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Tailor-made Cambodia Tour Packages from India

The spectacular landscapes, ancient temples and beautiful beaches are a few of the things that make Cambodia one of the top tourist destinations of southern Asia. Bordered by Thailand on the north-west and Vietnam on the east, the erstwhile Khmer Empire boasts of a rich culture, lush green jungles, floating villages and the world’s largest religious monument.

Plan your next trip to this ancient land with Flying Squirrel Holidays, as we provide one of the best tailormade Cambodia tour packages from India.


The Kingdom of Cambodia is a melting pot of cultures, with elements from Theravada Buddhism, Hinduism, French colonialism, Angkorian culture and modern urbanisation. Phnom Penh, the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia, has its own fascinating appeal. The French influence becomes evident once you see the colonial-style architecture on the shophouses on the street. The city is located at the junction of the three major rivers-Tonle Sap, the Mekong and the Bassac river.

There are innumerable restaurants, bars and cafes to check out as the city is known for its culinary experience. Don’t miss out on the wide range of street foods here- pan-fried crispy Chive cake, steamed pork bun and pickled fruit are a few among many. The most famous attraction of Cambodia, the ancient temple complexes of the Angkor alone, attract scores of tourists from all over the world every year.

The town of Siem Reap not only serves as the gateway to the temple site but also enjoys an old-world charm of its own. Siem Reap has vibrant night markets, silk farms, traditional craft shops, fun road tours through rice paddies, bird sanctuaries and fishing villages.

The Tonle Sap Lake is an idyllic spot for you to enjoy a lazy afternoon boat ride. One will also find plenty of massage parlours on the streets of Siem Reap where one can treat themselves to a traditional massage.

The southwestern part of Cambodia contains one of the last unfragmented rainforests in Southeast Asia. It is also home to the stunning Cambodian Islands. The beauty of the islands lies in the fact that many of them are still undiscovered or unexplored, so bring out the explorer and set out on an adventure! Sihanoukville is the entry point to the islands of Koh Rong, Koh Rong Samloem and Koh Ta Kiev.

Koh Rong has a popular backpacker strip at Koh Toch and the beaches at Long Set and Long Beach along the west coast are more relaxed. Sihanoukville is the primary coastal town of south-western Cambodia and a great party spot too.

There is so much to do here! You can spend the morning exploring the marine life, go for a swim in the cool blue ocean, go snorkelling or just laze around in one of the beach shacks.

If you are a lover of nature and wildlife then you should not miss out on the lush green rainforests of eastern Cambodia. There are patches of dense, untouched greenery that remain in the east. Kratie, the charming riverside town is an excellent spot for exploring the nearby countryside while just over 20km away is Kampie which provides the best riverside vantage point to view a pod of rare freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins.

Enjoy the beautiful sunset sitting on the banks of the Mekong river.




The old-world riverside town provides a gateway to the French hill station of Bokor National Park that has a lovely view and a pleasing climate. Don’t forget to try the spicy and savoury pepper crabs here. These are caught fresh from the sea and cooked in little roadside restaurants.


The perfect place for you to have an adventurous day, with many options for water activities such as Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, or Kayaking.

Koh Ker

Explore the innumerable temples at Koh Ker - Koh Ker temple, the Pram temple, Chen temple, the Preng well and the Kuk temple. Each with a story of its own.

Koh Tonsay

Also known as the Rabbit Island as local inhabitants believe, this island provides the perfect break as it is a peaceful abode lined with coconut palms. Try the fish, shrimps, crab and squid which are offered on all menus and are cooked in a variety of styles.

National Museum

If you are a history enthusiast then this is a must-visit. It houses one of the finest Khmer sculpture collections and is one of the top museums in the capital city of Phnom Penh.

Bayon Temple

Located in the popular site of Angkor Thom, the capital of the Khmer empire, this ancient temple holds a significant place in the rich history of the place. The gigantic face designs on the walls of the building are what makes it stand out.

Ta Prohm

One of the most popular Angkor sanctuaries, the entire place is not just encapsulated by wilderness but the amazing majority of landmarks around the place further do add to the amazing beauty of the place.

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center

Spread across an area of 6,000 acres, this reserve is considered as the largest zoo in the country. This place is home to around 1200 rescued animals among which 102 species are endangered.

Killing Fields

The mark of the dark past that once doomed Cambodia, it is said that thousands of people were tortured here to death during the time Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia. There are around 20,000 mass grave sites which were discovered around this area. At the present day, there is a statue of Choeung Ek which is adorned with skulls of the people who died here.

Koh Rong

The picturesque white sandy beaches welcome you to one of the most beautiful places in Cambodia. Grilled squid, Bai Sach Chrouk and Stir-fried beef are delicacies here.


