Germany is a diverse country with many attractions. The combination of old world charm and modern urban feel make it an ideal destination for travellers. In your Germany tour, you will find beautiful architecture here in the city, a well-planned countryside, fun-filled festivals and mouth-watering cuisine. Those wanting to enjoy the Arts can visit Munich and Frankfurt and then go onto places, such as the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest or the Rhine valley. Germany shares delicacies and excellent range of beers, wines and spirits. To experience all of the abundant activities you must definitely visit this country.

Places to Visit in Germany

The top rated places that must be included in your trip to Germany from India are:


Berlin, the Germany’s pride, is an extravagant and cosmopolitan city with rich history and culture. Berlin is home to the world famous Berlin Opera and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, while its diverse art scene encompasses hundreds of galleries, events, and museums, including those on Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Berlin tour offers a mix of new and classic architecture, dynamic entertainment, shopping, nightlife and a wide variety of sports and cultural institutions.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Berlin is May through September.

Main Attractions in Berlin

  • Berlin War Memorial and Documentation Centre- Stretching along Bernauer Strasse is this memorial to the hostile Berlin Wall, it is one fragment of history of Berlin.
  • Brandenburg Tor-The Brandenburg Tor or the Brandenburg Gate stood as a partition between East and West Berlin, during the Cold War, now symbolizes the reunification of Germany.
  • Fernsehturm-It is a magnificent and structure, Berlin’s iconic TV tower is known for its architecture.
  • Fernsehturm -The Island is home to five lavish museums that boast of art, architecture, sculpture and artifacts spanning over 6000 years in history.
  • Gendarmenmarket-One of the most beautiful squares in Berlin, the Gendarmenmarket is surrounded by the French Cathedral, German Cathedral and the Konzerthaus.
  • Berliner Dom-The Berlin Cathedral is located in the northern side of the Spree Island. If there is just one cathedral to visit it got to be this one.
  • Pergamon Museum-This museum is a fusion of classical sculpture and monumental architecture from Greece, Babylon, Middle East and Rome.


Must-Try Dishes in Berlin

  • Currywurst- A grilled sausage which includes ingredients like ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and curry powder.
  • Spatzle-This is a dish for vegetarians. The dough consists of eggs, flour, salt and a hint of fizzy water. It’s generally served topped with quality cheese adding flavor and texture.
  • Konigsberger klopse-These meatballs are the favourites of Berliners. The dish can be prepared using ingredients, including ground veal, beef, pork, onions, eggs, anchovies and flour, before being cooked in a broth. Then sauce is added to give a creamy mixture with capers and lemon.
  • Schnitzel-Germany’s international dish is a thinly sliced piece of veal-meat, covered with flour, egg and bread crumbs and then deep fried in oil or a lot of butter until it turns golden on the outside. It can also be made with pork, chicken breast and even soya meat, though always served with potatoes.
  • Maultaschen- Maultaschen is a kind of pasta filled with all kinds of stuffing from pork to beef to vegetables. These pasta pockets are either boiled or fried.


2. Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the most important locations in the world of European Finance. The city is populated with loads of modern buildings and urban skyscrapers owing to its significance in the global village.  Rich history and Frankfurt nightlife draws in tourists, exhibiting classic half-timbered structures of Medieval Germany, as well as being the hometown of the iconic writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe. The city is known for the Medieval German Architecture and will keep you fascinated and entertained for days.

Best Time to Visit

The best seasons to visit Frankfurt are from April to May and from August to September.

Frankfurt tourist places and main Frankfurt attractions

  • Museumsufer- It is a cluster of 12 museums which are known for films, art, architecture, communication and ethnography.
  • Stadel Museum-The museums contains marvellous array of paintings by Caspar David Friedrich, Degas and Kirchner.
  • Frankfurt Cathedral- It holds historical importance in the days of the Holy Roman Empire and is known for its Baroque architecture.
  • Romerberg- The quaintest square in the city is walled by photogenic medieval houses, a church and historic administrative buildings.
  • Palmengarten-It is a botanical gardenwhere plant species from all parts of the globe are displayed in greenhouses or the open-air.
  • Eiserner Steg- Spanning the River Main between the centre of the city and the Sachsenhausen area, it is Frankfurt’s iron footbridge. The best time to cross is late in the day when the low sun illuminates the high-rise towers in the Bankenviertel.


