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Tailor-made Scandinavian Tour Packages from India 2021

The picture-postcard photos of the European countries that you have been seeing and that you always fascinated to visit are not that elusive. Just make up your mind and get set to go. Whether you are looking for budget travel or on an indulgence spree, we at Flying Squirrel Holidays will customise amazing plans for you.

Just leave the bother to us and take a look at our Scandinavian tour packages from India. Talk to us and we will plan it for you, whatever your budget or your inclinations.

We will make it happen.



Norway and Sweden, the two kingdoms in the Scandinavian Peninsula, along with the kingdom of Denmark to the south-west are together referred to as Scandinavian countries. The three countries form a subregion in North Europe and though Finland is not part of it, in broader terms it is also sometimes included among the Scandinavian countries. A dream destination for people around the world.

Tourism Friendly.

All the four countries have a strong economy, high standard of lifestyle and highly organised societies. This makes the region very amiable for tourists who find everything in their Scandinavian holidays moving as per plans and schedules.

Clean cities, great Waterfronts.

The region is looked up to for their clean and low pollution cities, charming coasts, enticing waterfronts, cruises on the oceans, glaciers and snowy slopes and most prominently for their skiing activities. The waterfront promenade in Sweden leaves people sell bound and idling for hours together.

Stunning Landscapes.

Scandinavian countries are known for their dramatically beautiful sceneries, their stunning fjords and archipelagos.

Lofoten islands, the archipelago of islands in northern Norway, the Gothenburg archipelago of South Sweden are simply incredible while Finland coasts boast of world’s largest archipelago. The fiords of the Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site north of Bergen in Norway is breath-taking. The tranquil and secluded fiords of Denmark along the Baltic Sea coast have their own charm. Just a train ride from Oslo to Bergen leaves the travellers dumbstruck by the ravishing beauty of the region.

Midnight Sun.

The natural phenomenon of the Midnight sun during the summer season, when the sun never goes below the horizon, fascinates visitors from the rest of the world. They particularly choose summer just to experience it. Though the duration may differ in the northern parts and southern parts of a country, or from one country to another, it occurs throughout the region. In Finland, the entire summer has white nights.


Another natural phenomenon in the region that intrigues the world is the aurora borealis. A natural display of earth’s colourful lights on the sky, it is also known as northern lights or southern lights or polar lights. Each of the countries lay special claim to this wonder being most clearly visible from their country. The consensus is, the further north you go the better the visibility. Tromso and Lofoten in northern Norway and Abisko National Park in Sweden are said to be the best place to view them.

Let the northern light package tour from Flying Squirrel Holidays help you experience this wonderful phenomenon.

Museums and Parks.

There are amazing museums in all the big cities. The history of the infamous Vikings and their exploits is intriguing to many. Tourists flock to museums and castles and relics to make sense of it. There are Viking museums on the ships too.

There are amusement parks with iconic cartoon characters the children just adore.


Camping, trailing, hiking and exploring is well supported by very good infrastructure with huts and wooden trails and even sauna at campsites in some places. The hiking trails of Trolltunga are demanding but rewarded with sites to remember for life. Perhaps nowhere in the world except in Finland is there a concept of ‘Every Man’s Right’ which allows freedom to roam on natural terrain without permission even on private lands.

Where to.

For the regular tourists, much of the beauty of the region can be savoured in and around the larger cities of Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki; smaller cities and towns of Geilo, Tromso, Narvik, Kiruna and Lulea and by cruises ferrying one town to another. Most of the other places are just a day-trip away.

For varied interests.

Whether you are planning a holiday for your family to scenic beauties of leisurely sea fronts and urban landmarks or you are planning to go on love-trip with your spouse on the beautiful cruise rides and picturesque ski resorts, Scandinavia is the place to be. Whether you are interested in arts, architecture and culture or you are hiking, camping and skiing person, you will love the plethora of awesome choices that you get in the Scandinavian region.

Scandinavia package holidays are ready for you at Flying Squirrel Holidays to take you to all those amazing places.




Norway has wonderfully diverse landscapes from rugged fiords to Arctic snow, archipelagos and coral reef, snow-clad hills with skiing slopes and pristine beaches. Hop-on hop-off cruises along the coasts make exploring the rugged fiords a pleasant journey.

