The islands of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean are a warm cluster of perfect paradise just below the Equator. We won’t advise you to simply laze around here because there are many exciting things to do here. Seychelles tourism offers diving all the year round with visibility up to a staggering 30 metres in April to May and October to November! Then there are the breathtaking beaches – some of them sandy, granitic and mountainous while others are flat, coralline and low-lying, just few feet above the sea. Seychelles also has lush tropical vegetation and exquisite marine life. The capital, Victoria, is situated on the island of Mahé.

At Mahe Island, don’t miss the Seychelles Natural History Museum, the Botanical Gardens, Codevar Craft Centre in Victoria and many unique plants like the Jellyfish Tree. Do go for a shallow-water expedition at the St. Anne Marine Park, where you will find stingrays, soldier fish, crayfish, octopus and the snapper. La Digue is a colourful mix of the blues and the greens, with breathtaking beaches – especially the Grand Anse that has wild waves, white sand, flowing palm trees, and pink boulders! You’d love to drive in bikes or ox carts here! You could also hire a bike and explore around. What would also be interesting is a visit to Praslin in a ferry with wonderful beaches, intimate hotels and resorts, rare birds like Seychelles bulbul and black parrot. Visit Vallée de Mai, the UNESCO World Heritage site where you will find the wondrous Coco-de-Mer (“nut of the sea”), a nut from native ancient palms.

The Creole cuisine in Seychelles is an influence of the islands’ rich culture and is mostly varied seafood, coconut bases, curries and fish

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