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Customized Madhya Pradesh Tour Packages

Located in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is a delightful destination catering to a wide variety of interests and Madhya Pradesh Tour Packages are particularly popular among history lovers, adventure seekers and pilgrims. Exploring the long-standing forts, marvelling at the grand temples, spelunking in the intriguing caves and undertaking safaris to sight rare flora and fauna make trips to the state unforgettable.



Flying Squirrel Holidays crafts bespoke Madhya Pradesh Tour Plans according to what you want to experience on your vacation. Read on to get an introduction to everything the state offers!

For Lovers of History

Madhya Pradesh is one of the best places in the country to soak in India’s ancient history and rich heritage. The countless temples, mosques, forts and stupas have beautifully preserved the stories of the past, and exploring them is as interesting as it is educational.

Situated on the top of a hill, Gwalior Fort is arguably the most popular fort in the nation. Made entirely of sandstone, the intricate detailing on the walls have captivated visitors for ages. The fort is stately on the outside and intriguing on the inside. Some of the most unique sculptures and temples of the Jains can be found on the premises.

The Gopachal Hills holds around 1500 carved idols of the 24 Tirthankars (Teachers) of the religion, some of which have been defaced by the Mughals. Teli Ka Mandir is a unique temple of the Hindus, in which a confluence of architectural elements from Southern India (the Dravidian roof) and Northern India (Indo-Aryan detailing) can be seen.

One of the most peaceful areas in the Fort is the Gurudwara Data Bandi Chor Sahib, a shrine commemorating the sixth Guru of Sikhism- Guru Hargobind. The Gurudwara stands on the place where the Guru was imprisoned by Jehangir and is frequented by visitors.

The Man Mandir is the main palace in the Gwalior Fort. The colourful patterns and intricately carved detailing on the sandstone walls are stunning. The basement is particularly interesting for it holds the prison of the Mughals, and it is here that Aurangzeb’s nephews and Akbar’s cousins were executed. The palace also has ventilation points in the walls through which spectacular views of Gwalior can be seen.

The Gujari Mahal is an art lover’s paradise. The palace was built by Raja Man Singh for his wife Mrignayani, and the exterior has the same vibrantly hued detailing as the Man Mandir. Converted into an Archaeological Museum by the Government, Gujari Mahal houses around nine thousand carved sculptures, art pieces and other artefacts dating back to 300 BC.

The pillars and the panels in the Mahal have beautiful, detailed carvings depicting the art and life of the bygone eras.

The Gwalior Fort has been called “the pearl among the fortresses in India” by Babur, and visitors usually take a few hours to explore it. The history of the fort comes to life in the light and sound shows held on the premises every evening. Be sure to attend it!

The Bhimbhetka Rock Shelters, with paintings dating back to the Mesolithic Ages, are one of the most fascinating places to visit in Madhya Pradesh. Drawing visitors from everywhere, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is located around 45 kilometres outside Bhopal.

The wall paintings of Bhimbhetka leaves history enthusiasts astounded as they are notably similar to the paintings found in the Kakadu National Park, in Australia and the Upper Palaeolithic Lascaux in France.

Made of natural colours that have not faded despite being centuries old, the illustrations reveal the life of early men, with scenes of them sitting astride horses with spears and other weapons. Exploring these caves is a great way to get an idea of Prehistoric life, and one must definitely visit them while in Madhya Pradesh!

Mandu is an unmissable ancient town for history lovers to explore while in Madhya Pradesh. Replete with stories and legends of romance and valour, the striking buildings here are also architectural marvels. Most of the monuments have Islamic elements. The Jahaz Mahal is a unique palace, which has been crafted to look like a large ship.

It is said that Sultan Hhiyas-ud-din Khilji constructed this palace to house his 15000 consorts. It sits in the middle of two ponds, making it look like it is afloat. Roopmati’s Pavillion is a symbol of love, constructed by her lover Prince Baz Bahadur.

The Rewa Kund, built to ensure an adequate supply of water to Roopmati, is also considered holy. Offering stunning views of the Baz Bahadur Palace, the palace of the Prince, a visit here is essential while in Mandu.

Though Mandu is notable for its Islamic architecture, the Jain Temple is a must-visit too! The temple houses idols of the Tirthankars in solid gold, silver and marble. The peaceful surroundings make the temple a well-loved tourist spot. Be sure to check out the museum inspired by Shatrunjaya, a holy town of the religion in Gujarat.

For Wildlife Lovers

Madhya Pradesh has some of the richest national parks in India, and the tiger reserves are great for spotting the big cat. Madhya Pradesh’s wildlife sanctuaries have an incredibly diverse range of flora and fauna, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Asiatic Lion, Gharial, Blue Bull, Chital and Sambar.

