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Kanha National Park Tour Packages

Kanha, set in the heart of Madhya Pradesh offers you an escape into a rich wilderness, inspiring you the same way it did Rudyard Kipling for his book, “The Jungle Book”. Traverse the wilds of Madhya Pradesh with a visit to the Kanha Tiger Reserve or the Kanha National Park which spans over 940 sq. km All of which can be explored from the comfort of a jeep with the jeep safaris or in an old-fashioned way on elephant backs.

Plan your next vacation to Kanha, Madhya Pradesh with Flying Squirrel Holidays’ tailor-made Kanha national park tour packages!



One of the largest reserves in India, Kanha is home to rich wildlife, surrounded by lush greenery and serene streams. It is not just home to one of the best tiger reserves in all of India, but it also boasts a wide array of flora, about 1000 species of it to be exact. Animals like spotted deer, the barking deer, wild dogs, sloth bears, honey badgers, leopards, Royal Bengal Tigers and elephants to name a few, can be observed from the comfort of a jeep or on the back of a gentle giant through jeep safaris and elephant safaris provided at the national park.

Apart from hosting a wide variety of animals, flowers and trees, Kanha National is home to the once almost extinct species of Swamp deer and Royal Bengal Tigers, offering you captivating sights that wouldn’t have been possible before if not for the efforts of the park.

Witness the tranquillity of the animals slowly grazing on the pastures or bird watching against the backdrop of vermillion sunsets at the Sunset point or also known as Bammi Dadar. This can only be described as a photographer’s and a nature lover’s dream.

You can visit Kanha National park throughout the year, but the best time to visit would be during summer, i.e., March to May for the Royal Bengal Tiger sightings, but for those who disdain the heat, November or December are good months for tiger sightings as well, but bring a sweater or two.
Explore not only the inner zones of the park such as the Kanha, Kisli, Mukki, and Sarhi but also the museum, restaurants and fabulous spots to stay in.

Depending on the zones you would like to explore, Flying Squirrel Holidays will pick a Kanha tour package with a selection of resorts or hotels according to your budget and expectations.
The park takes into consideration not only wildlife safaris but provides accommodations and few places to dine in, all of which can be included in the tailor-made Kanha tour packages provided by the Flying Squirrel Holidays.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of what Rudyard Kipling dreamed of.




Did you know that apart from the rich wildlife in Kanha National Park, there are more than 100 villages within the buffer zone of the park? Home to the Baiga and Gond tribes, the houses are painted with vibrant colours of the tribe that makes them perfect for photographs and cultural appreciation. It is a family-friendly tour and is a good opportunity to teach the young ones about the local tribal cultures. With the help of an expert guide, one can reach out to the tribes and hear stories of the wild as well as explore what they have to offer people coming in from outside.


Maintained by the Forest Department, this museum is situated within the Kanha National Park and is home to a wide variety of animal specimens as well as the rich culture with a history behind the birth of the reserve and before. It is open from 09:00am till 07:00pm throughout the year. This is perfect for families or ardent zoophiles as well as history or culture lovers.

Best Timing for Safari

The park is usually open only from October to June end. If you’re considering going for tiger sightings, it is usually suggested to go during summer i.e., March to May. However, keep yourself routinely updated by using the Tiger Sighting Index or TSI for short sighting details in Kanha. It is okay to go during December to January as well, as this would coincide with bird-watching, and you can hit two birds with one Kanha tour.


Jungle Safaris/Jeep Safaris

Perfect for a large group of friends or family, there are Gypsy safari services available at the park that takes you into the lush green enclosure with the help of an expert guide. Enjoy wildlife against the dense setting of the bamboo trees and the sal forest.

The park is home to a number of animals, flowers, trees and even tribal groups such as the Baiga and Gond tribes.

The Gypsy usually follows a predetermined route from early morning to afternoon, due to which it largely leaves the animals undisturbed making it perfect for avid photography lovers.

It is prohibited to get out of the vehicle and interact with an animal or provide it food, so instead sit back, get your camera ready and relax. Enjoy possible sights of wild dogs to swamp deer to Royal Bengal Tigers at the Kanha tiger reserve in their natural habitat.

To visit Madhya Pradesh and not explore Kanha National Park would be a bad decision. Keep in mind that Kanha National Park usually remains closed on every Wednesday.