The modern urban centre of Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is the art and culture hub and a beautiful mix of traditional Scandinavian design and modern impact. Bergan, a beautiful port city, is a gateway to the stunning fiords and to the cruises sailing the tourists through amazing landscapes. Oslo and Bergan are a definite part of Norway itinerary.

Other cities that attract visitors are Geilo for its ski resorts and for being the gateway to two popular national parks, Narvik for skiing and hiking and Tromso for being the gateway to arctic adventures.

We have a great plan of Norway tours from India which we can customise for you.


Sweden, an archipelago of 14 small islands, has a certain serenity to its beauty. Blue sky with very low-lying white clouds especially in the summer, over a series of wave-like low hills, take a bewitching grip once you are in Sweden. 85% of the people in Sweden live in cities occupying just 1.3% of its land. For the visitors, therefore, most of the interaction with the country takes place largely in and around its urban centres or a day trip or a ferry ride away.

Sweden’s cities are all spic and span clean. The technology adaption and the quality of life in the urban areas of Sweden is far advanced than even the UK and the USA. A happy surprise for the visitors.

Called the ‘loveliest city in the world’, Stockholm, is the capital city and the most populous city of Sweden. Spread over 14 lush green islands interconnected by bridges, the city is known as Beauty on Water. Admired by the world for its great fashion sense, its incomparable museums, beautiful parks and great architecture.

The coastal city of Lulea is known for its well-preserved wooden houses and a stone church from the 1400s and the town of Kiruna for its bell-tower church resembling traditional Sami huts are other urban places to visit.


Denmark is known in the world for the colourful history of their infamous Vikings, their title of being the happiest nation in the world and their unique attitude of ‘hygge’ meaning enjoying the simple things in life. The Danish Royal family, some of their royal houses that are open to the public and the Danish people’s love and reverence for their kings is the source of amused wonder for many visitors.

The historic castles, old towns, contemporary cities like Copenhagen and partially owned modern wonders like the Oresund Bridge are a major draw to Denmark. The amusement parks of its city and the various harbour cruises leaving its shore add charm to the ambience of its cities.

Denmark, Norway, Scandinavia holiday packages are ready for you at Flying Squirrel Holidays. Take it. You will love it.


The Country of a Thousand Lakes, Finland has one lake for every twenty-six persons. Surrounded by the beautiful wilderness of the arctic region, the country is one big chain of beautiful unbelievable sceneries.

The natural terrain is so revered by the people here that they have made free access to natural terrain a right open to everyone, even in privately-held properties. It is a country where you can travel back and forth across the arctic circle in a day trip.

Finland is a big attraction for architecture lovers too. From the classic old wooden churches to contemporary masterstrokes like the Finlandia Hall or Oodi Library, the country has many gems to showcase.

From Arctic adventure to camping, Finland has a variety of options for camping and hiking enthusiasts. Lapland, with its long curvy roads, enchanting marshlands and endless tree-tops with reindeer paying visits on the road, is the hikers' paradise. Camping trails are also well maintained with camping sites mostly located near beaches so campers can go swimming. Also unique are the sauna baths that are attached to most camps.

For the children, there are theme parks and amusement parks like Linnanmaki in Helsinki and Sarkanniemi in Tampere. Moomin-world characters are adored by children visiting the park which actually was the inspiration that led to the creation of Disney World.

There are so many places to go in Scandinavia. Take a look at our planned Scandinavian countries tour and get it customised for the places you would want to go.


Take City Tours. Taking city tours at Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki is the first thing you would plan to do in Scandinavia.

Scandinavian cities are a series of photo-ops for their beautiful ambience, great waterfronts, landmark squares, iconic statues and renowned monuments. Safe and tourist-friendly, all the cities have amazing hop-on hop-off bus tours which let you enjoy your visit at your own pace. Taking Canal Tour in Copenhagen or cycle rides in Stockholm are other ways to do the tour.

Take Scenic Rides. Do soak in the glorious terrain by taking rides across places on buses, trains, ferries and even funicular or sledge and the experience will be unforgettable.

A coach ride from Copenhagen to Hirtshals through the ever-changing scenes, a cruise from Gudvangen to Flam observing the fiords, a train ride from Flam through the wilds and fiords of Norway are rides to remember. Ferry along the fiords on the west coast of Baltic sea to Bergen or sail through the Stockholm archipelago. Be thrilled taking a sledge ride in Rovaniemi and in a funicular in Bergen.

Look for the Midnight Sun. Plan a holiday during the summers and enjoy 18 hours of day-time. In the Lapland, the sun never sets in summer and you can see the sun in the sky at midnight.