Head to the Kanha National Park, which inspired Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, for one of the best wildlife experiences in the state. The well-managed park is known for its large tiger population, and it is not uncommon to spot them roaming freely. Barasingha, Blackbucks and Leopards are also common sightings in Kanha.

Bandhavgarh National Park is another great place for wildlife aficionados. Home to the largest population of tigers in India, Sloth Bear, Bengal Fox and Leopards are also found in considerable numbers. However, what attracts wildlife lovers to Bandhavgarh the most is the presence of the rare white tigers. Treks to the Bandhavgarh Fort are also hugely popular with visitors.

The Panna National Park has breath-taking views of the River Ken that runs through it. Gharial, Four-horned Antelope and Tigers are found in good numbers in Panna. The Raneh Falls and the Ken Gharial Sanctuary are tourist favourites. Another famous tiger reserve in the state is the Pench National Park. Apart from Tigers, Leopards, Bisons, Sambars, Chitals and Nilgais can be found in Pench. The park is also good for bird watching.

For Adventure Seekers

Madhya Pradesh offers exhilarating outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, parasailing and wildlife safaris. The dense forests have extremely scenic trails that are perfect for trekking and biking. The Satpura and the Vindhya Range of hills afford premier rock climbing opportunities, while the Narmada and the Betwa Rivers have great kayaking and sailing options.

The hilly terrain of Madhya Pradesh is great for trekking. The Dhoopgarh Trek traverses through the Panchmarhi Biosphere Reserve, passing lush valleys and mesmerising waterfalls. The trail takes one up to the highest peak of the Satpura Range, and the views of the sunrise and sunset are stunning.

The Bhairav Kund Trek is one of the most scenic trails in the state, known for being home to the gorgeous, serene waterfall. The trek is considered to be a slightly difficult one, crossing dense forests, but the picnic spots at the end of it are rewarding.

A beginner-friendly trail near Indore is the Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary Trek, which passes through a verdant forest cover. The specialised animal-spotting trail and the bird-watching trail are popular among nature lovers.

The state also has fun water activities. Speed boating in the Upper Lake of Bhopal is a visitor favourite, especially among couples who enjoy romantic and thrilling boat rides while watching the sunset.

The man-made lake also hosts a good parasailing experience! Head to Orchha for a thrilling river rafting experience, with the stunning views of the Vindhya Hills forming a backdrop for the powerful current of the Betwa.

The island of Hanuwantiya is the most popular destination in the state for water activities Jet skiing, speed boating, rafting and parasailing are conducted in the reservoir, so be sure to visit Hanuwantiya!

Other fun activities to enjoy in Madhya Pradesh are camping and cycling. The thick forest cover in Orccha provides scenic views for cycling, though the uneven terrain makes the activity challenging. Camping is another great way to spend time outdoors in the state, and Panchmarhi is one of the best sites for it!



Khajuraho Temples

The Khajuraho group of temples stand in Bundelkhand, and are home to some of the most beautiful temples in the state, and contain finely detailed carvings and artwork. Out of the original 80 temples, only 25 remain today, dedicated to the gods in Hinduism and Jainism. The artwork dates back to the 10th Century and some of them are famed for their tasteful depiction of erotic scenes. The Vindhya Hills form a striking background to the Temples. A visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must!


The city of Bhopal is steeped in rich history, and is a delight for every visitor. The foremost attraction is the Upper Lake, a large man-made body of water dated back to the 11th Century- what was constructed as a remedy to the city’s water problems has now become the hub of social gatherings and fun activities. The food stalls and activities like parasailing and speed boating are a favourite of locals and visitors alike! The Taj-ul-Mazjid is the largest mosques in the country, and one of the largest in Asia, and draws a number of believers annually. While in Bhopal, be sure to try the scrumptious street food, including the creamy Sulemaini Chai, bun kebabs and Biryani!


Pachmarhi is one of the most scenic destinations in Madhya Pradesh, and no Madhya Pradesh tour itinerary is complete without including it. There is a lot to do in Pachmarhi! Legend says that the Pandava Caves provided shelter to the Pandavas during their exile, and whether the legend is true or not, the cave is a must-visit. The carvings and sculptures that are held in the caves are stunning. Dhoopgarh is the highest point in the Satpura Range, and visitors follow the fairly beginner-friendly trail to catch stunning views of the sunset. Pachmarhi also has many revered temples, including Gupt Mahadev, a temple of the Hindus located inside a natural cave. The Satpura Forest Reserve is another famous attraction in the area.


