Imagine visiting a nation of more than 7,000 islands, caressed by warm turquoise waters, powdery white sand, islands surrounded by coral reefs and misty mountains! Philippines is largely unspoilt. Here you will be away from the maddening holiday crowd and enjoy the long stretches of virgin beaches with white sand and blue-green waters in the farthest flung islands!

Flying Squirrel Holidays takes you to Manila, Palawan and Cebu. These are the best for diving and snorkelling and of course to simply relax. We begin our holiday in Manila with the warmth of its people, the busy business district of Makati, the historical Intramuros district, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed San Agustin Church, and Manila Bay among many, many others. We then take you toa private island in the Zulu sea where you will stay at private villas on the beach, on tree tops or at the hillside. Imagine swaying in the bed of your tree house as the cool breeze caresses the beach!

If you are keen on a spa experience during your holiday, we recommend some salubrious ones serviced by the best experienced hands.

We also offer you some of the best resorts – breathtaking, elegant and privately owned with limited guests rooms. These are idyllic places where a perfect coastal paradise has been quietly built for those on romantic holidays or those wanting a relaxing time with family. In these resorts you can choose from an array of water sports – snorkelling, diving, island treks – and even adventure tours (including tour of the renowned Underground River, in a national park), mangrove paddle boat tours and a zip line ride over lagoons. You can wade through the waters, slow-mo and encounter underwater life up close!

When in Philippines, we recommend tasting the local cuisine. Filipino food is influenced by the country’s Spanish heritage, as well as by Malayan and Chinese food, and therefore certainly presents a good mix. Among the most popular dishes are Adobo (meat cooked in vinegar, salt, garlic and pepper), Lechon (roasted pig), Sisig (pork cheeks, liver and head in hot sauce), and a variety of rice dishes and spicy soups. Do eat out at Sentro 1771 in Makati in Manila, lauded for its inventive, modern Filipino cuisine.

Philippines tourism offers a lot for the avid travellers as well as for new ones. If this destination is your calling, let us know and we will plan your travel for you

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