Its abundant wildlife and natural beauty are what makes Mondulkiri special.

Central Market

A shopaholic’s heaven! It will surprise you with its range of items.


Poipet is the land of casinos and karaoke bars where the locals join in with the tourists to enjoy a fun time.


Cambodia has numerous activities and sports. You can go cruising on the beautiful Mekong river for a leisurely afternoon.

Try Fish Amok which is the most popular dish in Cambodia. This dish is composed of a rich and creamy curry-like sauce that is the perfect balance of ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and coconut milk.

Get rid of the fatigue and exhaustion at one of the many massage parlours in Phnom Penh where expert masseuses would help you rejuvenate after a long day of sight-seeing.

Rent a cycle and go biking across the Mekong Delta, Phnom Penh, all temples of Angkor, Kep, Sihanouk Ville, Cardamom Mountain, Four Thousand Islands and experience the county’s natural beauty first hand.

Discover your inner chef and take a cooking class at Treak Village, Sojourn Ln, Krong Siem Reap. Try your hand at making tasty authentic Cambodian Cuisine.

Take a Tuk-tuk ride around the Angkor Archeological Park and maybe if you are lucky, you will catch the breath-taking view of the golden sunrise from Angkor Wat, the experience of a lifetime.

Go Scuba diving in Koh Rong, Koh Rong Saloem, Koh Kon, Koh Tang and Koh Prins islands. The rich marine life and the sheer diversity will leave you awestruck.

Watch the majestic Apsara Dance put on by hotels and restaurants in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. The cultural performances by the women are a sight to behold as they wear glittering silk tunics, colourful sequined tops and elaborate golden headdresses. Each performer executes movements with such precision that it leaves you enthralled.

Go trekking. In the northeast, particularly in Banlung and Sen Monorom, local guides can lead groups or individuals on treks into the surrounding jungle and Virachey National Park. Treks can last anything from a day to a week. There is also good trekking in the forested hills around Koh Kong.

Take a meditation class at any of the Buddhist monasteries found in Cambodia. Theravada Buddhism teaches the art of controlling one’s mind and mental desires to achieve one’s goals and is also Cambodia’s most popular tradition.

Go shopping at the Central Market in Phnom Penh for beautiful handicrafts and local souvenirs.


The Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda

The Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh should be a must-visit when travelling to Cambodia. The beautiful regal structure gives one a peek at the rich and complex cultural history of the place. They are one of the finest examples of twentieth-century Khmer influenced architecture.
Home to the Royal family, it stores collections of foreign gifts, murals, paintings which depict the past of the country. With sprawling lawns and manicured gardens, it is one of the most popular tourist spots. A blue flag flies when the King is in residence. While the palace itself is off-limits, it’s possible to visit several buildings within the grounds.
The Silver Pagoda is named for its floor which is covered in gleaming silver.

Temples of Angkor

The world-renowned Angkor Temples are the world’s largest religious site. It has also been a declared UNESCO heritage site since 1992. According to a myth, the construction of Angkor Wat was ordered by the Hindu God Indra to serve as a palace for his son Precha Ket Mealea.

The initial design and construction of the temple took place in the first half of the 12th century, during the reign of King Suryavarman II who dedicated the temple to Lord Vishnu. It was built as the king's state temple and capital city.
More than one hundred Angkorian monuments lie spread over some 3000 square kilometres of the countryside. The vast temple of Angkor Wat and the walled city of Angkor Thom are the best-known monuments. During the Angkorian period, the ruling god-kings built imposing temples as a way of asserting their divinity. The magnificence of Angkor Wat depicts the pinnacle of Khmer Art.


Kep is renowned throughout Cambodia for its delicious, inexpensive seafood. It’s heaven for seafood connoisseurs. It’s also a good base from which to go on an island boat tour. Head over to the palm-fringed beach of Rabbit Island or Koh Tonsay. You can also get a fresh crab straight from the sea at the crab market for supper.

Floating villages on Tonle Sap

Tonle Sap lake is the largest freshwater in South East Asia. The Lake is home to lots of charming floating villages. One can explore the fascinating houses built from bamboo and raised on stilts which are mainly inhabited by Vietnamese fisherman. You’ll pass floating markets, schools and pagodas and learn more about local life.

Irrawaddy Dolphins

Around 20km north of Kratie is Kampie. It offers the best riverside vantage point to spot the rare freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins. It is expected that only around eighty remain in the entire Mekong. The dolphin-watching site is now run as an ecotourism project by the local community.

Trekking in Rattanakiri

Trek into the forest of Rattanakiri. The capital of Banlung is surrounded by peaceful countryside. It is dotted with waterfalls and lakes, and it's also home to the indigenous chunchiet hill tribes. You may spot gibbons, rare birdlife and endangered species in the Virachey National Park.