Watch for the northern lights. Plan for an April-August visit and be wonderstruck by the earth’s natural light on the sky.

Go skiing. It’s an adventure. And if you are not into it, then just go observe jumps at skiing points like Holmenkollbakken in Oslo. It is fascinating. Also, a good photo op.

Hitch a hike. Make use of the “Everyman’s Right’ in Finland and go camping and nature trailing. Sweden too has an extensive network of hiking trail. Take a day-hike to the Trolltunga in Norway for an unbelievable panoramic view ending in a scenic cliff above a beautiful lake.

Get some thrill. Visit splendorous national parks that abound and take thrilling rides at popular amusement parks. Do some dog sledding while enjoying nature at Abisko National Park in Swedish Lapland. Meet iconic cartoon characters and take thrilling rides at Tivoli garden, Stockholm.

Appreciate Museums and Art Galleries. Scandinavian cities are bee-hive of activities on the art and culture fronts. From popular museums on Viking exploits in Stockholm to avant-garde art galleries in Oslo, there is so much for every taste. In Finland alone, there are 55 art galleries. If you are a connoisseur and in for a long stay, go buy a Museum Tickets that lets you in 300 museums around the country.

Go to Vigeland Museum and appreciate art, from the oversized expressionist sculptors of people in the nude to the popular ‘Angry Baby’.

Savour Food and Drinks. Glutton on excellent sit-down restaurants or visit local eating joints and cafes dotted all over the cities. Try the smoked reindeer for a change.

Get certified. It is fun getting Arctic Circle Crossing Certificate by just crossing the line and being back in a day trip at Rovaniemi, Lapland in Finland.

Meet Santa Claus. Even if you don’t believe in him, do pay a visit to Santa Claus at his village and bring out the child in you while you are still at the Lapland.

Time you look into our Scandinavian Tour Packages.



Oslo city tour of by hop-on-hop-off buses is a great attraction for visitors from anywhere in the world.

Frogner Park is part of any itinerary for a visit to Vigeland Museum and to the most popular Vigeland Sculptor Park. The monolith of 16 metres high closely intertwined human bodies in the park is astounding.

The Norwegian Royal Palace attracts curious and amused visitors in droves to the 173 rooms palace with a huge garden to wander about. The palace houses the hall looked in awe where the Nobel Prize is presented.

The 1,364-seater Oslo Opera House and the 7500 species of Norwegian plants at the Botanical Garden are also the favourites from among many other attractions in the city.

The City Hall (Radhuset) with its unique squarish structure has a fascinating façade to look at and rich frescos inside to stare at in wonder. Oslo Cathedral and Aker Brygge are other attractions.

The Holmenkollen Ski Jump is a definite inclusion whether you know skiing or just for the photo stop.

Bergen, a port city is among the top tourist attraction. A gateway to the stunning views of the fiords and also to the various cruises sailing in and out, it is a must-stop for visitors. The Oslo-Fiord mini cruises taking through 90 minutes of stunning views of the fiords are just not to be missed. Kayaking is big in Bergen.


Stockholm. The capital city and the largest city of Sweden is a great place to just bike around or just walk taking in the beauty of its streets, cafes, squares and architecture.

Canal Tour is a big attraction to tour the city by boat through many iconic sites.

The Skansen Open Air Museum, The Royal Palace (Sveriges Kungahus), the City Hall (Stadshuset) and The Skyview that takes you to the top of the world’s largest spherical building along with various parks are major attractions of the city.

The old medieval town of Gamla Stan with its maze of narrow cobblestone lanes and picturesque facades. Stockholm Cathedral, Nobel Museum and the Royal Palace are located here.


Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, fascinates the arrivals first thing in Denmark. Nyhavn Harbour is the most recognised part of the city due to its innumerable presentation in picture postcards. The Rosenburg Palace, The Town Hall Square, The National Gallery of Denmark and many other iconic structures line the city landscape. The Tivoli Amusement Part is a must go for family visitors.

The Christiansborg Palace, a Royal House also serving as the Parliament Building is an inspiring structure to look at.

The statue of the Little Mermaid, the official emblem of Copenhagen, The Stroget Shopping Mile filled with boutiques cafes and restaurants leaves a very pleasant memory with the visitors.

Christiania is a hippie settlement that tourists get curious about.

