate views of the excessively magnificent elephants with massive tusks. Although, Mt Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania, you will be surprised to see its peak as an awesome backdrop to the park.

A true treat to the eyes. Your game drive will be definitely a fun-filled experience, and the best time to visit is from June to September as the dry season prevails during these months.

Hells Gate National Park

Unlike many national parks, Hells Gate is the ideal National Park for anyone who enjoys walking and wandering in nature’s pure land.

Visitors are very free to walk anywhere in the park. Hells Gate is also a delight for rock climbing and hiking lovers. Fischer’s Tower, a large volcanic mount is a popular climbing spot for visitors.

Hell’s Gate is named for the intense geothermal activity around the area. This is perfect for a day trip from Nairobi, and involves activities like mountain biking along with rock climbing and some relaxing natural spas and hot springs.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Home to around 56 varied species of mammals and nearly 450 bird species, one will be blown away by the beautiful ecosystem in the Lake Nakuru National park. It is a beautiful wildlife haven consisting of picturesque ridges.

The abundant algae in the alkaline lake attracts large numbers of Flamingos, which adds a perfect pink scenic view.

Nakuru Park also provides sanctuary to white and black rhinos. Visitors can enjoy bird watching, game drives and also a visit to Makalia waterfall, 24 kms from the park.

Fort Jesus Museum

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most visited spot in Mombasa. An eye-catcher for history lovers, this fort is located near the coastline of Old Town Mombasa and was built by the Portuguese near the end of the 16th century with the purpose of protecting the town from outside invaders as Mombasa was a popular trading spot.

The fort is inspired by the Italian architecture style and reflects the Renaissance period. The fort is a living preserve of a difficult past when the slaves under the Portuguese rules were tortured and perished.

At the museum, one can see the water cistern, a recent addition of butterfly exhibition and a Swahili Cultural Center.

Mount Kenya and Mount Kenya National Park

Kenya is not only home to wildlife reserves but one of its big attraction is Mount Kenya which is the second-highest peak in Africa and is now an extinct volcano.

Mount Kenya is a popular trekking attraction, which opens door to fascinating forests, mountain vegetation and wildlife. Climbers can enjoy three peaks of Batian (5199m), Nelion (5188m) and the lowest peak, that is, Lenana (4985m).

Surrounding the mountain is the forest reserve called Mount Kenya National Park which was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. It has rich wilderness including elephants, waterbuck, white-tailed mongoose, tree hyrax and Elands.

Malindi Beach

Malindi is widely popular due to its white sand and stunning contrast of blue water. Marine life and water sports are the major tourist attractions. Malindi is filled with craft shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Scuba diving and Snorkelling is popular to get a glimpse of the rich coral kingdoms and abundant fish species.

ShimbaGame Park

The only place in Kenya to see Sable Antelope is ShimbaGame Park. Tourists also love the birdlife in the forest. Sheldrick falls is another popular visiting site and be sure to be mesmerised by the herd of elephants in the park.

One can reach the park by road easily from Mombasa or Diani Beach and is surely a one-daymagnificent visit.

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    Flying Squirrel Holidays custom makes your Kenya Tour Itineraries as per your personal preferences as we believe ones travel should be planned specifically keeping the person in mind.

    For your reference, we are providing you a sample itinerary. Customise your own Kenya Tour Package by reaching out to Flying Squirrel Holidays!

    Day 1

    Land in Nairobi in the morning. Rest for a little while, freshen up, and then head straight to the Nairobi National Park. Visit David Sheldrick Elephant and Rhino Orphanage, which is right near the park, and see baby elephants being fed by giant milk bottles and learn about their rehabilitation.

    Next, explore the Giraffe Centre and get intimate with these friendly creatures. If in the mood for some historic educational exposure, head over to the Nairobi National Museum.

    Day 2

    Begin your day early and travel to Amboseli National Park by road from Nairobi. Amboseli National Park is a game park that one cannot miss. Get up close to giant elephants in their natural habitat, head back to your stay in Nairobi.

    Day 3

    Day 3 is your ultimate wild experience as you drive your way to Masai Mara Reserve where millions of wildebeest migrate between July and October. Here you will relax in your camp, enjoy the game drives, meet the locals and learn about local culture.

    Day 4

    After an early breakfast, get ready for a thrilling and dramatic visual treat as you witness the diverse wildlife on the plains.

    Day 5

    After a relaxing night, wake up, drive to Naivasha, and get in touch with the local way of living as you learn about village life. Head over to Lake Naivasha to witness Hippos and some bird watching. Stay in the lovely hotels of Naivasha.

    Day 6

    Day 6 is sure to blow you away as you visit Hell's Gate National park and go mountain climbing on Fischer's Tower and cycle and walk amidst the wild animals.This is the only national park in the world to allow this.

    Day 7

    Be sure to catch some Rhinos and Flamingos as you travel to Lake Nakura National Park.

    Day 8

    On your last day of Kenyan adventure, enjoy some shopping therapy in the capital city. Fly back home by the evening.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    Regular direct flights operate from Mumbai to Kenya. The cost of flights largely depends on how early you book the flight, the city you depart from, peak or off seasons, and the kind of airlines you are planning to book.

    Kenya has options of luxury lodges and resorts, which are established at the heart of the nature reserve, and provides a convenient and relaxing stay for tourists. There are multiple options for accommodation like high-end hotels or heritage buildings with historic architect turned into stay in accommodations. Nairobi and Mombasa have various traditional and modern options you can choose from.

    Flying Squirrel Holidays packages provide a custom-made Kenya Safari Packages or African Safari packages from India to fulfil all your adventure impulses!


    Is Kenya safe?

    Kenya is a safe country to visit for Safari. It is also home to one of the most developed tourism sectors in the entirety of Africa, however, personal precaution is necessary. Popular tourist attractions like Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Mount Kenya are observed as very safe places. Safaris are properly run and following your local guide’s instructions will lead to a smooth and safe travel experience.

    For solo travellers, Kenya is welcoming and provides ample adventures. It is not advised for women to walk around alone at night and avoid empty beaches and spots.

    When is the best time to visit Kenya?

    Kenya’s dry season is from July to October, which is an ideal time to catch the great wildebeest migration in Masai Mara Reserve. For the marine lovers wanting to make the most of the coastal experience, one should avoid the mid-March to late May seasons as rainfall and temperature are at their peak.So go ahead and have the best time in magical Kenya.

    Kenya is famous for its Safari adventures. Located in East Africa, Kenya is a true paradise for wildlife lovers and adventure freaks who seek an adrenaline pump.

    The true natural beauty lies in the various National Parks and Wildlife reserves. A Visit to Kenya is an experience of a lifetime – enjoy the beauty of flamingos in the lakes, the love of an elephant mom bathing her child, fierce crocodiles waiting for their next prey or a pride of lions with their cubs. This African country offers you a complete exciting holiday experience.

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