Moreover, there are four zones one can select a safari from, three normal zones, i.e., Mukki, Sarhi & Kisli and one premium zone, i.e., the Kanha Gate. Mukki zone is considered to be the second main entry. Here tiger sightings and swamp deer sightings used to be rare, but due to the constant and appreciated efforts of the Kanha national park, the sightings are a lot more common.

Rates for a Jeep safari is usually Rs. 4,200/- to Rs. 4,500/-.

Elephant Safaris

Perfect for adventurous couples, individuals or families looking for a more Jungle book themed safari, the riding on the back of a gentle giant is the way to go. Unlike jeep safaris, elephant safaris can take you places where the jeep cannot traverse.

It is safe and the elephants are accompanied by trained professionals throughout the duration of the safari. This wildlife safari would be one to boast about as these will create beautiful memories filled with sights of various trees, animals and birds.

Keep in mind that when it comes to Elephant safaris, you have to book a month in advance as well as get permission from the Field Director of the park.


Turn your trip to Kanha National Park by a notch and camp under the stars. Perfect for story-telling and creating memories, you can sit around a well-maintained bonfire to share this with your family, friends or your loved ones.

There are various campsites that are situated at the fringes of the Kanha National Park, so pick one of your choice and get closer to nature.



Explore private sightseeing options by choosing either a jeep safari or an elephant safari. Witness wild animals in their natural habitat and see them interact with each other. Wild animals such as the famous Royal Bengal Tiger or the Swamp deer can be seen roaming around against the rich backdrop of the sun-kissed trees and green. Spy a wild dog or two, or go bird-watching with our expert guides who can assist you with naming and spotting.

Pretend you’re the famous Australian crocodile hunter Steve Irwin with your kids and narrate what you see to create a fun memory of your family or bring a DSLR and immortalise the beautiful sights of what you see, so you can share the beauty with others as well. Witness the bountiful efforts of the tribal people and the forest management in maintaining the wonderful Kanha national park ecosystem.

Both summer and winter are good to visit the Kanha National Park. In summer temperatures can rise so make sure to use sunscreen and carry water in non-disposable bottles during summer. During winter, temperatures can go down to below or stagnate at 30 degrees, so if you’re prone to the cold a little, it wouldn’t hurt to carry an extra jacket or two.

Famous animals you can see

Kanha National Park is home to a wide variety of animals, but there are both the infamous and famous animals the park is known for housing.

Ranging from named tigers to swamp deer to wild dogs, the park provides you with a rich National Geographic styled experience. Some of the animals you’d see would include:

Swamp deer or Barasingha: What used to be at the helm of extinction, swamp deer or the jewel of Kanha were victims of poaching or game due to their beautiful skin and striking horns. But thanksto the efforts madeby bothlocals and the forest management, the park is able to successfully conserve this beautiful animal. You can see them grazing at the beautiful grassy meadows during private sightseeing or jeep safaris.

Wild Dogs of Kanha: Being a highly social animal, this charming wild dog hunts in large groups alongside their adorable puppies. It is referred to as Dhole in India.

They tend to hunt smaller prey and have been seen to possibly fight large animals like tigers in large groups if provoked. They were a hot topic in Rudyard Kipling's book, although his mention of them was a bit exaggerated by stating that they run their prey to death.

Witness their charming appearance in one of the safari trips provided by the Kanha tour packages.

Famous Tigers of Kanha: Nak kata, Choti Mada and Munna are three of the most well-known Royal Bengal Tigers of Kanha National Park.

These are a couple of old tigers that are usually easy to sight with their trademark appearances. When it comes to Nak Kata, the dominant male tiger, you can see the infamous scar on his face and his ferocious appearance making him look like something straight out of a Lion King movie.

Choti Mada is a tigress who is known to be rather timid and friendly and is usually seen around the Bishanpur Meadows. Munna is treated as the most famous Royal Bengal Tiger in the park.

He has markings of the word CAT on his forehead and can be seen hanging around Naktighati or Chhattapathara.

Exotic bird sightings: A wide array of birds can be seen at Kanha national park. This is a bird-watchers paradise. One can see birds from vultures to Tickell’s flowerpecker to Sarus Crane, all in their natural habitat.

The best seasons to go for bird watching would be during the winter season, as a lot of migratory birds visit India during this time. Carry a binocular and you’ll be set for the day.

