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Nashik Vineyard Stay and Tour

Nashik, the wine capital of India, gives a wonderful opportunity to wine lovers to explore the prospering wine industry and enjoy amazing winery tours. Surrounded by hills and beautiful sceneries, Nashik makes for a perfect luxury retreat.

The best time to visit the vineyards is the harvesting months of January to March. A Nashik Vineyard stay and tour offers a vacation to the exotic wineries, where you can opt for a guided tour, attend wine-preparation classes, and taste all unique flavours of wine.

Wine lovers get to spend a day amidst their favourite range of wines in the vineyard and a sip of their favourite wine that too in the vineyard itself will offer a lifetime experience.



Nashik is known as the wine capital of India. Wine is the most common beverage in foreign countries, but India has also come up with some of the best wineries. The climatic conditions support the production of grapes in Nashik.

The Nashik vineyard stay and tour takes you to some of the renowned vineyards in the city. Nashik has an age-long history of winemaking and houses some of the best vineyards in the country.

Nashik vineyard tour helps you know about different stages in wine preparation and you also get the opportunity to taste different samples of wines in the vineyards. Mouth-watering food, luxurious stay, relaxing spa therapies, and leisure activities will add more fun to your wine tour.

Sula Vineyard is the most popular and the very first winery in the entire nation and houses around 60 wineries. You can take a car and drive from Mumbai to Sula Vineyards. The Grape Stomping activity that takes place between January and March adds an extra point to the vineyard. Apart from Sula, there are York Winery, Soma Vineyard, Grover Zampa, and Vallone Vineyards, which are some other vineyards in Nashik that offer different varieties of wines and several activities to do on your wine trip.

It is recommended to visit the vineyards on weekdays for a serene experience as it is a very prime destination and is crowded with lovers of wine during vacations and weekends. It is a perfect destination to travel to both with your friends and family.

Nashik is an ideal getaway for people or wine lovers who want to spend their weekends or some peaceful time away from the chaos of everyday life. The surroundings and the scenic views of the place will transform you into another world altogether.



Soma Vine Village

Located on the outline of the backwaters of Gangapur Dam, Soma Vine Village offers a stress-free vacation. Soma Vineyard Resort is situated amid Soma Village and offers spectacular views of the vineyard, the hill, and the lake. The rooms are beautifully designed and spacious. You will love the infinity pool that overlooks the vineyard!

Beyond By Sula

It is a luxury vineyard property surrounded by the tranquillity of calm waters. The luxury vineyard property offers a stay in a sky villa with gorgeous lake views and also offers lake view rooms that will provide ultimate peace.

The Source at Sula

Source at Sula, India’s first heritage winery resort, offers a perfect weekend getaway. The resort comes with a Tuscan twist and is one of a kind. In this Nashik Vineyard resort, you can simply relax by the pool, enjoy beautiful views, ride a bicycle, or play tennis. The resort offers delicious organic food and spa experiences.

G.P Farm

Located amidst a home-grown farm, G.P Farm is a premium property and a popular event venue. The farm offers a comfortable vacation stay, event organisation, corporate event planning, and much more!

Grape County

Grape County is an eco-resort spread across 100 acres of lush green foliage and is one of the perfect destinations to invigorate and rejuvenate. It is home to more than 100 species of flora and fauna. At the time of its development, the resort has stuck to all the green practices and environmental guidelines. From local farm produce to recycled furniture to pollution-free zones, the resort offers an organic lifestyle amidst beautiful green surroundings.


Tour of the Vineyard - If you want to know about the winemaking process or taste some exclusive wines, and then a tour of the winery is a must. Your tour will be explained by the guide where you get to know about the history of the vineyards and explain all the steps of the winemaking process.

Wine Tasting - Your guide will take you to the Tasting Cellar wherein your guide will explain all the steps of the winemaking process and you can taste some of the most exclusive wines. The wine tasting process takes place throughout the year except on dry days.

Grape Stomping - The grape stomping process takes place between January and March. It is a Roman tradition that involves the crushing of grapes with one’s bare feet. It is an experience that you should not miss in the Vineyards.

