Tailormade Myanmar Trip

Indians are intrepid travellers. We love the thought of exploring new places, the smell of new earth. Here, we’ll talk about a tailormade holiday to Myanmar which is just across the borders of India. A land of cultural beauty and lush green terrain, Myanmaralso boasts of stunning monuments from the ancient ages.

Before you plan your Myanmar travel it would do you a world of good to know about its socio-cultural past. The earliest inhabitants of this country were of Tibeto-Burmese origin.  The Burmese culture started to develop and take shape with the Pagan kingdoms in the 1050s. You can be a witness to the pagodas built during those times in Bagan, Myanmar.  Myanmar remained a British colony and gained independence only in 1948. Due to the prolonged period of colonization, British influence is still seen in the field of education. 

Why Travel to Myanmar?

There are plenty of answers as to why you need a Myanmar trip once in your life:

  • Rich Cultural Tradition
  • Lip Smacking Food
  • Scintillating Natural Beauty
  • Adventure Trips
  • Affordable Travelling
  • Friendly Locals


How to Reach Myanmar?

Flights are availablefrom Kolkata, New Delhi and Chennai on a daily basis. The approximate time to reach Yangon from Kolkata is a little more than 2 hours.

Air India and Indigo both flies to Yangon.

How do you apply for Visa to Myanmar?

Now you can apply online for a visa to Myanmar.

  • To apply for a visa application online, go to the homepage page of Myanmar's e-visa.
  • Your passport needs to have a validity of at least 6 months.
  • You will be required to provide one coloured photograph 4.8 x 3.8 cm (the photo must be captured within 3 months of your visa application.
  • Make a payment for your Visa application with your credit card.
  • Processing is normally completed within 3 days from the receipt of application.
  • You need to start with your Myanmar trip within 90 days of receiving your e-visa. Otherwise, you need to reapply after the visa expires.
  • You can stay in Burma for 28 days after your entry.


Best Times for Myanmar Travel:

The best time for a Myanmar trip is from November to March. End of March onwards, the weather starts getting hotter. The rainy season is also best avoided because the torrential downpour could spoil your outdoors plans. Since Myanmar has a tropical climate overall, the best time for travelling would be the cooler winters. 

Places to Visit in tailor-made Myanmar Tour Packages:

1. Mandalay City

Earlier popular as the royal capital of Northern Myanmar on the bank of river Irrawaddy, Mandalay is a city beautiful. A climb to the top of Mandalay hill would gift you an unforgettable view of this pagoda city. The pristine white Kuthodaw pagoda preserves the largest book in the world. With cool breezy weather, tree-lined avenues and locals greeting you with a warm smile, you would love to go back to this city again.

Top Places to visit in Mandalay:

  • Sandamuni Pagoda- Take a look at the largest iron Buddha built with over 41000 pounds of iron.
  • U Bein Bridge- Enjoy the scenic view from the world's longest bridge and capture your moments.
  • Mandalay Palace- This glass palace, destroyed in World War ii has been restored now. Climb atop a tower to view the moat below.
  • Kuthodaw Pagoda- Just close to the Sandamuni Pagoda, you will find this structurally similar monument, home to the world's largest book. This is a stone book with 729 pages, each containing a stupa.
  • Shwenandaw Palace-This Burmese teak wood monument, with elaborate wood carving, depicts Buddhist mythological stories.
  • Mandalay Hill:10 mins from the main city, Mandalay Hill offers you a picturesque bird's eye view of the entire city. Climbing up through a long staircase, you will reach the top in about 40 minutes. 1000 Kyat is the charge for camera here.
  • Yadanabon Zoological Gardens-Visit and watch out for various species of turtles.
  • Ava and Amrapura- Plan a day trip to the ancient cities of Ava and Amrapura.


2. Yangon

The modern name for yesteryear Rangoon, Yangon is the largest city of Myanmar. The city has turned into a blend of British colonial structures, Buddhist stupas, pagodas as well as skyscrapers.From Shwedagon to Boatataung, the pagoda complex have been preserved over the years with great care for the world to see.