One of the best places in the state to discover its rich heritage is Orchha. The Fort was made by the Bundela Rajputs, and it contains cenotaphs, palaces and temples. The carving and paintings are enthralling. The Ram Raja Mandir is the only temple that worships Lord Rama as a King. The Betwa River that flows by the town hosts a number of thrilling activities, the most popular of which is rafting. Orchha has something for everyone, and it must be visited.


Explore the age-old heritage of Central India at the forts, temples and palaces.

Enjoy thrilling activities to get your heart pumping.

Witness rare wildlife in their natural habitat at the national parks.

Shop for local Maheshwari and Chanderi fabric at the bazaars.

Fill up on scrumptious street food


Kanha National Park

Madhya Pradesh has an incredible wildlife, and Kanha is one of the most popular places to explore it. The large number of Tigers is the main draw, but spotting Leopards and Barasinghas is common too!

Sanchi Stupa

The Great Stupa at Sanchi is an important site for Buddhists, and both believers and non-believers visit the edifice every year. Built by Emperor Ashoka, the carvings and engravings found here are examples of the best Buddhist artwork. The idol of Lord Buddha in the Dhyan Mudra draws a lot of visitors.


The Marble Rocks that rise above the Narmada River at Bhadghat are an unforgettable sight. Visitors boat around these rocks, trying to see them up close. Moonlit boating is popular too, and the rocks are even more glorious shining in the moonlight!

Hanuwantiya Island

The home of the Jal Mahotsav, Hanuwantiya is loved for its unmatched water sports. Visitors enjoy parasailing, boating, jet skiing and sailing here.

Tribal Museum, Bhopal

The Tribal Museum is one of the best museums in Bhopal. Showing the lifestyle of the many tribes that live in and around the state through live-action performances, the museum should not be missed!

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    Flying Squirrel Holidays custom makes your Madhya Pradesh Tour itineraries as per your requirements as we believe that a vacation should be crafted with every individual client in mind.

    For a little guidance, check the following sample Madhya Pradesh Tour Packages:

    The Heart of India: MP- 4 Nights 5 Days

    Mesmerising Madhya Pradesh: 7 Nights 8 Days

    Madhya Pradesh Honeymoon: 2 Nights, 3 Days

    The heart of india: MP [Please note that this is a sample itinerary. We specialise in personalising your Madhya Pradesh tour plan for you.]

    DAY 1

    Arrive in Bhopal and check into your hotel. Spend the day exploring Bhopal. Visit the Taj-ul-Masjid, and shop at Chowk Bazaar. Watch the sunset at Upper Lake. Head back to the hotel for dinner.

    DAY 2

    After breakfast, drive to Pachmarhi. Check into the hotel and enjoy a hearty lunch. In the evening, visit the Pandava Caves, famous for the beautiful artwork. Spend the evening at Priyadarshini Point, which has stunning views of Pachmarhi. Head to the hotel for dinner.

    DAY 3

    Day 3 is for trekking. After breakfast, we start on the Dhoopgarh Trek. Enjoy the stunning views from the top of the tallest peak in the Satpura Range. Spend a leisurely evening.

    DAY 4

    Travel back to Bhopal and check into the hotel. Spend the day at Kanha National Park, enjoy a wildlife safari. Enjoy dinner at the hotel, and spend the evening in leisure.

    DAY 5

    Check out of the hotel after breakfast and transfer to the airport for the flight back home.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    Cost of a trip depends on places you plan to visit, the duration of the stay, the class of travel and accommodation and the inclusions you seek. We have years of experience in conducting the tours. Let us at Flying Squirrel Holidays get the best deal for you.


    What is the best time to visit Madhya Pradesh?

    October to March is winter season and a great time to visit Madhya Pradesh.

    What is Madhya Pradesh famous for?

    Madhya Pradesh has a beautiful mixture of ancient and modern cultures. It is famous for its ancient ruins and palaces, lakes and forests.

    Which is the most beautiful city in Madhya Pradesh?

    All the cities in Madhya Pradesh are unique in their way. Some of the most beautiful cities worth visiting are Indore, Gwalior, and Bhopal.

    Madhya Pradesh is all about its rich history, sacred temples and mosques, varied wildlife, lush forest trails and exciting river activities. No day spent in the heart of India will be boring, and the wide range of attractions will ensure that there is something for everyone. Marvel at heritage sites and inconceivably detailed artwork and sculptures or get your adrenaline pumping at the trails running between thick forests. The food of the state is distinctly delicious, and the Biryani is a must-try. The local silk fabrics Chanderi and Maheshwari are beautiful, and can be found at the bazaars. A Madhya Pradesh trip is sure to be a wholesome one!

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