Famous Lakes

  • beside the lake
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Famous Lakes

The North is a package of contrasts and contradictions. This is where The Beatles learned to sing, where a young William Wordsworth chanced upon ‘a host of golden daffodils’ and made them immortal, and a very young David Beckham came to kick a football and went on to become very rich and famous.It was also the North that oiled everything from the English East India Company to the infamous Slave Trade in the colonies, to the Industrial Revolution back home.Today, it is a story of two halves. In Manchester and Liverpool, you have two of Britain’s finest cities – packed with world-class attractions, a foodie haven and fantastic nightlife. While an hour’s drive north, and you are in the hills full of ‘singing’ poets, rolling meadows and deep blue lakes. It has everything from castles to cathedrals, from award winning museums to Michelin-starred restaurants, and hip hop sushi bars, to “Romans” and race courses, and finally the Lakes to get away from it all. Many come to Manchester, some even visit the Lakes. But few venture beyond. Here we offer you insights into places which only locals will know, helpful tips to make your week or 10 days a memorable stay. So pack your bags, for ‘here comes the sun’

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