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Tailor-made Canada Tour Packages from India

Canada is the second-largest country in the world and the expanse is mostly empty wilderness. That is its allure. Also, it has goats on the roof. Quaint. Beyond the cities of Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and nature’s wonder of the Niagara Falls, the sparsely populated Canada is a vast spread of never-ending pristine lands, stunning snow-clad mountains, mysterious ancient forests, riveting lakes, small charming towns and bewildering quaint places.

Get set for a memorable journey through these spectacular landscapes with the customisable Canada tour packages from India from Flying Squirrel Holidays.



Canada, located in the northern part of North America, is a vast country that is best experienced by going crisscross across the massive expanse.

Hit the roads to know the real Canada. Pick from the number of scenic drives and be amazed by the splendid and the bizarre that the country has to offer on the way.

Chances are, as you set for an east-west on Vancouver Island from Parksville, you will drift to a roadside market of Coombs where shops and restaurants are thermally regulated by grass on the roofs being grazed by the goats. The bizarre draws a million visitors a year.

And the quaint like this will keep jumping at you as you travel through Canada.


There is a lot that Canada has to offer beyond its urban centres and the Niagara Falls. Nothing like taking to the roads to explore the wonderous hinterland.

Pacific Rim Highway: A 2-hour Parksville–Tofinoride takes you through the splendid mountain ranges, glimmering lakes and the mysterious ancient jungles terminating at Tofino.

Tofino, a summertime favourite of the tourists draws surfers, hikers, nature lovers and all kinds of outdoorsy. It’s a cute little town surrounded by splendid west Pacific landscape including the islands and inlets that are UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Trans-Canada Highway: Slicing through the Canadian Rockies on the 220 kms Revel stoke Lake Louis stretch on the Trans-Canada Highway,the road passes through a series of breath-taking views in the Selkirk Mountain Range and the Glacier National Parkto arrive at the Banff National Park.

The Glacier National Park is a utopia for the adventure seekers with 700 miles of hiking tracks, numerous campgrounds for picnics, biking and even boating down the river. The Banff National Park, under the protective shelter of UNESCO, is famed for its sensational beauty of rippling lakes, snow-topped mountains and lush meadows.

Badlands Trails: Passes through Calgary, famous for the festivity of Calgary Stampede and Drumheller, famed for being the dinosaur capital of the world. The sparse and dry topography of the region sits in beautiful contrasts to the greenery everywhere.

Icefield Parkway: The ride is a trek back to the ice age. It takes you through the Rocky Mountains to the Columbia ice fields. It provides with stunning views of glaciers in the middle of their slides. A series of roaring waterfalls, glistening lakes and miles and miles of forests is what you encounter on this highway that joins the Jasper National Park and Banff.

Sea to Sky Highway. A 2-hour ride on the highway from Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver to Whistler, is a darling with the skiing enthusiasts. A little further, transmits you to lands of beautiful inlets and fjords and waterfalls besides lakes and mountains. The Sea-to-Sky Gondola takes you up the peak with the most scintillating views of the mountains and lakes below.

The Cabot Trail.It is a 300 kms of awe-inspiring vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and the St. Lawrence Gulf with a number of charming towns along the way. Meandering through the northern end of the Cape Breton Island you might sight the Finback, the Humpback, the Pilot or the Minke Whales.

The Winnipeg-Thompson on Highway 6. For the truly adventurous, this ride will bring the majestic polar bear and Beluga whales in close sight.

The Algonquin Corridor of Highway 60 through the famous Algonquin Park with a plethora of holidaying choices between beaches, lakes, precipices, rivers and marshlands is a fantastic place for relaxed extended family holidays. You may find the moose paying you a visit too.


As you drive crisscrossing the country, you come across charming towns and bizarre practices so numerous, it is difficult to enumerate.

Alberta famed for its hot springs in British Columbia; Summerside in Prince Edward Island with stately sea-side heritage homes; and Neepawa in Manitoba, the ‘lily capital of the world’ are only some of the charming towns of Canada. St. John, the city with vibrant coloured buildings, sloping streets and maritime culture is another charming corner of the world.

Tobermory, Ontario, the freshwater scuba capital of the world has 22 shipwrecks to explore. Dawson city with building facades of the period of the Goldrush are some of the quaint ones. Then there is this city of Humboldt in the Prairies of Saskatchewan that has a water tank masquerading as a lighthouse when the nearest sea is 1500 kms away.

Moose Jaw at Saskatchewan with underground tunnels as a tourist attraction and Dawson where a saloon serves cocktail with a mummified human toe in it are just befuddling bizarre.


Canada’s vast expanse and the sparse population is a blessing. The country still abounds with almost-untouched virgin lands standing invitingly in its graceful glory.

The Banff, the Niagara Falls and the Whistler snowy slopes are simply mind-blowing places to visit in Canada.


For those not having persuasions for long drives, the visit to Canada would entail visiting a few of the urban splendours of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec and Calgary.

