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Tailor-made Armenia Tour Packages from India

As you drive out of the airport at Yerevan the capital of Armenia, a 20 feet high wine bottle stands tall with the promise of an enticing experience lying ahead. With its huge collection of ancient churches and temples, medieval chapels and monasteries coupled with an impressive natural beauty and rich history, Armenia leaves visitors intrigued.

Over the centuries, Armenia has been the seat of rich and fascinating history of both mankind and mythology. Tucked away in the extreme northwestern corners of Asia, Armenia is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

At Flying Squirrel Holidays, we are all set to plan your perfect Armenia holiday package from India!



Located amidst the Caucasus mountain range in the northwestern part of Asia, Armenia shares its international borders with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. Spread over an area of mere 29000 square kilometers Armenia is a land of pristine beauty almost untouched by mankind that leaves the visitors mesmerized.

Historically Armenia witnessed and withstood several invasions, conflicts and suppression by different dynasties that ruled Europe. Due to its strategic location Armenia has often been the target for several empires like the Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman and the Russians.
Armenia abounds in remnants from the Pagan and pre-Christian era. It is interesting to note that Armenia is the first country in the world to have adopted Christianity as their official religion. Ancient monasteries are woven intrinsically into the Armenian fabric and hard to miss.

Armenia is a classic example of how local cuisine can be influenced by different races ruling the nation. Food in Armenia is an emphatic mix of the neighboring Russian, Georgian, and European cuisine. Walk into a local eatery and enjoy a hearty meal of lavash and dolmas or simply walk into a bakery for some freshly baked choereg, a bread that owes its origin to French brioche.

Architecture too bears striking resemblance with Russian structures, their most recent rulers. Alongside ancient monasteries and pagan churches once can find Soviet era buildings scatter all over the sprawling metropolises of Yerevan and Gyumri.

Finally, Armenia offers an inviting outdoor life for all those who want to spend some time amidst nature. One can spend hours walking in the lush green forests of the Caucasus mountains or simply soak in the pristine beauty of Lake Sevan and Lake Arpi. For all those looking for some adventure, there are options of ziplining, horse riding and kayaking.




Yerevan is capital city of Armenia and a top attraction in all Armenia holiday packages. Over the centuries Yerevan has fallen prey to a series conquests and conflicts that led to much destruction. What remains today is a gentle reminder of its once glorious past. The city is characterized by ancient town squares, art galleries, museums and numerous landmark buildings like the Republic Square, the Matenadaran, the Cascade and the Opera and Ballet Theatre.


Gyumri is located in the Shirak province of north western Armenia and is the second largest city of the country. The city was once the center of Russian rule and abounds in Russian style buildings built in the 1800s. It is also the home some significant socio-cultural organizations like Aslamazyan Sisters House-Museum, the Sergey Merkurov House-Museum, National Architecture of Gyumri and more. One can get a gorgeous view of the city from the Black Fortress on the hill. However, a major part of this city was destroyed in a devastating earthquake in 1988.


Nestled in the laps of Vararak river mighty mountains around, the picturesque town of Goris thrives on amazing landscapes, historical landmarks, a fourth century basilica and an archeological museum and art gallery. It is also the gateway to the famous Tatev monastery and Old Khndzoresk Cave Village


Wine lovers ahoy! Areni is the home to a 6000-year-old winery that archeologists unearthed in 2007. The remnants of the ancient fermentation vats, wine press and storage caskets can still be found. It is also the most popular wine producing region of modern-day Armenia. Wine county tours are available throughout the year that offer wine-tasting experiences along with village tour and food tasting.


Situated right outside the capital city of Yerevan, Garni is home to the two most important historical landmarks of the country – Temple of Garni and Geghard Monastery.

Things to Do

Go hiking in the innumerable mountain trails and paths

Try cycling in the lush green forests of the Caucasus mountain range

Cable car ride on Wings of Tatev between Halidzor and the Tatev monastery – world’s longest cable car

Go ziplining in Yerevan

Go horse riding along the beautiful countryside

Enjoy kayaking on lake Sevan


Dilijan National Park

Situated amidst striking scenic beauty in northeast Armenia Dilijan National Park is characterized by rolling hills and lofty mountains dotted with sparkling streams and a myriad of hiking trails. Alongside some stunning scenery, Dilijan is also home to ancient monasteries like Hagharstin and Matosvavank that date back to the 10th and 11th centuries.

Lake Sevan

Lying at 2000 meters above sea level, Lake Sevan is the largest lake in the Cauccasus. It is often referred to at ‘jewel of Armenia’. The tranquil waters of the lake along with its golden sandy shores is especially popular amongst tourists. The sparkling waters offer a wide range of leisure activities like swimming, kayaking and more to tourists. Additionally, Lake Sevan is dotted with ancient monasteries like Sevanavank and Hayravank.