Top Places to visit in Yangon:

  • Boatataung Pagoda- This pagoda is famous for it's gilded stupas. Boatataung Pagoda supposedly contains the relics of Lord Buddha. Walking from Strand Road takes only 7 minutes by car.
  • Kandawgi Lake - The Kandwagi Lake is a sprawling 150-acre colonial structure. There are special pathways for exercise and jogging. You can just laze around or sample wonderful cuisines at thelocal restaurants.
  • Shwedagon Temple- History says that the Shwedagon temple pagoda is 2600 years old, making it the world's oldest Buddhist stupa. This pagoda is believed to contain the relics of four previous Buddhas and hence considered as an extremely holy site.
  • Mahabandula Park- Spend some quality time at the lush green Mahabandula park. The water fountains add serenity to the place while you enjoy this view with some lip-smacking street food from the vendors.
  • Aung Sung Market Take a 20-minute walk from the Mahabandula park to do some shopping at the happening market. The most favoured items are handicrafts, jewellery and antique pieces.
  • Inya Lake- Spend some alone time with your loved one near the Inya Lake.


3. Temples of Bagan

Bagan, since ancient times, has been a city of temples and monasteries; all of which have given rise to the rich cultural heritage in Myanmar.

Currently, Bagan has been divided into two segments- the Old and New Bagan. It is the Old Bagan which is home to most temples and staying here, hence is a more expensive affair compared to its new counterpart. 

Top Places to visit in Bagan:

  • Thatbyinnyu Temple- This is a 12th-century temple, located in Old Bagan.
  • Bupaya Pagoda- This is a holy shrine with a beautiful gilded dome.
  • Manuha Temple- This houses an 11th century reclining Buddha.
  • Ornate Ananda Temple- Built in 1105, this temple shows intricate artistry in architecture, sculpture and painting on its walls.
  • Shwesandaw Pagoda- The stupa of this pagoda contains a magnificent umbrella.
  • Htilominlo Temple- This imposing structure was built in 1211 out of red bricks.
  • Shwezigon Pagoda- They have gold leaf domed stupa, which looks majestic and eye-catching.
  • Sulamani Temple- This ancient temple is revered for containing Buddhist relics.


Special Activities:

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride at Bagan- Participate in a hot air balloonride over the Bagan plains.
  • Complete your local shopping at the Nyaung U market.
  • Drive away in horse carriage or rent a bike to view Bagan closely.
  • Spend a beautiful evening with a spectacular sunset cruise.


4. Inle Lake

A freshwater lake in the state of Shan in Myanmar, Inle Lake is located in the Nyaungshwe Township. Hot springs and small villages are clustered around the lake making the quiet area come alive in the daytime

Top Places to Visit near Inle Lake:

  • Hpaung Daw U Pagoda- Located on the Inle  lake, small shops dot this quaint looking pagoda.
  • ShweIndein Pagoda- These are a group of pagoda in the Shan state and as traditional history said these were built by King Ashoka.
  • Nga PheKyaung Monastery- A 200-year old monastery right beside the beautiful Inle Lake.
  • Shwe Yan Pyay- This 150-year old monastery sits at the helm of Burmese architectural legacy.
  • ShweYaunghweKyaung- Possibly the photographer's favourite, this is a beautiful monastery built out of teak wood.
  • NyaungOhak- Ornate stucco carvings lie as beautiful remains of yesteryear ruins.
  • AlodawPauk Pagoda- This is one of the oldest shrines on Inle Lake.


Special Activities:

  • Red Mountain Estate Vineyards & Winery- Attend a wine tasting session amidst picturesque nature.
  • Floating Gardens- Travel in a canoe across the floating farmland supported by bamboo poles.
  • Mingun Bell-Do see this bell which at 90 tons, was the largest in the world till the 2000s!
  • Mount Popa- Travel to the beautiful temple atop this extinct volcano, believed to be the dwelling of MahagiriNat spirits! Beware of the monkeys on this route though!


