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Greece- Why It Needs To Be In Your Bucket List

Posted on By Blog Admin

Greece, a land of ever sunshine, of democracy and of rich history, has been the travel destination for many tourists. Greece offers a wide variety of things to its visitors, from vibrant nightlife, to tranquil beaches, from scenic islands to historical places, will give you more than enough reasons to book your Greece tour package from Kolkata.

The Awesome Weather

Greece experiences a 9 month long summer, making the weather perfect for tourists to visit throughout the year.

The Golden Beaches

Greek beaches ranks in among the best beaches in Europe and it boasts of various types of beaches for every mood. While some boasts of fine shimmery golden sand, others are covered with small pebbles and sea-shells. Some have crystal blue water, while others have turquoise. Thus it is best advised to visit as many islands as possible to enjoy the bouquet.

The Landscape Diversity

Greece has to offer everything, from the rugged mountains to olive groves, from tranquil lagoons to bustling cities, making it a dream come true for every artist.

The Picture Perfect Islands

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The islands of Thessos, Milos, Cyclades, Lipsi and many such will offer you a postcard shot view of the place, with beautiful whitewashed houses with azure blue sea at the backdrop. Be it, a romantic holiday or a solo trip, they will make you feel like you are living in a dream.

Athens: The Shrine of Democracy

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The city itself is a big reason to visit Greece. A trip to Greece can never be complete, without a visit to Acropolis Museum and the Parthenon. The salient feature of the museum is, the flooring is made up of clear plexiglass offering a clear view of the active excavation.

The Rich History

Greek history is ancient and there are so many artifacts and edifices that have survived thousands of years of war, turmoil, and the test of time. The ruins of Acropolis, the site of Delphi or the theatre of Epidaurus is bound to add a big smile on your face, if you love your history.

Amazing Array of Food

Greek food especially salads and sea foods are some of the must-haves when you are in Greece. Greek desserts like ‘pasta’, iced frappe along with wine is sure to blow your mind.

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We are sure you do not need any more reasons? So just pack your bags and check for the best tour packages of Greece!