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Tailormade Hawaii Tour Packages from India

The Hawaiian Islands in the North Pacific should be on every nature lover’s bucket list. A holiday here promises you picture-postcard beaches straight out of a travel magazine, volcanic islands, a bustling capital Honolulu, thrilling activities, diverse marine life and the spirit of Aloha.

Flying Squirrel Holidays custom-makes your Hawaii Tour package from India that ensures you have the time of your life in this exotic destination. Whether you want to enjoy a family-friendly beach holiday in Hawaii or r you are looking for a romantic Hawaii honeymoon package, we make sure that your trip from India to Hawaii is perfectly suited to your requirements!

Let us first see what should be expected from a Hawaiian Island trip!


The Spirit of Aloha

The meaning of Aloha becomes clear soon after reaching this state. It is an all-inclusive term for hello, bye, love, compassion, kindness, mercy on the surface, but deeper down, it signifies the holding together of existence. The spirit of Aloha is everywhere – from the iconic, fun Aloha shirts, down to the law guiding government officials who are always ready to help. Be sure to soak up on the positivity and inclusivity of this idea while on a Hawaii Island trip!


The Hawaiian Islands are home to not only the most beautiful beaches but also the most diverse kinds of beaches in the world. There are as many gorgeous, calm beaches perfect for families as there are secluded, intimate ones favoured by couples. While some places offer unmatched diving spots, others afford surfing opportunities. Rocky beaches, white sand beaches, golden, red, black, green coloured beaches- Hawaiian Island trips will open a world of options for you!

While in this state, be sure to island-hop! Visit the Waikiki Beach for golden sands and surfing and the Kauai Beach for diving and snorkelling to explore corals. Ko Olina Beach is a favourite among families as the waters here are incredibly calm and shallow, and there is a Disney resort & spa nearby. Punaluu Beach is famous for its black sands while the Kaihalulu has a red beach.


The Islands of Hawaii are one of the few places where the ever-changing landscape of the planet can be seen. The volcanoes that forged these islands have also formed iconic vistas. The Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park allows visitors to come face to face with some of the world’s most active volcanoes — Kilauea and Mouna Loa. Hiking around these summits is popular, and seeing lava flow down into the sea is a thrilling experience. Hop on to a helicopter to catch an aerial view of the flowing lava, or come close to the island by riding a boat. Flying Squirrel Holidays makes sure you tour the national park the right way and get the most out of the time you spend here!


Owing to Hawaii’s unique location, the wildlife of the island is varied and distinctive. The Hawaiian Monk Seal is one of the only two native mammals on the island. However, their numbers are very rare and spotting them requires a lot of luck. The Green Sea Turtles are large, friendly turtles known as ‘Honu’ by the locals and are found in the shallow waters near the shores at Laniakea and North Shore Beaches. The national bird of the state — the Nene Bird — can be found on Kauai and the Big Island. Manta Rays, Spinner Dolphins and around 41 varieties of sharks also reside around the islands, and tours are organised to witness them. However, the most distinctive marine experience that the islands of Hawaii offer is whale watching — every year between the months of November and April, Humpback Whales migrate to their Hawaiian breeding grounds and there is no place better than this island to see these amazing creatures.


Hawaii’s demography is cosmopolitan — the different ethnicities that settled here have contributed their native cuisines to make the distinctive Hawaiian cuisine. While in Hawaii, one must try the staple of the island ‘Poi’ which is a thick paste made of the root vegetable Taro. Another local favourite is Laulau, a pork dish cooked in traditional Hawaiian ways and eaten with taro leaves. Hawaii’s Japanese community inspired the Poke, which is like the Japanese sashimi. Primarily made with tuna, there are a lot of options for the marinade — the variety made with soya sauce is the most loved. There are many restaurants in Hawaii on the USA’s West Coast with Indian food options. In our Hawaii Tour Packages from India, we make sure to include meals at famed and loved places to ensure you do not get too homesick!


