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Bandhavgarh National Park Tour Packages

Bandhavgarh National Park is home to the Royal Bengal Tigers, which every wildlife enthusiast admires. With its wide range of wildlife and lush green natural presence, Bandhavgarh National Forest is a perfect wildlife holiday destination. Make your Bandhavgarh National Park tour a memorable one with Flying Squirrel HolidaysBandhavgarh National Park tour packages.



Bandhavgarh National Park is located in the heart of India, that is, in Chattisgarh. It has spread up to an area of 448.85 km sq. Although Bandhavgarh National Park is smaller than most of the major national park of India, yet the vivid and majestic sight of the tigers that it offers, make the visit worthwhile. Bandhavgarh was announced as a national park in 1968.

Bandhavgarh National Park came under Project Tiger and was proclaimed as a tiger reserve in 1993.Bandhavgarhused to be the private hunting ground of the royal family of Rewa. Rajas and Maharajas used to spend their leisure time here. They used to come over on this hunting ground and kill the tigers. It is this region where the white tigers were found earlier.

But the ratio of white tigers has been comparatively decreased over the times. White tigers are not spotted frequently in the present days, but whenever they do, it’s only in Bandhavgarh.

The airport nearest to Bandhavgarh National park is Khajuraho. From Khajuraho, it is almost an 8-hour drive to Talapar entrance, Gate 1 of Bandhavgarh National park. Another option to reach the park is by rail. The railway station nearest to the national park is Umaria. Umaria is connected with almost all major cities of India. From Umaria, it takes about 40 minutes to reach Bandhavgarh National Park.

There are around 50 tigers, 250 species of avifauna, and more than 22 species of mammals in the park. The carnivores found in the national park are Asiatic jackals, ratels, tigers, leopards, striped hyenas, deer, monkeys, nilgai, chinkara, grey mongoose, wild boars, and sloth bears.

There are a wide variety of birds like parakeet, black vulture, peafowl, serpent eagle, and dove. The park also houses several reptiles like viper, rat-snake, turtle, and python. The flora in the forest is the deciduous type and contains bamboo and Sal trees.

There are several luxurious resorts, lodges, and hotels for your comfortable stay. MahuaKothi, Tree House Hideaway Resort, Kings Lodge, Bandhavgarh Meadows, Tiger Den Resort, Bandhav Vilas, and Maharaja Royal Retreats are some of the best places to stay in the park that provide all common amenities for your luxurious stay.

In the national park, the restaurants serve cuisines like Indian, Chinese, and Continental. Local delicacies like Biryani, Kebabs, Rogan Josh, Korma, Poha, Jalebi, Ladoos, Sugarcane juice, and Lassi should not be missed.

There are some rules that needs to be followed during the safari tour like drive slowly in the park, respect the animals and maintain a safe distance from them, keep the park pollution-free, don’t dispose of any non-biodegradable thing in the park, and do not smoke or light campfires in the forest.

Thus, Bandhavgarh National Park is a perfect place to calm the mind and soul with a perfect dose of wildlife retreat. This place is ideal for a short weekend trip for friends, couples, and family.

Although, Bandhavgarh is a very traveller friendly place, yet there are fair chances to get stuck while planning your trip. Reach out to Flying Squirrels Holidays for a Bandhavgarh tour package. Flying Squirrel provides a wide range of handpicked tour packages customised as per your preferences and choices at fair prices.



Village Tala

Traveling releases one’s soul and lets a person know his or her roots better. A person must be well known of the origin to which he or she belongs. The interior village and the life of the rural people provide a clear picture of the roots to which one is associated. Madhya Pradesh is a state of wonders. From the intricate carving of the Khajuraho Temple to the regional folklores, everything seems to have an element of ‘Indianness’ in it.

Tala Village is a vivid picture of the same. Tala Village is one of the most prescribed spots to visit in Bandhavgarh. It offers an inside out perspective of the culture and history of the people. Every element of the village has its own, ethnic charm. Be it the huts clustered with mud or the elders hooping hookah through their pipes, each has its ethnicity. A walk through this beautiful village will add a dash of ethnic flavors to your entire Bandhavgarh National Forest Tour Package.

Bandhavgarh Fort

Bandhavgarh fort is one of the most precious monuments discovered through archaeological surveys. The Bandhavgarh Fort is a beautiful manifestation of the architectural proficiency that existed in the early times. The fort was handed over to Lord Lakshman by his brother Lord Ram to keep a watch on Lanka. The meaning of Bandhavgarh is ‘brother’s fort’. Thus, the name Bandhavgarh came into being.

A statue of Lord Vishnu, which dates back to the 10th century, is placed on the premises of Bandhavgarh Fort. There is also a spring nearby, which is said to be the origin of Charan Ganga. To reach the fort, one has to trek up to a hill, which makes this tour much more adventurous.


Jungle Safari - There are two ways to explore Bandhavgarh National Park. The first one is through Jeep Safari and the second option is Elephant Safari. Although Jeep Safari is more comfortable as compared to Elephant Safari, Elephant Safari is the most preferred way to explore the national park and witness the king of the jungle.

The Bandhavgarh National Park has four zones that are accessible to the tourist for safari. These three zones are the Tala zone (Gate 1), Magdhi zone (Gate 2), Khitauli zone (Gate 3), and Bandhavgarh Fort.

The Tala and Magdhi zones are most frequented by tourists. These two zones offer the most chances to spot a tiger. The Safari timings differ according to seasons. Jeep Safaris are conducted twice a day.

