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Kabini National Park Tour Packages

Kabini is known for its natural beauty, serenity, and exotic stays. The Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary will let you explore the forests on a safari, feed animals, stay in luxurious resorts, and taste delicious local dishes. It’s a blend of the enchanting sights and majestic wilderness that make it one of the most sought-after destinations of Karnataka and a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts.

Plan your next vacation to Kabini with Flying Squirrel Holidays’ handpicked Kabini national park tour packages!



Kabini once used to be a private hunting ground of the British and the Royal family of Mysore. Situated in the Mysore district, it is part of the NagarholeNational Park. There are different ways to explore the beauty of Kabini, from a jungle safari to a more relaxed boat safari, an elephant safari, andeventrekking in Nagarhole forest.

The sanctuary is spread over 55 acres and separated by the Kabani River. The wildlife sanctuary has steep, valleys, beautiful lakes, and streams and offers some priceless moments for wildlife photographers.Kabini’s backwaters are best explored on a boat and you can explore beautiful birds and animals here.

Kabini is blessed with a lot of flowering trees, and the Flame of Forest (Butea Monosperma) is the most spectacular one. It blossoms in January, as a symbol of the end of winter and the start ofsummer. The Flame of Forest is also an important source of nutrition forbirds and animals residing there.

In February, the Red Silk Cotton Tree and the Indian Coral tree flowers in the region, adds life to the leafless and lifeless forest. In March, the beautiful yellow flowers of the Indian Laburnum (Cassia fistula) make the aura mesmerizing with its heavenly smell.Kabini is also home to many animals like elephants, panther, deer, cheetah, crocodile, bison, monkeys, and around 250 species of birds.

Kabini National Park is rich in fauna and flora along with forest retreat, hills, waterfalls, small rivulets, and valleys. It offers various sightseeing options like Kabinijungle safaris, shopping, Kabini Dam, trekking, and boating for a wonderful experience.

Kabini can be an ideal short holiday destination for families and couples. Do carry your cameras and binoculars to capture the animals and the best views that nature has on offer.

Kabini Forest Reserve provides accommodation in luxurious properties like Sankadakatte Guest House, Water Woods, and The Kapila Bungalow with all modern amenities for your comfortable stay and also offers several activities and experiences.

There are also some resorts and lodges namely KAAV Safari Lodge, Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge, The SeraiKabini Waterfront Resort, Red Earth Resort, Kabini River Lodge, Waterwoods Lodge, The Bison, Kabini Lake View Resort, and The Peepal Tree which offer great interiors and fine dining experiences.

The restaurants in the resorts offer several cuisines like Indian, Continental, and Chinese. Local delicacies like Akki Roti, Idli, Sambar, Uppittu, Kesari Bath, BisiBele Bath, Vangi Bath, and traditional sweets like Chiroti and Mysore Pak should not be missed.



Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary

There are two best ways of discovering the Wildlife Sanctuary, by jeep safari and on a boat. The river Kabini has divided the Nagarhole National Park into two and the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is the smaller half of it. Due to the popularity of these safaris, we advise you to book in advance.

Nagarhole Wildlife tour

Nagarhole National Park lies between Mysore and Coorg districts. It is the 37th Tiger Reserve in Indiaandan ideal destination for travelers and wildlife lovers.

From the start, you will enjoy the company of the langurs hanging on branches above, a herd of deer that follows you around, or butterflies thatnever leave your companyor even a giant flying squirrel.

You can find the Bengal Tiger here, as well as thesloth bear, leopard, barking deer, wild dog, spotted deer, the hyena, sambar, wild boar, four-horned antelope, gaur, and elephant.

Other mammals include the common langur, otter, jungle cat, bonnet macaque, giant flying squirrel, civet cat, mongoose, porcupine, jackal, mouse-deer, hare, and pangolin.

Kabini Dam

Located in Mysore district, the Kabini Dam is built on River Kabini. The dense surroundings and the serene water flowing makes the location picturesque.

The reservoir serves as the perfect picnic spot for the local people. Immerse yourself in the enthralling nature and serene beauty of this beautiful marvel.


Discover the city of Bengaluru during your trip to Kabini, and treat yourself to the exotic charms of this city. An alternative suggestion is to explore Mysore and its royal palaces.

Other things to do in the Kabini Forest Reserve are:

Elephant Safari

Almost everyone dreams of an elephant safari once in their lives. Sitting atop this majestic animal, you will be in a vantage position to see the wonderful creatures of the forest, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari is the perfect way to mingle with the flora and fauna of the jungle. You can also take a nature walk and spend some enjoyable time here under the guidance of the experts.


Feast your eyes with the beautiful scenery and gorgeous views of the dense forests while boating down the Kabini River. You can also catch the sight of animals in their habitat while boating.


You can also go trekking in Kabini, it’s one of the off-beat things to do in Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, which will indeed leave you with a lifetime of wonderful memories. The trekking experience of our Kabini tour package is quite an interesting one. The path is covered with lush green forest and refreshing air.