There is so much Canada has to offer, a trip is not enough. Don’t travel, make a sojourn. Select from the Canada tour packages and let us further customise them to suit your likes.


For the outside world, Canada is known for its throbbing cities of Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa; its natural wonders of the Niagara Falls, Banff National Park and Whistler ski resort; its festivals like the Calgary Stampede and the Toronto Film Festivals; and its winter sports of ice-hockey and skiing.

Planning a holiday around a few or all of them will let you a good peek into the fascinating land of Canada.

We have Canada holiday packages from Flying Squirrel Holidays which we can customise to make your Canada travel a beautiful memory to archive.




Rodeo events testing the cow-boy skills and the festival of Calgary Stampede complete with old-west chuckwagon racing draws a million visitors a year.


The ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World’ lures with the promise of sighting the polar bear, beluga whales and the aurora borealis or the polar lights.

Cape Breton Island

Guaranteed whale spotting, the unparalleled adventure of the Cabot Trail, the splendid landscape of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park with numerous look-out spots offering gorgeous views is an irresistible draw.


Spectacular federal and historical buildings, and in summer the ceremonial Change of Guards and the beautiful Rideau Canal that turns into an ice-skating rink is a favourite.


Quaint villages, unmatched mountain skiing slopes with superlative views, facilities for hiking and rock climbing and a peak-to-peak gondola ride have a magnetic pull over the visitors.

Vancouver Islands

Enchanting fjords, inspiring waterfalls, glimmering lakes and glacial mountains are heavenly for outdoor lovers. The town of Tofinois an invite to surfing, kayaking, hiking and gives a feel of having reached a remote at-peace-with-oneself destination.

Stanley Park, in Vancouver city, is a major attraction. The Butchart Gardens, a group of floral display gardens, located near Victoria draws a million visitors every year.

Quebec City

Cobble-stoned streets, old historic buildings, French chateau like photogenic hotels have a charm of their own.Horse-drawn carriage in the city is a big hit with the touristy.


Culture and cuisine. Glorious beaches and inviting pedestrian strips, public skating rink, winter events and a number of iconic touristy points.


The climate is mild throughout the year, the summers are shining and the views over the harbour are simply bewitching.

Banff National Park

The lovely elevated town of Banff and the Banff National Park is on the list of any tourist visiting Canada. Blue-green lakes, the glacier-covered mountains and the gondola rides are just too enticing.


Whether you love the regular touristy beats or like to chart into the little known, whether you want to travel solo, with family or in groups, there are so many amazing things to do in Canada.

Soak in the scenic beauty that you witness in every few distances that you travel outside the cities. Just drive on the highway connecting the Jasper National Parkto the Banff National Park and you would be engulfed with a feeling of disbelief at the spectacular beauty that nature holds.

Wander in the ancient rain forests that then abruptly gives way to sandy beaches in the beautiful Tofino. Soak in the balmy sights of the west pacific coast.

Take a breath-taking view of the Niagara Falls both on the Canadian and USA side from the observatory of the Skylon Tower. Take the Niagara Sky Wheel Ferry to view the Niagara River and the Horseshoe Falls. The more audacious can head up to the launch dock and take a zipline gliding down 670 meters over the majestic waterfall.

Bask in the beauty the nature displays in various hues at the Banff National Park and the town of Banff with the backdrop of cascading mountains; undoubtedly the most precious nature destination of Canada.

Be enchanted by the blue waters of Lake Louis in Banff, the Waterton Lake in Alberta’s southern most part and the crystal-clear green-tinged waters of the Horseshoe Lake in the Jasper National Park among many others.

Visit the Bay of Fundy twice a day exactly 6 hours gap to find the difference in the landscape at high tide and low tide. The water recedes 5 kms back allowing you to walk the ocean bed.

Say hello to the polar bears at Churchill.

Watch beluga whales in close proximity, snorkel with them or watch while boating or kayaking in Churchill, Manitoba.

Board a ferry for a day cruise along the Canada Inside Passage in summers from Port Hardy in Vancouver Island for a mesmerizing scenic beauty and whales jumping around in abundance.

Watch the seals, the sea lions and whales in the sea around Vancouver Island.
Pay tribute to the proud bison at the Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan.

Go bird-watching in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Hikers of all levels can go on a hiking trail in the Alberta’s southernmost Waterton Lakes along glimmering lakes and rough ridges.

Go skiing down the slopes of Lake Louis Ski Resort in the Banff National Park the most beautiful skiing place in North America.

Enjoy the ride on the Banff Gondola up the Sulphur Mountain.



• At Ottawa: The Parliament Hill, the By Ward Market, the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Museum of Nature and the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica are the constructs at the top. The ceremony of Change of Guards has its fans too.

• At Montreal: Notre-Dame Basilica, the old neighbourhood of Old Montreal, the shopping hub of Sainte Catherine Street, the Mount Royal, a mountain in the city itself and Montreal Museum of Fine Arts are the attractions.