The morning safari starts from 6:30 am to 11 am and the evening safari starts from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Elephant Safari - Elephant safari is a rewarding experience to witness the tigers by sitting safely on the back of the elephant. It provides a golden opportunity of witnessing tigers in a detailed manner, enjoying the elephant ride along with the tiger tour, and it is considered to be a very safe tour.

Jeep Safari - Open jeep safari is one of the best way to capture the sight of wild animals. Jeep safaris take you to those places which are difficult to travel via other vehicles. The jeep safari can be done twice a day and only six people are allowed at a time.

The morning shift starts at 4 am while the afternoon shift starts between 2 to 3 pm. It takes place from all four zones and it is recommended to book in advance.


Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park is famous for the proportion of the mighty beast it houses. It is probably one of those rare national parks where the sight of tigers (Royal Bengal and white tiger) is very common. It has the largest density of tigers in India, which has been increasing over the years. Although, it is noteworthy that, Bandhavgarh has more to offer, than just tigers. This national park houses the largest breed of leopards and a diverse variety of deer.

Other than these, the famous animals that can be spotted here are Asiatic jackal, Bengal fox, grey mongoose, chinkara, striped hyena,ratel, jungle cat, sloth bear, chausingha, nilgai, and gaur, to name some. Reptilian fauna like rat,turtle, krait, viper, snake, cobra, python, and lizard species like the varanus can also be traced in the national park.

Bandhavgarh National park is a gem for those who fancy bird watching. Bandhavgarh has around 250 species of birds of which around 112 are migratory birds. The sight of birds like grey hornbill, white-breasted kingfisher, steppe eagles, red jungle fowl, green pigeons, and paradise flycatchers will soothe the soul.

Best timings for Safari

February to June is considered the best time to visit Bandhavgarh National Park. The park remains closed from the 1st day of July to the 15th day of October every year. It’s advisable to visit the national park in winters as the weather remains very subtle during this time. Summers are usually not a very pleasant time to visit as the temperature may rise to 44-degree Celsius.

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    (Please note that this is just a SAMPLE itinerary. Our Bandhavgarh National Park Tour Package Itinerary can be customised as per your preferences.)

    Day 1

    On your first day of the Bandhavgarh National Park tour package, you will be staying in Khajuraho. After checking in your hotel, take some rest, and post-lunch, explore the majestic Khajuraho temple(collectively called Khajuraho group of temples) to witness exquisite architectural chivalry. The temples are said to be the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    Day 2

    In the morning start your journey to Bandhavgarh National Park which is an eight hour drive from Khajuraho. After checking in to your resort, you will be taken for the evening Jeep Safari to explore the national park.

    Day 3

    Day 3 It starts with the Elephant Safari. Elephant Safari is the most convenient way to explore the wildlife as it always provides a better chance to have a sight of different animals as compared to any other mode of jungle Safari. In the afternoon, explore the local markets around the resort.

    Day 4

    On the fourth day of your tour, you will be exploring the Bandhavgarh Fort, a UNESCO world heritage site. It's almost an hour hike from the National Park. Relish your taste buds with the local traditional lunch platter. After your lunch, you will be taken to the Bandhavgarh caves which are yet another stunning tourist attraction of Bandhavgarh. Finish off your day with the local tribal in Tala Village and enjoy a soulful tribal dinner.

    Day 5

    This will be your last day in Bandhavgarh National Park. Have breakfast and head back to Khajuraho and bid adieu to the land of tigers- Bandhavgarh.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


    The nearest airport to Bandhavgarh is Khajuraho. There are regular flights to Khajuraho from all over the country. The flight fares will depend on the airlines you choose. How much in advance the tickets were booked, is another point that should be considered.

    You may also like to travel through railways since Umrai Railway station is the closest to Bandhavgarh. There are many trains to Bandhavgarh from all over the country as it is a popular destination. The cost of train tickets will again depend on the type of coach you choose and the station you depart from.

    Your accommodation will depend on the category of hotel or resort you wish to avail of. Typically, the five-star hotels and resorts are on a higher side. An additional Bandhavgarh safari cost will also incur.Flying Squirrel Holidays provides customised Bandhavgarh National Park holiday packages according to your choice and budget.


    What is the ideal time to visit Bandhavgarh National Park?

    February to June is the ideal time to explore wildlife in Bandhavgarh National Park.

    How do I plan a trip to Bandhavgarh?

    Contact Flying Squirrels Holidays to plan a hassle-free trip to Bandhavgarh.

    How do I book a safari in Bandhavgarh?

    To book a safari, you will have to reach the Bandhavgarhsafari booking office 1.5 hours before your preferred time of safari (morning or evening).

    How many tigers are there in Bandhavgarh?

    There are 526 tigers (as of 2019) in Bandhavgarh.

    If you wish to explore the natural beauty and the wild, then a trip to Bandhavgarh National Park is all you need to plan. The enduring greenery and the majestic wilderness will leave you mesmerized.Bandhavgarh is indeed one of the most popular wildlife safari destinations for Indians as well as foreigners.  The trip is a treat for all nature lovers, wildlife, and photography enthusiasts, bird watchers, and environmentalists.

    Traveling to Bandhavgarh? Check out Flying Squirrel Holidays Bandhavgarh Safari tour packages or holiday packages! Check out our customised Bandhavgarh National Park tour package today!

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