The rugged landscape of the island makes Hawaii a favourite of hikers. The Kalalau Trail in Kauai is spread over five valleys and across seaside cliffs and is one of the most popular trails in the state. It offers stunning views of the Na Pali Coast. The Diamond Head Summit Trail in Oahu is on the edge of the Waikiki Coast and is strenuous and steep, and the challenge is loved by experienced hikers. The Koko Head Crater Trail in Oahu is great for nature lovers and bird watchers, and it offers stunning views of Honolulu. There are countless other trails, and they are well marked and explored by hikers all year round.

LGBTQ- Friendly

Hawaii is one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly places in the world and travelling here during Pride Month is an unforgettable experience. There are big parades and festivals in the Honolulu Pride, while the Kauai Pride is usually more intimate. Honolulu is the only place for the serious nightlife scene, and Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand, Bacchus Waikiki and Wang Chung’s are long-running establishments that are extremely well-loved. They host drag shows frequently and they must be checked out. Overall, there are regular LGBTQ+ events, including the Rainbow Film Festival and the SuperSyde Party.



Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

This national park, a great favourite with tourists, is also a sacred place. Home to two active volcanoes, the park offers chances to witness destruction and creation in nature. The park is also very popular with hikers owing to the miles of hiking trails. The Halemaumau Crater is considered to be the home of the Volcano Goddess Pele and is a sacred place. The park is also rich in biodiversity and an array of native species, including the Nene bird and the Hawaiian Petrel, the Hawaiian Hoary Bat, the Hawksbill Turtles, Green sea Turtles and Humpback Whales.

North Shore of Oahu

The area between West Oahu’s Kaena point and East Oahu’s Kahuku Point, the North Shore is famous for its great waves, making it a favourite of surfers. Sunset Beach and Waimea Beach are particularly known for being great for surfing. The historic town of Hale’iwa is another well-loved place in the region -- filled with art galleries, museums and scrumptious local food, it is a great place to spend laid back days.

Waikiki Beach

One of the most visited vacation destinations in the world, Waikiki is a gorgeous beach town filled with luxurious resorts, restaurants, shopping centres and colourful nightlife. The statue of Duke Kahanamoku, considered to be the father of modern surfing, stands in Waikiki too. Waikiki Beach is also good for taking surf and stand up paddle lessons. Other attractions include the Honolulu zoo and the Waikiki Aquarium.

Na Pali Coast Side

The Na Pali coast in Kauai is a gorgeous place. Accessible only through the water, it is slightly isolated. The coast can be explored on foot by hiking the Kalalau Trail, or by indulging in marine activities like sailing, cruising and snorkelling. Rich in culture and biodiversity, there is a lot to be explored on this beach.


The privately-owned island of Lana'i is breath-taking. There are a few luxury resorts and some camping opportunities. The Garden of the Gods, or the Keahiakawelo, has unbelievable vistas of rocks, boulders and the Pacific Ocean. The Puu Pehe Beach is liked by couples. It is a place for romantic outings with stunning backdrops. The island also has lavish golf courses, and the Hulupoe Bay offers snorkelling and diving opportunities.



Enjoy the varied and beautiful beaches of the island. Diving, snorkelling, surfing and island hopping cannot be missed.

Visit the active volcanoes.

Enjoy the countless hiking trails.

Soak in the heritage of Hawaii- visit the Bishop’s Museum, the Pearl Harbour and the Kona Coffee farms.

Enjoy the vivid nightlife in Honolulu.

Indulge in boutique shopping at the Ala Moana Centre.

Have a dream American Honeymoon at the island.


Road to Hana

A drive down Hana highway in Maui is one of the most loved activities in Hawaii. Be mesmerised by the gorgeous landscape and make stops at Paia Town for refreshments, Twin Falls for a small hike, the Garden of Eden Arboretum for its fauna and flora and at Wai’anapanapa State Park for its black beach. While in Hana Town, enjoy the art galleries, farmers’ market and the Hana Bay.

