The Ark Lodge Kenya

A Night in the Ark

Nestled below Kenya’s Abedare Mountain range is a haven unaffected by time — a place where man and nature live together in perfect harmony. A dog-eared book in my grandfather’s library first got me thinking about the Aberdare Mountains in Kenya. The book, Haven under the Hill, by Monty Brown didn’t paint a conventional picture…


The Great Outdoors of Switzerland: From Quaint Villages to the Mighty Alps — 10 Things to See

Switzerland is dotted with picture-perfect lakes and villages amidst the pristine white peaks of the mighty Alps. A curious mix of the quaint quarters, historical landmarks and exciting ski resorts and hiking trails, the country is perfect for a great family holiday. There is plenty to see both in the picturesque cities and scenic countryside….

Romantic Couple Cover

Romance In East Europe – Prague, Budapest And Vienna

A blend of the old-world charm with magnificent structures and stuccos, scenic views of rolling green juxtaposed with throbbing modernity makes East Europe a dreamy holiday destination. With places perfect to romance, unwind and explore, we present you with the choicest cities in the continent for the most exotic holiday-time. The Prague, Budapest and Vienna…

Spanish & Portuguese cuisine

Delights of the Mediterranean Kitchen: What You Shouldn’t Miss In Spain and Portugal

A Spanish holiday is never complete unless you have savoured the local gastronomic extravaganza. Food in the country reflects its character steeped in vibrant flavours. The tasty Tapas, sea food and local recipes blend in to give the unique taste. Don’t go away from Spain without tasting these top ten dishes: Gazpacho in Andalusia Andalucia…

Kenya Tour Packages From Kolkata : See The Wilderness Like Never Before

Kenya Tour Packages from Kolkata Kenya’s rich tapestry of greens with grasslands, open savannah, and acacia forests is perfect for close encounters with the Big Five. Our handpicked safari programmes at Kenya will take you to the Masai Mara Game Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park, and the Aberdares. The Mara Game Reserve is Kenya’s finest…