Must-Try Dishes in Frankfurt

  • Frankfurter Wurstchen- The pork sausages are long and cooked in boiling water for a few minutes before served with a slice of white bread and mustard and horseradish.
  • Grune Sobe-It is a blend of seven chopped herbs and either mayonnaise, yoghurt, sour cream or quark cheese. The cold sauce is then poured over boiled eggs and potatoes or sometimes a brisket of beef.
  • Rippchen- These are slow-cooked pork cutlets. They’re most commonly served hot with Sauerkraut, potato mash and mustard. Cold leftovers are fantastic with just bread buns and potato salad.
  • Rindswurst-This is a beef sausage and often served as a no fuss snack with rye bread and mustard.
  • Frankfurter Kranz-The simple sponge cake is cut horizontally into three layers; the two bottom layers are then spread with buttercream icing and strawberry or cherry jam, stacked on one another and then coated with even more buttercream. It is then sprinkled with krokant, caramelised brittle nuts.


3. Munich

Munich is the technology capital and blends modernity and tradition. There are art galleries, medieval churches, dynastic palaces, old theatres, nightclubs, beer gardens and cafes. It is home to the BMW Welt, Siemens and Microsoft, FC Bayern Munich's 21st century stadium and so much. A tinge of medieval in the air and slightly rustic, Munich is the most visited city in Germany.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Munich is from March to May.

Main Attractions in Munich

  • Schloss Nymphenburg- It is a regal palace which is known for its lavish gardens.
  • Deutsche Museum-The Deutsche Museum is one of the most important museum of science and technology and also one of the most frequented one.
  • Olympia Park-Sight of the 1972 Olympics, the park retains a variety of sports facilities, lakes, bicycle paths, concert venues and football grounds.
  • Peterskirche-Munich's oldest Parish church, standing on the site of yet another church that existed even earlier than 1181.
  • Alte Pinakothek-Constructed by Leo von Klenze, the Alte Pinakothek is a temple of old masters paintings originating from different countries.


Must-Try Dishes in Munich

  • Spatzle- German noodles made by little pieces of dough into boiling water, skimming them out, drying them and then frying them in butter with thyme. Often served with cheese sauce or sometimes bacon and onions, spatzle are the perfect way-station between pasta and perogies.
  • Schweinshaxe- Schweinshaxe is a big old pig knuckle slow-roasted with the skin still on and served with a knife sticking out of it.
  • Weisswurst-Weisswurst are white sausage and is a fat, short pork sausage and combined with beer, a pretzel and some mustard which make up the Bavarian breakfast.
  • Schmalz-It is basically just pig fat, or lard. People spread it on whole wheat bread and add crispy dry onions or apple flakes.
  • Schnitzel-Pork is lightly breaded and fried and served with mushrooms and potatoes.


4. Cologne

Cologne is richer in diversity, and more vital and lovable than any of Germany’s other big cities. This lively city on the Rhine offers a wealth of cultural activities and large Romanesque churches. The cathedral city of Cologne is home to many museums and galleries that present top-class art treasures of all styles. Cologne tourism offers shopping and exciting night life and has the highest numbers of pubs and taverns.

Best Time to Visit

The best times to visit Cologne are September to November and April to June.

Main Attractions in Cologne

  • Cologne Cathedral- There’s  invaluable art to see inside, like stained glass windows from the 1500s, the 10th-century Gero-Kreuz crucifix and a black marble high altar from the 1300s carved with niches featuring images from the Coronation of the Virgin.
  • Ludwig Museum-This museum has the famous collections like the Sammlung Haubrich collection, which covers Expressionist art by Erich Heckel, Kirchner, August Macke and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff to name a few.
  • Cologne’s Old Town-Take a Cologne city tour and explore the old town shines through on streets and is famous for plazas like Heumarkt and Altermarkt.
  • Botanical Garden-Cologne’s loveliest park is famous for sprawling lawns, individual gardens and greenhouses around an glass palace inspired by London’s Crystal Palace and built in the 1860s.
  • Koln Triangle- It offers a photogenic view of the old town, the cathedral towers and the Colonius telecom tower behind it.
  • Hohenzollern Bridge- It was built in the beginning of the 20th century and is a famous bridge in Cologne. Couples attach a padlock to the grating beside the footpath and throw the key into the river as an expression of permanence.