Geghard Monastery

This 4th century monastery located in the Kotayk province of Armenia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This spectacular architecture has been carved out of the mountains and is adjacent to the Azat river gorge. Standing atop the monastery, visitors are left awestruck and mesmerized by the splendid views and surrounding scenery. Most of the church structure inside the monastery are carved out of the mountains and are divided into walls and rooms.

Tatev Monastery

Perched on the edge of a deep gorge of the Vorotan river, Tatev Monastery is known for its medieval Armenia architecture and stunning views surrounding the structure. Back in the day, Tatev played an important role in Armenia history. It was seat of various educational and spiritual institutions.

Garni Temple

Garni temple tops the bucket list for Armenia. Set atop a hill overlooking the mountains, Garni temple is the best-known Pagan remnant from the pre-Christian era. The temple is dedicated to the sun god and is noteworthy for its geometric designs.

Mount Aragats

Located in the northwest of Yerevan in the north of Ararat plain, Mout Aragats is a dormant volcano and the highest point of Armenia. It can easily be claimed as the most spectacular sight in Armenia. The peak is adorned by exquisite rock art and human and animal paintings dating back a few hundred years.

Khor Virap

Khor Virap Monastery stands tall on a hillock on Pokr Vedi village with the stunning Mount Ararat in the background. Legends have it that Khor Virap meaning “deep dungeon” was the prison place of St. Gregory the Illuminator, who later upon being released, helped the conversion of the king into Christianity. Khor Virap houses a charming ancient chapel that was built in 642 AD.

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    This is a SAMPLE itinerary. Our Armenia tour packages from India are customizable to suit your preferences

    Day 1

    Arrive at Yerevan. After a scrumptious breakfast of khachapuri, harissa and gata accompanied by a cup of dark Armenian coffee head out to explore the capital city of Yerevan. Explore some Soviet style structures alongside ancient churches and building scattered all over the city. Visit to Armenian Genocide Museum for a deeper understanding of Armenian history of invasion and conflicts. Once hungry head to the most vibrant and lively Gum Market to get a taste of authentic Armenian street food and snacks along with a chance to interact with the warm and friendly locals. Visit the Vernissage street market for souvenirs, local jewelry, home decor and other interesting collectibles. Next up, a visit to the Megerian Carpet Museum is totally advisable to get a close look at the fantastic carpet crafts of Armenia. The museum is houses to a huge collection of rugs and carpets by the Megerian family.

    Day 2

    Arrive at Garni temple before sunrise for some breathtaking views of the endless vistas and the Geghama mountain range. Take a stroll around the 4th century Pagan temple for a lifetime experience. Next on the list is Geghard monastery located within a short distance from Garni temple. Take sometime to explore this 4th century monastery whose main chapel was built in 1215.

    Day 3

    Spend this day exploring Republic Square, the main square in Yerevan and The Cascade- a giant staircase connecting downtown Kenton area of Yerevan with the Monument neighborhood. The adventurous kind can attempt at climbing up the staircase for a panoramic view of Yerevan and adjoining areas. Post lunch, head out to Dilijan National Park. The rolling green hills and the mesmerizing mountain ranges are sure to steal your heart.

    Day 4

    On day 4, after a quick breakfast head out to Lake Sevan. Spend the morning relaxing on the sandy shores or exploring nearby hiking trails. Afterwards embark on your journey to Tatev monastery. Go the cable car Wings of Tatev, flaunted as the worlds highest cable car, from Tatev Monastery to Halidzor.

    Day 5

    Head to Gyumri for a varied experience of the land. Explore the abandoned Russian fortress to get a glimpse of the Soviet rule in the country. Enjoy cool cafes and the surrounding streets lined with Art Nouveau houses and churches.

    Day 6

    Spend the last day of your trip at Areni wine county for a tour of the 6000-year-old winery. End the day with a taste of delicious wine at the country's most beautiful wine district. Return to Yerevan for your flight back home. A trip to Armenia is sure to enchant. This land in the heart of the Caucasus mountains maybe tiny in size but is vast in its wonders and warm in its hospitality.

    Please email me a copy of the sample itinerary


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    What is the best time to visit Armenia?

    The best time to visit Armenia is between April and June, as well as the months of September and October when the weather is pleasant.

    What is popular in Armenia?

    Armenia is home to the magnificent snow-capped Mount Ararat, the symbol of the motherland for all Armenians. The country is also popular for the longest ropeway, ancient Armenian cuisine, and its brandy.

    Is Armenia a beautiful country to travel to?

    Armenia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It lets you explore its natural beauty, taste its cuisine, and engage with the glorious history.

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