It comprises attractive hills and mountains. One can likewise have an enchanting view of the Western Ghats from the trekking region. Tadaimol is the highest peak for trekking in Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary.

During the trek you will be guided by an expert, keeping all safety measures handy. A lot of protocols are followed that makes it safe even for the first-timers.


There are not many options to shop in Kabini, the handicrafts made by the tribal of the area is worthy of taking back home.


Kabini wildlife

A visit to Kabini wildlife sanctuary will allow you to rare sightings of theBlack Panther. Black Panthers are visible quite often here which attracts wildlife photographers.

Kabini provides shelter to Indian bison, porcupine, gaurs, hyenas, four-horned antelopes, and you can catch the sight of rare bird species like Malabar trogons, Malabar pied hornbills, crested hawk eagles, and white-backed vultures.

Best timings for safari

KabiniWildlife Sanctuary is known for its exotic flora and fauna. It is a paradise for wildlife photographers due to the sight of black panthers which is not very common in India.

It remains open the entire year, but the best time is between October and May, as the climate is pleasant. Do not travel to this place between June and August as the weather gets extremely dry during that time.

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    (Please note that this is just a SAMPLE itinerary. Our Kabini National Park Tour Packages Itinerary can be customised as per your preferences.)

    Day 1

    The nearest airport is Kempegowda International airport, Bengaluru. Upon arrival at Bengaluru Airport, you will be received by our guide who will accompany you to your hotel. On Day 1, you will stay in Bengaluru.

    After a tedious flight, you may like to have lunch and take some rest. In the evening, you can explore the posh and amazing city life of Bengaluru. If you are a party person, Bengaluru has a lot of things to make you happy.

    Visit some pubs in the evening and lighten yourself up before your trip to Kabini. You can also consider exploring the Lalbagh Gardens and some famous restaurants to give a nice kick to your taste buds.

    If you prefer to come by road, Mysore is the nearest railway station. Upon arrival at Mysore Station, you will be received by our guide who will accompany you to your hotel. You will be in Mysore on the first day. After lunch, visit the famous Mysore palace to catch the sight of the magnificent home of the Maharajas.

    One can have a spectacular view of the Chamundi hills from the Mysore Palace, which will make the tiresome journey worthwhile.

    Day 2

    On day 2 of your Kabini wildlife tour, you will start your journey to Kabini in the early hours after breakfast. Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is about 80 km from Mysore and 230 km from Bengaluru.

    If you are staying in Bengaluru, it would be a four-and-a-half-hour drive. Upon arrival at Kabini after a monotonous journey, you will check in to your resort, take some rest, and have lunch. In the afternoon you shall head towards the majestic jungle in the evening jeep safari.

    The jeep safari at the Nagarhole National Park lets you view a varied range of wild animals in their natural habitat including the big cats, bison, bears, deer, giant squirrels, and leopards. If your luck favors you, you might also have a sight of the famous black panthers.

    Day 3

    Your boat safari startsat 6:00 am. Sail on theKabiniand enjoy the scenic views and the changing hues of the sky. You will see the birds and animals that come near the banks to quench their thirst. The river banks are also a preying spot for the tigers and leopards.

    After the boat safari, you will head towards the next destination- the Irrupu Falls and Rameshwara Temple. The Irrupu falls is a 60-feet high waterfall and on its bank is Rameshwara temple -a popular tourist spot and pilgrimage site where you can seek blessings of the mighty Lord Shiva.

    The day ends with your way back to the resort wherein delicious dinner awaits.


    It is your last day at Kabini. In the morningvisit a local tribal village. Learn about the colorful and vivid culture of the tribes in South India or shop for local handicrafts to take back home from Kabini.Head towards the Kampegowda Airport and bid goodbye to beautiful Kabini.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    Kampegowda, Bengaluru is the nearest airport to Kabini. There are daily flights to Bengaluru from all over the country. The flight fares depend on the airlines you choose. How much in advance the tickets were booked, is another key point to be noted.

    If you want to travel by railway, then Mysore railway station is the closest to Kabini. There are many trains to Mysore from all over the country as it is a popular destination in Karnataka. The cost of train tickets will again depend on the coach you choose and the station you depart from.

    Your accommodation depends on the category of hotel or resort you wish to avail of. Typically, the five-star hotels and resorts are on a higher side. An additional cost for a jungle safari in Kabini will also incur.

    Flying Squirrel Holidays provides customised Kabini national park tour packages according to your budget and preferences. Enquire now!


    What is the best time to see wildlife in Kabini?

    If you are visiting Kabini to enjoy the wildlife, you should come between November and January.

    Why is Kabini famous?

    Kabini is famous for its wildlife safaris, nature walks and the flora and fauna.

    What is the distance of Kabini from Bangalore city?

    The distance of Kabini from Bangalore city is around 150 km. Bangalore has a good transportation facility.

    Traveling to Kabini? Check out Flying Squirrel Holidays' Kabini holiday packages or Safari tour packages! Check out our customised Kabini Tour Package today!

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