The Misty Wales

This is by far the road less trodden. Wales is beautiful, mysterious and what it lacks in size, it more than makes up in character. From its sweeping panorama of castles, coast and countryside; mountains, moors, and marsh; villages, towns, and valleys – Wales is a veritable treat and a driver’s delight. If you love driving, there is no better place than the winding country roads of this little big country.It also has some big names. From Anthony Hopkins to Catherine Zeta Jones, from Shirley Bassey to Tom Jones – they all call it home. It has its own language, a proud yet genteel people, and smiling locals who will give you a warm welcome. It is less than two hours’ drive from London, yet it is a whole world away. And it is definitely off the beaten track. So if you are after an ‘experience’ unique, come visit Wales. For Wales is not a single destination. It is a journey into a secret escape

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