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    Day 1

    Welcome to Kanha National Park. Our assigned guide will await your arrival at Madhya Pradesh from Jabalpur or Katni, to welcome you. You will be taken to one of the assigned resorts to check in and relax for the afternoon. Feast on the complimentary local cuisines prepared for lunch and brace yourself for a private jeep safari in the evening.

    Grab your camera and a few bottles of water, our guide will take you to a predetermined zone and take you through the safari from there. Witness nature and the wild against the backdrop of the setting sun. You will then be taken back to the resort to have a relaxing evening and a good dinner.

    Day 2

    This time explore the Kanha National Parkin the afternoon. You will be taken for sightseeing and given private tours in a different zone to explore the other varieties of flora and fauna the area has to offer.

    You will be taken to the famous Royal Bengal Tiger sighting areas. Towards the night you will be taken back to the resort to unwind from the adventurous day.

    Day 3

    After breakfast, you will be taken to a nearby campsite. After check-in, you will be taken to the next safari site where you'll be able to ride elephants and explore the wild, the Jungle Book way. Witness nature in the way it was intended to be seen.

    These gentle giants are comfortable and trainers would be there round the clock to ensure maximum safety. For a night under the stars and to unwind near a bonfire with some good food, you'll be checked in back at the camp.

    Day 4

    The museum remains open from 09:00am. So soon after breakfast, you will be taken to the museum to see animal specimens as well as the rich culture and history of the local tribes in the area. Witness history in the making of Kanha. Exploring this would usually take an hour and a half. After eating lunch at one of the local restaurants of your choice as part of the Kanha tour packages, you will be taken to the villages.

    Here you can interact with some of the locals as well as see their vibrant artwork as well as culture displayed throughout the village. Perfect for some photography as well as gaining knowledge of the local tribe, this makes a perfect day to trek around the village and learn more about Kanha in detail. At the camp during the night, sit around a bonfire and share a story or two, make friends or have fun with your family.

    Day 5

    Say bye to Madhya Pradesh and Kanha National Park as you check out of the campsite. You will be taken to the airport after bidding bye and having some mouth-watering breakfast. Bid farewell. We hope you enjoyed the trip.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    Cost of a trip depends on the airline you choose and the place of your departure, the category of the hotel or resort you wish to pick, and an additional cost for a safari in the Kanha National Park. Flying Squirrel Holidays provides customised Kanha holiday packages according to your budget and preferences.


    What is the best time to visit Kanha National Park?

    The best time to visit Kanha National Park would be anytime between March to May, if you’re a fan of summer and would like to see comparatively more tiger sightings. Carry non-plastic water bottles and remember to rehydrate. If you’re not a big fan of the summer, winter is a good time to visit as well, since this is when the migratory birds decide to swoop in. Tiger sightings are common during this season as well but are less frequent. Monsoon is not recommended usually as the roads can get extremely muddy.

    Which zone is best in Kanha?

    For best tiger sighting zones, it is usually recommended to take one of the three zones- Kisli, Mukki or Sarhi zone. These zones are also home to other wild flora and fauna.

    What is Kanha National Park famous for?

    Its tiger reserves and the conservation of the once-endangered deer population is what the park is known for. With local tiger celebrities as well as the rich historic tribes, Kanha National Park is famous for housing all these in this span of land. It is home to tons of species of flora as well as a variety of bird species that you would otherwise not see elsewhere.

    Is Kanha National Park worth visiting?

    The answer is easy, yes, it is. If you would want to be in your personal Rudyard Kipling adventure, why wait, ride in a jeep or on the back of a gentle giant and explore the wilderness. Witness the animals against the backdrop of vermillion-coloured skies as the sun sets over the sunset point. All within an easy budget.

    How many tigers are there in Kanha?

    It is estimated that the population of Bengal Tigers is around 131.

    Imagine a budget-friendly trip to one of the best-kept nature reserves Madhya Pradesh has to offer, Kanha National Park. With over 1000 types of flora and not to mention the varieties of fauna, such as the great Bengal Tiger or the Swamp Deer to varieties of Birds, all of which can be explored in the comfort of a jeep safari or an elephant safari. Dine under the stars at Kanha and interact with the local tribal people all tailor-made into a package offered by the Flying Squirrel Holidays.
    Help us help you curate a Kanha tour package that would let you explore Kanha in great detail.

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