The Lego House in Billund is one of its kind and so is the Oresund Bridge on the Danish side that starts with a tunnel.


Helsinki. City tour through the innumerable landmarks.

The Market Square, best outdoor market in northern Europe, the Rock Church carved into ancient solid rock, the Sibelius Monument and Park and the Linnanmaki Amusement Park are the favourite with the tourists in the city.

A stopover at The Presidential Palace is a must.

The Kiasma Museum of contemporary art and the Finlandia Hall, a concert and convention centre, are places most tourists want to spend some time at. The gold cupola topped spires of the Uspensky Russian Orthodox Cathedral has quite a pull with the visitors.

A ferry ride of just 15 minutes from the centre of Helsinki takes you to Suomenlinna Fortress, another marvel a tourist doesn’t want to miss.

The castles and churches at Turku leave visitors amazed. The possibility of seeing the midnight sun and the northern lights draw people to Rovaniemi, the gateway to the Arctic.

In the lake region of Finland, Savonlinna is the main city is a go-to place for its spa and holiday resorts.

Get ready to go to all those amazing places. Take a look at our Scandinavia Tours Budget. And while you are at it, spread out a little more and add St. Petersburg to your destination with our Russia and Scandinavia Tours from India. Or the Mediterranean with our Scandinavia-European City Tours.

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    Day 1

    Arrival at Copenhagen Airport- escorted transfer to hotel- check in- relax at the hotel. Spend the evening by yourself.

    Day 2

    Guided city tour- later visit to Tivoli gardens- return to the hotel in the evening

    Day 3

    Check out from Copenhagen hotel- drive through the changing scenes to the port of Hirtshals- sail through the night to picturesque Stavanger- set off again sailing along the beautiful western coast to Bergen- buffet dinner and stay on board.

    Day 4

    Check in at the hotel in Bergen- guided tour Bergen- later joy ride on a funicular to the top of the mountain- spend the day on the mountain top- return to the hotel in the evening.

    Day 5

    Early breakfast- then leave for a scenic guided bus tour of Norway- arrive at Gudvangen- take a fiord cruise- at the end of the cruise you reach a small village of Flam- take a Flam Railway train- through wilds and fiords of Norway- arrive at Myrdal- change train- continue through the scenic mountain- arrive at Geilo- take a coach to Oslo- arrive at Oslo and check in the hotel

    Day 6

    Guided bus tour of Oslo- photo stop at the famous Holmenkollen ski jump area- dinner- then return to the hotel.

    Day 7

    Check out from Oslo- coach ride to Stockholm- arrive at the hotel at Stockholm and check in- leisure evening by yourself.

    Day 8

    Guided tour of Stockholm- return in the evening to the hotel- stay at Stockholm.

    Day 9

    check out- transfer to a ferry- overnight ferry ride across the Baltic Sea and through the Swedish archipelago- arrive at Helsinki in the morning- check in to the hotel.

    Day 10

    After check-in and breakfast take the coach for a guided tour of Helsinki- return to and stay at hotel in Helsinki.

    Day 11

    Take a coach to ferry pier at Helsinki- a two-hour ferry ride to Tallinn- city tour of Tallinn- after tour return by ferry to Helsinki- stay at the hotel at Helsinki.

    Day 12

    Breakfast and then transfer to the airport to return home.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    Cost of the trip depends on the places you visit, the class of accommodation and travel that you opt for and the inclusions that you make. We at Flying Squirrel Holidays have long experience of getting the best deals for you.


    How do I plan a Scandinavian trip?

    Just get ready to go and leave it for us to plan an impeccable tour for you. To get the drift, you can look at our packages Scandinavia Tours Budget and Scandinavia-European City Tours which we will customise for you.

    Is it expensive to travel in Scandinavia?

    It depends on planning. With long professional experience, we have learned to work around the traffic at particular areas at a particular time. We find windows of opportunity to get the best deals in travel and accommodation. We also factor your budgets and your likings so you reach just the destination you are looking to and cut on the unnecessary. You will be amazed how we will make it happen for you.

    Which is the most beautiful Scandinavian country?

    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Each of the countries is beautiful in its own ways. Stockholm is called the ‘loveliest city’ in the world.

    What time of the year is best to visit Scandinavia?

    Summers between June and September is considered to be the best to visit Scandinavia. But skiing and winter sports lovers may differ.

    Summers between June and September is considered to be the best to visit Scandinavia. But skiing and winter sports lovers may differ.

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