Customized China Holiday Packages

Travel to the land of ancient treasures and dragon dance. From historical cities, beautiful water towns, incredible natural wonders, impressive cultural heritage, and folk customs, a holiday in China is a satisfying one.Beijing, China's capital city for over 700 years, is rich in history, both ancient and modern. Here you can hike on the Great Wall of China (did you know that this is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and can be viewed from space?), visit the Forbidden Citythe Temple of Heaventhe Bird's Nest, discover the hutongs by rickshaw, and enjoy a tasty Peking roast duck. After Beijing, a visit to Xi'an the ancient capital city will give you a glimpse of China’s ancient civilization. Xi'an was the starting point of the Silk Road, the ancient trade route that extended from Asia to Europe and when you are here visit the Terracotta Army, and the Ancient City Wall. Shanghai, China's biggest city, has the oomph of New York and Paris and is one of the world’s leading economic and business centers. Here experience the world's fastest train, enjoy some leisure time in Chinese gardens and water towns, visit Disneyland, have a bird's-eye view of the Shanghai World Financial Centre. Finally, if you are curious about China’s Giant Pandas, then Flying Squirrel Holidays, the best tour operator in Kolkata, would like to recommend a stop at Chengdu. Spend some time at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center where you can observe the animals from close quarters and while you are here also taste its delicious Sichuan food like the kung pao chicken and spicy hotpot

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