Must-Try Dishes in Cologne

  • Halve Hahn- It is a famous traditional sandwich and can be found in traditional pubs. It’s an open-faced rye bun, spread with butter and topped with thick slices of gouda cheese and raw onion.
  • Himmel un Aad- This simple dish is refined with onions, bacon strips and most importantly slices of fried black pudding.
  • Mettbrutche-It is a slice of bread or a bread roll spread with butter, raw minced pork, raw onion and sprinkled with salt and pepper.


5. Schwarzwald

The Black Forest gets its name from the canopy of evergreens looming above the forest floor. Home to elaborate cuckoo clocks, striking half-timbered houses, ruined castles, quaint towns and the Black Forest Germany castle altogether makes it a magical land full of cultural traditions.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Schwarzwald is between Julys to September.

Top places to visit in Black Forest Germany and things to do in Black Forest Germany

  • Exploring the Black Forest by car- It is recommended to explore the forest by car and enjoy enroute trip to most famous Black Forest Ridgeway in your Black Forest Germany tour.
  • Freiburg im Breisgau Munster and Old Town- Built between 13th and 16th centuries, it is one of the great masterpieces of Gothic architecture and is known for its beautiful interiors and artworks.Baden-Baden Spas and Gardens- The highlight is a rose garden with 400 different varieties, along with pools, fountains, and an Art Nouveau pavilion.
  • Triberg Waterfalls- A walking path climbs through the steep Triberg forest. The cascades and waterfalls creates an ever-changing set of views as you climb, and it's worth going all the way to the wooden bridge at the top for the views down into the rocky ravine.
  • Kloster Maulbronn-Its stone and half-timbered buildings comprise one of the most beautiful and best preserved German monasteries and Kloster Maulbronn has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Must-Try Dishes in Schwarzwald

  • Spatzle- They are made from flour, eggs, water, and salt and have a much more moist and soft dough that cannot be rolled out.
  • Berries-Combine it with ice cream and have the famous delicious berries of the forest.
  • Pellkartoffeln mit Quark-The Pellkartoffeln are like Jacket Potatoes, and the Quark is a fresh cheese made from warmed soured milk. It’s very light in calories and taste.
  • Grillwurst-They are long spicy sausage, made from finely ground pork and bacon, folded in two and placed in a bun with onions, ketchup and mustard on top.
  • Linzertorte-The cake is made from short, crumbly pastry filled with with almonds, raspberry jam and some raspberry liquor and then topped with powdered sugar.


An itinerary of Germany

A Germany itinerary for your trip to Germany from India is:

Day 1: Arrival at Berlin. Check in to the hotel. Evening at leisure. Overnight in Berlin.

Day 2: City tour includes Berlin war memorial, Museuminsel etc. Overnight in Berlin.

Day 3: Arrival at Munich by train. Check in to the hotel. Overnight in Munich.

Day 4: City tour includes Duetsche Museum, Olympia Park and more. Overnight in Munich.

Day 5: Arrival at Frankfurt by train. Check in to the hotel. Evening free at leisure. Overnight in Frankfurt.

Day 6: City tour includes Museumsufer, Frankfurt Cathedral and more. Overnight in Frankfurt.

Day 7: Proceed for a day trip to Rhine Valley Cruise. Overnight in Frankfurt.

Day 8: Arrival at Cologne by train. Check in to the hotel. Rest of the day at leisure. Overnight in Cologne.

Day 9: City tour includes Cologne Cathedral, Cologne Old Town and more. Overnight in Cologne.

Day 10: Arrival at Schwarzwald by train. Check in to the hotel. Explore the forest by car. Overnight in Schwarzwald.

Day 11: City tour includes Baden Baden spa and gardens, Triberg Waterfalls etc. Overnight in Schwarzwald.

Day 12: Arrival at Berlin. Check in to the hotel. Go up for a last minute shopping. Overnight in Berlin.

Day 13: Breakfast. Check out of the hotel to fly back home.

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