10 Days Sample Itinerary for a Myanmar Trip: 

Day 1: Arrival at Yangon

  • Arrival  at Yangon (Morning)
  • Afternoon tour toShwedagon Pagoda


Day 2: Yangon

  • Mahabandula Park and Sule Pagoda (Morning)
  • Take a stroll in Indian Town and China Town
  • Go for shopping at Bogyoke Aung San Market (afternoon)


Day 3: Bagan

  • Morning flight to Bagan
  • Nyaung U market for local shopping
  • Shwezigon Pagoda
  • Htilominlo temple
  • Sunset watching


Day 4: Bagan

  • A hot air balloon trip over Bagan plains
  • Visit Mt. Popa
  • Visit a local palm-sugar workshop on the way back


Day 5: Mandalay

  • Visit the Settawya Pagoda and Hsinbyume Pagoda.
  • Visit the Mahamuni Pagoda, Shwenandaw Monastery, Kuthodaw Pagoda and
  • Sunset on Mandalay Hill


Day 6: Bagan-Mandalay

  • Sagaing, Minguin, Ava and Amarapura
  • Board a boat for U Bein Bridge
  • Visit the Minguin bell


Day 7: Mandalay-Heho-Lake Inle

  • Arrival at Heho airport
  • Boating on Inle
  • Hpwang Daw U Pagoda


Day 8 : Inle Lake

  • Local market at Inle
  • Wine Tasting at Red Mountain estate


Day 9: Yangon

  • Fly back to Yangon
  • Local city trip


Day 10:

  • Departure


Must Try Delicacies of Myanmar:

  • Tea Leaf Salad- This is a mix of sour and bitter tea leaves with shredded cabbage, sliced tomatoes, nuts and peas. You can have this as a savoury snack or with a plate of rice.
  • Shan Style Rice- Popular as fish rice, this is popular among the locals here in Myanmar. Here turmeric rice is mixed with pieces of fresh fishes and garlic oil and served with leek roots, raw garlic and deep-fried pork rinds.
  • Shan Style Tofu Noodles- Made with a thick porridge prepared from chickpea flour, this porridge is served over thin rice noodles, marinated chicken or pork. Have it with chilli oil and pickled veggies.
  • NangyiThoke-These are thick, round rice noodles with chicken, thin slices of fish cake, par-boiled bean sprouts and slices of hard-boiled egg.
  • Burmese Khao Suey-A typical Burmese soupy egg noodle, this curry is made of beef or chicken, topped with salads and spices.
  • Burmese Pork Curry-This is a traditional Burmese cuisine, served with rice and sour salads, typically consumed during wedding ceremonies.


Your Travel Checklists for Myanmar Tour:

  1. Insect Spray to repel bugs
  2. Long-Sleeved Shirts and Pants at temples
  3. US Dollars for quick exchange
  4. Torch for safety 
  5. Adapters
  6. First Aid kits
  7. An e-visa for Myanmar  with 28 days validity


Tips for travelling to Myanmar

  1. Get an e-visa instead of the usual embassy visa. This is hassle-free, can be completed from the comforts of your home and is as effective.
  2. Please note that US dollars are widely accepted across the country, even though the local currency is 'Kyat'. Have a good mix of dollars and the local currency along with debit and credit cards.
  3. One good thing is that there are plenty of ATMs in Myanmar now. So cash will be available for you to take out now.  Only you need to remember that you can withdraw 300,000 kyats (about INR 17,270 approximately) on each transaction.
  4. Take care of food safety and hygiene during restaurant check-in. Most travellers suffer from a little stomach sickness in Myanmar, so take your time while choosing to eat out. 
  5. Get a local SIM card and a data pack as your network would not be available in most places of Myanmar. Data packs are easily affordable as internet networks are pretty bad, even with WiFi.    



a) Is it mandatory for me to pay tips for services in Myanmar? 

Though it is not mandatory to pay tips in Myanmar, you can offer your hotel staff, porter or chauffer some money, thanking them for their generosity.

b) Will credit cards be accepted everywhere in Myanmar?

While credit cards are widely accepted in bigger cities like Mandalay, Inle Lake, Bagan and Yangon, cash is more preferred as a means of exchange in remote areas.

c) Are short dresses acceptable in Myanmar?

While visiting temples and such religious areas, you are requested to wear skirts or trousers that cover your knees and long-sleeved shirts/ tops

d) How much money should I carry to Myanmar?

Approximately, around 12-15K in Indian currency would do. Souvenirs are not very cheap, they are moderately priced.

e) Is the internet widely available in Myanmar?

It's now widely available in all tourist places thanks to all the mobile operators.

10. Indian Embassy at Myanmar:


Embassy of India, Yangon

545-547 Merchant St

Kyauktada Township


Tel: 95-1-388412, 243972

Fax: 95-1-254086, 250164, 388414

For your tailor-made Myanmar trip, get in touch with us at or call us at +91 3340525777.

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