Haleakala National Park

Haleakala National Park, next to the dormant Mount Haleakala is a must-visit place! One of the best destinations on the Hawaiian Islands to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset, there are a lot of thrilling activities operated here. Hiking and camping are very popular here and travel guides explain Maui’s history and culture in detail!

Kona Coffee Farms

Hawaii prides itself on its coffee, and a tour on any of the numerous coffee farms in Kona should not be missed. Learn how coffee is processed and taste the many distinctive flavours and brews offered at these farms. The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is held annually in November and is great to soak in the unique coffee culture of the islands of Hawaii.

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbour

Pearl Harbour is the largest harbour in Hawaii and is named so owing to the exceptional amount of pearls that were once found in its water. The memorial is a must-see for everyone, especially history enthusiasts. It is a huge draw for tourists who want to see where WW II began for the United States. A guided tour will take one back in time.

Iao Valley State Park

Located in Central Maui, the park is home to one of the most recognisable sites of the state -- the Iao Needle. Ideal for hiking and sightseeing, the Needle is a natural rock formation with a covering of lush greenery. A site of historical importance, this is where King Kamehameha I defeated the Maui army, and this battle has made a deep mark on the state. The Hawaii Nature Centre is located in the park and is very popular among tourists.

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    Flying Squirrel Holidays specialises in building your dream beach holidays in Hawaii as per your requirements. Following are some sample itineraries of Hawaii tour packages from india. Please note that they are samples, and that we tailor make packages for our clients.

    Wholesome Hawaii: 6 Days, 5 Nights
    Hawaii Honeymoon Package: 7 Days, 8 Nights
    Adventure in Hawaii: 5 Days, 6 Nights

    Wholesome Hawaii (Sample Only)

    Day 1

    Arrive in Honolulu, Hawaii. Beat the jet lag by spending a lazy day at the Waikiki beach.

    Day 2

    After breakfast, leave for Pearl Harbour to visit the Arizona Memorial. By the afternoon, tour Honolulus historic district and visit the Iolani Palace, the only royal palace in America.

    Day 3

    Fly to Kauai. Spend the day exploring Kauai. Visit the Napali Coast and the Waimea Canyon.

    Day 4

    Fly to Maui. After lunch, start for Iao Valley, and spend the evening on the Kaanapali beaches.

    Day 5

    After an early breakfast, embark on a picturesque drive on the road to Hana. Spend the last evening enjoying a luxurious dinner at the hotel.

    Day 6

    Transfer to the Maui Airport.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    The cost depends on factors like the flights that you choose, the types of accommodation you choose, the total number of days you want to spend there, and the restaurants you want to dine in. We at Flying Squirrel Holidays can customize the best package for you. Enquire now!


    How can I go from India to Hawaii?

    There are no direct flights from India to Hawaii, so stops have to be made. Delta Airlines and Lufthansa are the most used flights on this route.

    How long is a flight from India to Hawaii?

    The duration of the flight from India to Hawaii depends on the number of layovers, the operator, the place of layover etc. The quickest flight takes around 17 hours.

    Is Hawaii expensive to visit?

    Yes, Hawaii is one of the most expensive American states to visit.

    What is the cheapest time to visit Hawaii?

    The cheapest time to visit Hawaii depends on various factors -- the time of booking your tickets, the peak season, the level of luxury, etc. Flights are the cheapest in January and February, but hotels are the cheapest between September and mid-December. Contact Flying Squirrel Holidays to tailor-make your Hawaii Tour Package from India to suit your budget.

    A visit to the islands of Hawaii is a must for every traveller. The island state offers an extremely unique range of experiences. Beach holiday in Hawaii can be exhilarating, leisurely and definitely picturesque. To spend your dream honeymoon on this island, contact us to personalise your Hawaii Honeymoon Package. The numerous trails, diverse wildlife, historical and cultural monuments, gastronomical delights, glitz and glamour of urban America- enjoy all that you can think of with our carefully planned Hawaii Tour Packages from India.

    Flying Squirrel Holidays has exciting offers on Hawaii tour packages from India!

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