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Flying Squirrel Holidays : The Best Travel Agent in Kolkata

Holidays make life worth living. Whether we are away for a night, or halfway around the world on a vacation, “getting away” is what adds that silver lining to an otherwise humdrum existence. But holidays also mean a lot of planning, patiently checking hundreds of travel reviews, reading dozens of travel blogs and guides, whetting promotions and deals that airlines and hotels have to offer, and keeping in mind travel advisories and safety nets. Sometimes juggling work, home and kids all in a day seem tedious enough. Add to that the average time you need to spend online to map your holiday, and ouch, do we hear even the most enthusiastic travel junkie let out a long sigh!!

Here is where we step in. We are a company of professional travel consultants in Kolkata who take away the stress of planning a holiday and serve your needs on a platter. As one of the leading international travel agents in Kolkata we give shape to your dreams and spend all the time it takes to listen to your idea of a vacation. We do the research and planning for you to ensure you get to spend your days off the way your heart desires. Whether you want a staycation, a family vacation or a long-awaited holiday with friends, we are specialists who understand you and your idea of a perfect getaway. From wellness experiences and wine trails to beach and wildlife and culinary journeys across the world, we help you look beyond the ordinary, discover little secrets in foreign lands, help you forge a bond with new communities and take a slice of your journey back home.

Flying Squirrel Holidays is a renowned travel agency for customized holidays in Kolkata, specializing in India and international tours. We may be young, but we are getting to be known as one of the leading travel agencies in Kolkata for international holidays. The company is created, managed and run by a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds, bound by a common passion for travelling. We believe that out-of-the-ordinary experiences can be created only when you dare to have a new vision. Based out of the vibrant and culturally-rich east Indian city of Kolkata (Calcutta) and the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Dubai, we have together travelled halfway around the world (100 cities and ticking as we speak) and have experienced people, places and cultures with open minds and curious eyes. We handpick and design India and international holidays for discerning travellers like you based on our personal experiences. And since our home and heart is in Kolkata, we make sure that our tours  in and around this historical city create unforgettable memories. Because there is no second chance to make a first impression, we ensure first experiences count.

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When it comes to planning that all-important holiday, it's only natural you'll have plenty on your mind. Our experienced team is a just a call away to answer and take care of all your travel-related queries.