Find Out The Latest Travel Trends And How It Reflects On Your Travel Plans!

Find Out The Latest Travel Trends And How It Reflects On Your Travel Plans!

Travel is changing today, and the world is becoming more open to idea of understanding and experiencing different changes. And with this change comes the constant wanderlust for those who believe in making most of their lives on this beautiful planet.

2019 will be an exciting time for people who love the journey and some trends will define how people are making it happen.

Today, we are going to take a look at the top trends for travelling in 2019, and what you should take away from that.

#Trending 1: Travel to getaway

The world is on your finger tips today and it only makes sense that you make the most of it. Around 53% of the travelling population believe are willing to make short weekend getaways to destress and get in touch with nature.

With websites and apps making accommodation easy to find, and affordable to use, people are no more waiting for a plan, but planning on the go.

While local travel seems to have gotten easier with car rentals and online dormitories and BnBs, travelling outside the country still needs the expertise of best international travel agents in Kolkata.

These agencies help you with everything from visa and cheap flight tickets at the shortest notice, so that you don’t need to leave out the element of spontaneity when you travel abroad for the weekend.

#Trending 2: Travel to experience

More travelers today are seeking an experience rather than moving out just to go on a shopping spree or try out Disney Land. While those numbers might not dip anytime soon, many travelers are looking for something fills the void inside.

Considering therapeutic travel and holistic remedies like spa and other Eastern experiences can be an exciting idea. There are countries like Bhutan and Thailand that offer amazing packages to relax and let go of all the stress.

On the other hand, more people are also seeking natural experiences and bookings for wildlife safaris around the world and India are riding a vertical slope.

2019 will be the year of adding a new meaning to life and the new generation of millennials is seeking something beyond what urban life has to offer them!

#Trending 3: Travel to belong

Another fast picking trend when it comes to travel is set-jetting or the will to visit popular places and locales out of movies and TV series. One of the locations that seems to enjoy such a status is Dubrovnik in Croatia.

With a 50% + increase in number of searches and visits, people cannot wait to Instagram themselves from this famous locale.

The Svínafellsjökull glacier in Iceland is also enjoying a similar status having been part of cult movies like Batman Begins and Game of Thrones. Getting in touch with one of the top international tour operators in Kolkata might give you the satisfaction to be able to visit one of these places.

Keeping these travel trends in mind, you too can build your plans for the year 2019. Sticking to them will help you make the most of your Instagram and social media experiences.

But, is that why you really travel? (wink)