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Dubai, Barcelona, Istanbul, London, Paris, Rome, Singapore, HongKong, New York

What makes a city great or global? Is it itshistorical significance, cultural assets, cosmopolitanism or charisma? Or is it based on smart city parameters – education, health, safety, transportation, technology and entertainment. When we set out to plan our holidays around great cities of the world, it seemed a daunting task initially. But then gradually we managed to pull out a list that brought a smile to our lips. We didn’t really benchmark these cities against any parameters. We just closed our eyes and asked ourselves whether we would like to visit them a second time and why? The answer to the first question was a unanimous yes and for the second, the reasons were manifold. From culture to history, from people to food, from old buildings to street markets, from the beauty of religion to the simplicity of humanity,these cities have everything that is heartening and wholesome. In this journey it is the triumph of the human spirit because at the end it is the people of these great places that have made them what they are. So sit back, relax, read along and take your pick.

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