• At Toronto: The city of Toronto, the Toronto Islands a ferry ride away, The CN Tower, the shopping complex of Eaten Centre, the Ripley’s Aquarium, the castle of Casa Loma and the ice-hockey museum of Hockey Hall of Fame are the top draws of the city.

National Parks

• In Banff: The town of Banff, the castle-like hotel Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, the Gondola ride to the Sulphur Mountain, Lake Louis, the hotel Chateau Lake Louis, the hikes around and the ski resorts of Lake Louis, the scenic highway segment of Icefields Parkway and the trails to the Grizzly bear are the major pulls of the region. The Canadian Rockies is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

• In Jasper: Jasper too is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Jasper Sky Tram over the Jasper mountains, lakes, river and towns below, the Maligne Lake and the Columbia Icefield Skywalk have a magnetic pull on the visitors.

• Lakes, glaciers and mountains have a magical pull over the tourists visiting the two national parks.


• The Horseshoe Fall on the Canadian side of Canada’s iconic Niagara Falls is the top tourist attraction.

• The Hornblower Ferry ride, Journey Behind the Falls, the Skylon Tower, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and amusement at Fantasy Land are the top drawers.

Natural Wonders

• Sighting the Arora Borealis in Churchill.

• Walking on the ocean bed in the Bay of Fundy are fun attractions.

Wildlife Sighting

Polar bear in Churchill, whales in Churchill, Cape Breton Island, Bison at the Grassland National Park.

History and Culture

The festivals of the Calgary Stampede, The Toronto Film Festivals, the Live Music at Alpenglow are among the many celebrations that attract people from far and near.


• Gondola rides at Whistler.

• Zipline gliding over the Niagara.

• Cliff jumping in the Horseshoe Lake.

Adventure and Sports

• Ice skating on Rideau and the Lake Louis.

• Surfing, kayaking and hiking in and near Tofino, winter hiking in the Windy Lake National Park.

• Hiking in the Canadian Rockies.

Tourist attractions in Canada are just too many to enumerate. Just get on your marks, set and go. Canada tour packages from Flying Squirrel Holidays guarantees a hassle-free tour of this fascinating country.

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    Canada is a vast country. Tour packages to the country vary according to the disposition and likes of the visitors. There are a number of Canada tour packages with us that we can customise for you. Here is a customisable sample itinerary that you can download.

    Day 1

    Arrival at the Calgary airport. You will be escorted to your hotel in Calgary. The day is to be spent on your own.

    Day 2

    City tour of Calgary and departure by road for Banff. Orientation tour at Banff. Accommodation at Banff.

    Day 3

    Free day to undertake summer or winter activities as per the season and inclination. There is a helicopter ride over the Canadian Rockies which is optional. Accommodation at Banff.

    Day 4

    Check out and leave for Jasper National Park. Ride through the beautifully scenic landscape with halts at Lake Loui, Columbia Iceland, and riding the all-terrain vehicle. Reach Jasper through the beautiful sceneries of the mountain passes. There is an arrangement for the float tour on the river Athabasca which is optional. On reaching Jasper, there will be an orientation tour of the town site. Accommodation in Jasper.

    Day 5

    Guided tour of the Maligne Lake and the Spirit Island. Later you are free to take any of the guided hikes or you can go shopping. Accommodation in Jasper.

    Day 6

    Check out from Jasper and take a ride along the Fraser River to Mount Robson. The ride continues to reach and stay at Kamloops with the view of the Monashee mountains on the way. Accommodation in Kamloops.

    Day 7

    Check out from Kamloops. Board a ferry and cross over to Vancouver Island to reach Victoria. Sightseeing in Victoria including the Butchart Garden among many others. Evening on your own. You can go to the waterfront. Accommodation at Victoria.

    Day 8

    Cruise to Gulf Island for whale watching. Evening on your own. Accommodation in Victoria.

    Day 9

    Check out from Victoria. Ferry to Vancouver. City tour in Vancouver including a visit to the Stanley Park. Evening on your own for entertainment and shopping. Accommodation in Vancouver.

    Day 10

    Check out and arranged a transfer to the Vancouver airport.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    Cost of a trip depends on destinations you plan to visit, the duration of the stay, the class of travel and accommodation and the inclusions you seek. We have years of experience in conducting tours from India to Canada. Let us at Flying Squirrel Holidays get the best deal for you.


    What is the cheapest month to fly to Canada?

    Canada air ticket price is currently the cheapest in the month of February.

    Is food expensive in Canada?

    Food and groceries in Canada is generally not very expensive but is littler costlier than in the US because most of the food in Canada is imported due to the very cold climate of the country.

    Honeymoon or solo. Family or friends. Cities, culture and cuisine.Or adventure and thrills in the hinterlands. Canada tour packages from India is a customisable package to take you through this amazing journey to cherish.

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