Sula Fest - This is a live music festival held at the vineyard every year. This two-day gourmet world music festival offers some amazing food, drinks, and good music to their visitors. During the festival, you can also engage in wine tasting, grape stomping, and camping.



Nashik Caves

Also known as the Trirashmi Caves, they are a group of 24 caves carved between the 3rd Century BC and the 2nd Century AD. They represent the Hinayana Buddhist Beliefs and out of the 24 caves, 2 caves are majorly the centre of attraction.

Anjaneri Hills

The birthplace of Lord Hanuman, the name of the hill is derived from Lord Hanuman’s mother, Anjani. Apart from its spiritual significance, it is also a popular spot for hikers.

Gangapur Dam

A dam on River Godavari, Gangapur Dam is the longest reservoir in Asia. You can go there to spend some peaceful time in the garden by the river enjoying picturesque scenery, or spot migratory birds in the evening.


This place is filled with religious and pilgrims travellers. Panchvati lets you peek into the ancient world where the exile of Lord Ram, Lakshman, and Sita took place. The place is surrounded by banyan trees and an air of serenity.

Kapileshwara Temple

One of the most frequented temples in the city, the Kapileshwara Temple is a Shiva temple surrounded by a hint of mystery due to the absence of a statue of Nandi Bull. This place is a must-visit when in Nashik!

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    (Please note that this is just a sample itinerary. The itinerary is customisable according to your tastes and preferences)

    Day 1

    Arrival at Nashik. Check in to the resort. Lunch. Post lunch, depart for Sula Vineyard by car. Enjoy a guided tour of the vineyard from 2 pm to 7 pm. Dinner. Overnight stay at the resort.

    Day 2

    Breakfast. Later, proceed to York Winery for wine tasting. Later, in the afternoon you can visit nearby attractions like Dudhsagar Falls and Panchvati. Return to the resort. Dinner and overnight stay at the resort.

    Day 3

    Breakfast. Check out the resort to return home from a wonderful getaway.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    The cost of your Nashik Vineyard tour depends on various factors like the type of package you choose like the Taste and Buy Package or the VIP tasting or customised premium tasting package, type of accommodation you choose, transportation costs, and the number of days you want to spend in the Vineyards. Get in touch with us to plan the best wine holiday in Nashik for you!


    1. How to reach Nashik for a vineyard stay?

    It takes around 3 hours from Mumbai and Pune to Nashik. Mumbai is very well connected to the rest of the cities in India. It is advisable to take a car from Mumbai to reach Nashik.

    2. How many resorts are there near the Sula Vineyard in Nashik?

    There are numerous resorts in and around the Sula Vineyard but there are 5 luxurious resorts that are the closest to the Sula Vineyard in Nashik.

    3. What will be the minimum charge for a Sula wine bottle?

    A pint bottle of wine can cost you around INR 350 in the Sula store.

    4. Is it costly to stay near the Sula Vineyards?

    Some luxurious resorts can be expensive but if you’re looking for a budget stay, then you can choose hotels that are mostly reasonable near the Sula Vineyard.

    5. Are children allowed in Nashik Vineyard stay?

    Yes, children are allowed everywhere except for the wine tasting room.

    6. How much will be the Sula Vineyards day tour cost?

    There are two options available- you can either take only the tour ticket or both the tour and tasting ticket. The cost of your day tour to the Sula Vineyards will depend on the ticket you take, conveyance, and the type of wine package you choose. Your day tour itinerary can be customised according to your choices and preferences.

    7. How much does wine tasting cost in the Sula Vineyards?

    They offer two packages- around INR 150 which includes tour + tasting of 4 wines and around INR 250 which includes tour + tasting of 6 wines. You will be charged on a per head basis and the number of wines included for tasting in a particular ticket.

    A wonderful wine tour awaits you at Nashik! Get to explore the wine industry, attend wine tasting sessions, and relax in the beautiful surrounding amidst greenery all around. So, set out for a Nashik Vineyard stay and tour and relish a glass of wine with Flying Squirrel Holidays!

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