Summer Holiday Packages International 2019

The mighty scale of Russia is reflected in the splendour of its palaces, churches and parks. Right from the grandeur of the Moscow Metro and the towering Kremlin to the huge shopping malls, size truly matters in this country. Think of the vast forest covers of Siberia, the volcanic moonscapes of Kamchatka or the blue expanse of Lake Baikal. The incredible diversity of landscapes and climatic zones of Russia are an explorer’s delight.
In our specially curated itinerary for Russia you get to explore some wonderful locations and archaeological marvels in Moscow and St. Petersburg during your 6 nights and 7 days trip.

As the capital of Russia and the country's largest city, Moscow is where you get your first real taste of Russian culture. The city is surprisingly cosmopolitan, but it still maintains its traditional charm thanks to the many historic buildings and monuments that dot the streets. A visit to Moscow wouldn't be complete without a visit to the historic Kremlin, which sits in the city center and is surrounded by the well-known Red Square. Visitors should take advantage of the many excellent restaurants, bars, and shopping centers around this place that have opened in the recent years.
The second-largest Russian city after Moscow, Saint Petersburg is filled with world-class art, culture, and history. The historic city center has the honor of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site; the biggest attraction here is the beautiful Winter Palace, which houses the Hermitage Museum, home to the largest collection of paintings in the world. The Hermitage was created in 1764 as the private collection of Empress Catherine the Great who commanded Russian ambassadors around the world to purchase the best pieces of art they could find. The other highlights of Saint Petersburg include the opera and ballet shows, the many historical monuments, and the boat tours of the canals.

Explore the region’s exquisite landscape, art, architecture, culture and cuisine, all included in the package.

Prices start from INR 1,65,000/- per person for 6 nights and 7 days.
Includes: Accommodation in 4-star hotels with breakfast and dinner, international airfare, all tours and transfers as per itinerary and visa.


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