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    This is a SAMPLE itinerary. Our Cambodia holiday packages from India are customizable to suit your preferences.

    Day 1

    Upon your arrival in Siem Reap, our representative will meet you and transfer you to your hotel. Complete the check-in formalities and gear up for your trip to the Floating Village. Take a ride on the traditional wooden boat on the Tonle Sap Lake to experience the edges of the lake. After enjoying a refreshing ride on one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia, proceed for dinner at a local restaurant. Relish a buffet dinner along with traditional Apsara Dance Show. Head back to the hotel for a good night's sleep.

    Day 2

    Enjoy a delectable breakfast and get ready to visit the Angkor Thom South Gate. Your first stop for the day is the Bayon Temple. Next up, visit The Royal Enclosure, the Phimeanakas, and the Leper King Terrace. This grand temple palace in Angkor Thom is another pyramidal representation of Mt Meru with three different levels. Continue your visit to Ta Prohm, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in the Bayon style in the late 12th century, this ruin is a must see for all history and art enthusiasts. Savour a delicious lunch after which you can resume sightseeing. Next up is Thommanon, located east of the Gate of Victory of Angkor Thom. Also, visit Chau Say Tevoda, Ta Keo, and the grand Angkor Wat temple complex. Famed as the largest religious monument in the world, this temple is an architectural marvel. Proceed to Bakheng Hill for a scintillating sunset view. Dont forget to visit the Phnom Penh temple complex.

    Day 3

    After breakfast, proceed for your transfer to Phnom Penh, the glimmering capital city. Enroute stop for a quick visit at the Spider Market. Continue to Phnom Penh and enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. Next up, visit the Royal Palace where the King of Cambodia and the royal families live. Continue to Silver Pagoda which is located on the south side of the Palace. Originally constructed of wood in 1892, the Pagoda stands as an epitome of Cambodias cultural riches. Finally, visit the Wat Phnom Temple the most important pagoda in Phnom Penh. After dinner and head back to the hotel for a good nights sleep. You can also visit the Naga casino, to get a taste of the Cambodia nightlife.

    Day 4

    Gear up for an exciting day of sightseeing. Your first stop for the day is the Tuol Sleng Museum, a former school which was used as a prison by Pol Pot's security forces. Get a taste of the Cambodian history and culture as your next stop is the Killing Fields. The site holds the remains of roughly 9000 people who were exhumed in 1980. Have lunch and then visit the Russian Market where you can buy souvenirs. The market is known for its cheap clothing, silver jewellery, and classical music instruments. Next, enjoy the sunset cruise on the Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers.

    Day 5

    On the last day, you can visit the local markets and souvenir shops, and buy gifts for your loved ones. Proceed for departure and board your flight back home.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    Cambodia is one of the most economic travel destinations in South East Asia.  Factors like sightseeing, tickets, travel, various activities, shopping affect your budget.

    Flying Squirrel Holidays provides Cambodia tour packages from India which are planned according to your budget.


    When is the best time to visit Cambodia?

    The best time to visit Cambodia is from November to February. Cambodia is a warm place and is hot all year round. The temperature peaks in March and May when temperatures can reach around 32°C and above. In December and January, the weather is dry, but the temperatures are slightly cooler. The cooler part of the season between November and February is the peak time for tourism.

    How far is Cambodia from India?

    The distance between India and Cambodia is about 2912 km in a minimum possible time. Air travel is the quickest mode of transportation. One can board a flight from any of the major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata.

    The major airports of Cambodia are Phnom Penh International Airport and Siem Reap International Airport. The ideal flight duration from India to Cambodia is 6 hours with one stop.

    How expensive is Cambodia?

    For a comfortable experience with three to four-star hotels, budgeting at least $75 -$100 per day should be appropriate. This is enough for you to travel around Cambodia by plane and get a higher standard of accommodation and food.
    For a five-star experience in Cambodia, expect to spend as much as you would in Thailand or Vietnam.
    Flying Squirrel Holidays provides Cambodia tour packages from India/Cambodia vacation packages made according to your budget and preferences.

    Do Indian citizens need a visa for Cambodia?

    Yes, a visa is required. Indians can obtain a Visa on Arrival for Cambodia, for a maximum stay of 30 days. The visa cost charged for a Cambodia e-Visa is US$ 40. You must have a passport-sized photo, sufficient funds to cover your stay in Cambodia, and travel documents like a completed visa application form and confirmed flight tickets. Also, make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival.

    Visit the timeless land of ancient ruins, scenic landscapes, pristine beaches, and lush green jungles. Visit Cambodia today! Choose from Flying Squirrel Holidays Cambodia tour packages from India and plan your next vacation now!

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